New Years Eve Party Makeup 2015

2015 was definitely one of the most difficult but still fun years. You could describe it as a real rollercoaster. I´m more than ready to leave it behind though and start 2016, I´m really excited to see what it has in store for me and what´s to come.
Even though I´ll be spending NYE at home, I searched together what I would wear on my eyes if I´d be going out.


2015 Beauty Favourites

2015 is as good as over. Where has time gone? I have discovered a lot of different makeup and beauty products but some just came back into my daily routine every time. I somehow managed to get a favourite from every step in my routine, from brushes to lipsticks and lipliners I got almost everything covered.


What I Got For Christmas 2015

Christmas is over again and that´s when it´s time to be extra nosey about who got what for christmas. I love these kinds of post, not only because of seeing what you all got, but also because then my wishlist gets a whole lot longer. Bad for my bank balance, but oh well haha :)



*Post contains PR sample
I´m constantly searching for new products to make my brows look nice and neat. I´m a huge fan of defined full brows and so I was really happy when Wunderbrow asked me if I would like to review one of their products.


Review // Max Factor Face Finity Foundation

Foundation has to be one of my favourite makeup products ever! I love to try out new formulas and finishes, whether glowy or matte ones. I sticked to my beloved MAC Studio Fix and Rimmel Match Perfection for the longest time now and since I really got into MaxFactor recently I thought I would give one of their foundations also a try


Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

It´s December, whooooo! Christmas is right around the corner and I have started to get my room ready for the big day. I brought the decoration up, got almost all christmas presents for my loved ones and only need to wrap the rest of them (my wrapping skills are really bad, just warning).


Treat Yourself to a Pamper Night

Sunday nights are generally meant to be pamper nights, if you ask me!
Not only are they really nice to look forward to and give yourself a little treat but also they are really important to simply end the weekend in a relaxing way, be prepared for a new week ahead and maybe even review the last week.
There are millions of ways to do and many different things to use during a pamper night but I searched together my favourite products to show you what mine normally looks like


Balancing School and Blogging

With me being in my last year off school, it can get really stressful, having to prepare for upcoming exams, studying meanwhile for every other subject and doing homework almost everyday until late noon is hard sometimes but I find my escape in blogging. 
While blogging I can be myself and share my passion and love with other people who understand me, so it´s very important to me to find some time inbetween my "normal" schedule, afterall blogging is still a hobby which is there to relax me and make me happy.


Christmas Gift Guide For Her 2015

Christmas is only about a month away so this means it´s time to jump into christmas shopping! 
I find this is the hardes but also best part, like there are always so many lovely things to choose from that it is even harder to decide on THE perfect present, but when you have finally found the perfect present and see the smile of your loved ones when they are unwrapping them it´s just the best.


17 Blog Post Ideas for Christmas

(Credit: christmas-snowflake.tumblr.com)
Christmas is as good as right around the corner and I´m more than excited for that. I can already smell those freshly baked christmas cookies and hear all the christmas carols that are gonna be played on the radio. Aaaah it´s the best time of the year for a reason!
I, personally love having my feed full of christmas themed blog post and I will try my best, to post as many christmas themed blog posts as possible this year.


Brand Focus: NYX Cosmetics

 NYX is a brand I actually really didn´t pay much attention to when I was strolling through my local drugstore, but that has changed since I was watching more and more beauty tutorials on Youtube and the brand launched in the UK. 
I was so happy when NYX finally brought their most hyped products over to Germany and I literally couldn´t contain myself from picking some stuff up!


Review // Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara

Bold brows are the current beauty trend almost everyone wants to follow, not everyone is blessed with beautiful bold brows though, including me, but I think I found something that could help to achieve nice looking brows.


H&M Beauty Range Pick-Ups

H&M recently released their new Beauty range and it contains everything you could ever think of! From Makeup, to Hair styling products, to brushes, to face masks, literally everything!! It was really hard deciding on what I wanted to get but in the end I went for a nail polish and a concealer pen which I was trying out for you over the last few weeks :)


Review // Makeup Revolution Contour & Base Corrector Palette

Makeup Revolution launched their Contour & Base Corrector Palette some weeks ago and that was the chance for everyone to finally get a contour palette that´s good in quality and most important, not too pricey! I got both palettes and one of their new brushes which, I think, launched around the same time. I tried my best to try every shade from both palettes so I can give you a honest review.


5 Top Picks: Autumn Lipstick + Lipliners

It´ autumn and time for a colour change. I love adding a berry lip or more likely, how you can see on the picture above, a mauve, red or nude shade, it really depends on the eyemakeup I go for. Bold lips for less eye and nude lips for dramatic dark eyes. I searched togehter my 5 Top Lipstick shades and some matching lip liners.

Lipliners are the essentials that really pull a perfect lip togehter. First off it´s much easier to apply bold lipstick with the help of lip liners and I find it makes your lips look defined and just absolutely to die for!
I have a really bad feeling that my little collection will grow very soon and very fast, haha :)
How you can see I bought quite a few MaxFactor ColourElixir ones, they are all just absolutely dreamy, they cost about 7€ each which is more on the pricey side for a drugstore lipliner but the quality is just amazing. Really buttery, easy to glide on, long-lasting and match with almost every lipstick I own! I got the shades: 06 Mauve Moment, 02 Pink Petal and 10 Red Rush.

Another lip liner I use quite often is the L´Oreal Contour Parfait in 658 Simply Rose. It is a pencil lipliner but anyway really similar to the MaxFactor ones, also really easy to apply and fit to loads of lipsticks. I can´t find it online anymore since I could possibly be one of the older lipliners from L´Oreal but as far as I´m aware they should be still availbe instore.  

Now onto the lipsticks.
This is a really lovely brown-y, mauve-y shade. It is really creamy and buttery, the colour pay-off is amazing I only need to swipe over my lips once and it lasts for a few hours. And not even does it stay amazingly long, even through eating but also it smells so goooooood! I actually find that really important in a lipstick, if it smells/tastes strange I´m not going to wear it that often, but this lipstick smells, and I´m not joking with you here, like cake to me, like a really sweet and yummy cake.
 Matching Lipliners: MaxFactor lipliner in 06 Mauve Moment, L´Oreal 658 Simply Rose

A Oldie but still a Goldie is MAC´s Angel.
I remember it to be the very first lipstick I got and I´m still absolutely in love with it.
It´s from their Satin Finish section and so the finish is shiny but not glittery which looks gorgeous on a daily basis with a simple cat eye and rosy cheeks. This one is also really creamy and all in one it´s a beautiful pale pink shades.
Matching Lipliners: MaxFactor LipLiner in 02 Pink Petal.

If you are not from Germany you have probably never heard of the brand P2 before, that´s because it´s a own brand from a german drugstore, anyway I decided to include it in this post because it´s my first really bold lip product and I have to be honest, I was really insecure wearing it for the first time. It´s a matte(!) red shade with what I find a orange undertone which makes it really pop out. I looooove it so much now, you do need to wear lip balm under it since it´s really drying.
Matching LipLiner: MaxFactor LipLiner in 10 Red Rush

Now back to a nude everyday shade. The Maybelline Colour Sensational 732 Brazen Beige. This is a really nude shade and when I say really nude, I mean it looks like you put foundation all over your lips, so you have to be careful with this one. Apart from that it does look really nice if you apply loads of layers so that it looks really glossy and buttery. On a daily basis or with dramatic eyes, I choose between this one or MAC´s Angel.
Matching LipLiners: MaxFactor lipliner 02 Pink Petal

The newest addition to my collection is KIKO´s Intensely Lavish Lipstick in "01 Lusty Peony". It is supposed to be a matte shade, when it´s dry it goes matte but still looks a bit shiny and not really dried out. Even though I only just bought this lipstick I´m head over heels with it, the colour is an absolute dream, I would describe it as a rose colour. You could say it is a bold lipstick but a more natural bold lipstick. KIKO sells a matching lipliner for this one but everytime I go to a shop it´s sold out, but I´ll try my best!
Matching LipLiners: MaxFactor 06 Mauve Moment & L´Oreal 658 Simply Rose

What are your favourite lip combos for Autumn?

(swatches of some lipsticks are over on my Instagram)


Review // Makeup Revolution Awesome 100 Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution is a brand that has raised really fast over the last 2(?) years and got quite popular in the blogger world, but who should we blame? Makeup with good quality and mostly an amazing pigmentation for a reasonable price. They offer everything you could dream of when you think about makeup, from lipsticks to eyeshadow palettes to fluffy brushes.

So far I only own the Base Corrector Palette, the Contour Palette which I will be talking about in another review, and this Awesome 100 Eyeshadow Palette.
How the name already says, the palette contains 100 different eyeshadows, in it you´ve got all the colours you could ever want, whether matte or shimmery ones, to create a everyday look but also colours to experiment with.
Packaging: The whole package is made of plastic which makes the palette itself really light and easy to travel with if you´re feeling adventurous. In the lid of the palette is a small mirror and 2 little applicators, which I normally don´t use but how you can see I tried them and they work suprisingly good with some shades.
Texture: of them is soft and work the best with a clean brush. You should be careful though, because since there is so little space for each shade their fall-out could get mixed together quite easily.
Pigmentation: is good for mostly all of them, there are some whose pigmentation is absolutely awful, for example, the matte grey tones, glittery black and a few of the neon shades do need a lot of working in with a brush. However the pigmentation of the metallic, shimmery and most of the matte shades is absolutely amazing and definitely comparable with some high-end eyeshadows, like the ones from brands like MAC or Too Faced.
Prize: 12 Pounds, which is 12p per shade!

All in one I think the Makeup Revolution Awesome 100 Eyeshadow Palette is definitely worth the money, lovely texture, and amazing pigmentation on about 90% of the shades!
Definitely a good purchase for beginners who want to try something different now and then :)

Do you own this eyeshadow palette too? What do you think about it? or do you own any other Makeup Revolution products that you would recommend?



Save or Splurge? - Mascara

This is probably the hardest "Save or Splurge" post I will ever write. It includes the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, probably the best and most talked about dupe ever. I often participate in Beauty Blogger chats over on Twitter and very often I read people discussing whether the Roller Lash or the LashSensational Mascara is better. Both have such a similar finish, it´s crazy.

The Roller Lash Mascara costs 24$ and contains 8,5g Mascara. 
On the Benefit website it says, the mascara is super-curling and lifting, is easy to remove, contains Provitamin B5 and Serin which are known for their lash-conditioning benefits, is water resistant, is in Ink black and has a satin finish.
6/7 of these details are definitely true, I haven´t tried if it´s really water resistant but I will definitely give it a try.
I´m soooooo in love with this mascara! The finish it gives is breath-taking, after applying it my lashes literally go up to my brows without needing a lashcurler(!) and it also stays like that the whole time, it is easy to apply on my lower lashes and so easy to remove. It can be applied to a more natural finish or very dramatic with more layers.

The LashSensational Mascara costs 8,99$ and contains 9,5ml Mascara.
Based on the Maybelline website this mascara is said to have a unique fanning brush that is supposed to volumizes your lashes from root to tip and it has a full black intensity.
The best way to get the most out of this product is to start with the inner curve to reach the roots of lashes and then follow through tips of lashes with the longer bristles to fan them out!
I can say that in fact this mascara gives you volume at the roots and gives the rest of your lashes aswell a intense black shade. The best way to get the most out of the mascara is the way described on the website but you´ll be completely fine if you just wiggle it through your lashes, I find the difference of the finish isn´t that different.

RESULT: Splurge and treat yourself to a high-end mascara!!! 
As I said before the finishes are really similar, but I do find the RollerLash is a tini tiny little bit better! My lashes just feel so much softer, look more natural, are longer and it´s just so much faster to remove which is a really important thing when you´re as lazy as I am in the evening. Also if you go for the RollerLash you won´t have to buy another waterproof mascara as it´s all in one! The LashSensational is a definitely a really good dupe if you are on a budget, but I´ll definitely treat myself with this mascara :)

Which of these mascara´s do you like better? Do you maybe have found another dupe for the RollerLash Mascara?



Benefit Haul

At the beginning of August I made a little trip to Poland to visit my family and of course to do some shopping. The shop I was the most excited about was Sephora, it was my very first time in there so I was very excited and literally couldn´t control myself, how you can see especially at the Benefit counter.

I didn´t own that many Benefit products before, simply because I thought they were quite expensive, but Benefit products are great to give you that natural, healthy look. The product themselves, are quite simple but can be mixed together to be more dramatic, so I thought I should give some products finally a try.
The first product I went for, is Sun Beam a golden bronze liquid highlighter. I was quite excited about this one, since I wanted to join the "strobbing party" and thought this highlighter will be the one to give me the perfect cheekbone highlight. It´s really easy to use, you simply have to dot it along your cheek & browbone and blend it towards your hairline. 
I really like this highlighter, it gives a lovely golden glow and really suits my pale skin tone! I do still have to find a good tool to blend it properly.

and then I got a sample of the They´re Real Push Up Liner . I´m really glad I only got a sample of this one since it really was a dissapointment for me. I can´t work with this eyeliner, I don´t know if I´m just doing it wrong or it´s dried out. The way I use it is, I twist the bottom to get the gel formula out and then slide it along my lashline but nothing get´s onto my lid. I´m really sad since this seemed to be loved by so many people! 
Help would be much appreciated in the comments, haha :)

I saved the best products for the end. Oh my god the Roller Lash Mascara, probably the most raved about release Benefit has ever done, and I can totally understand what´s it all about! It gives me that dramatic but still natural looking lashes. My eyelashes look like they go up to my brows, are voluminous at the roots and it´s so easy to take off again, everything that I was searching for in a mascara. Definitely worth the money.

Do you own any Benefit products that you really love? Or any that were also a dissapointment for you?



How I Got Over My Writer´s Block

Internet Etiquette: Internet Etiquette
Credit: Internet Etiquette | ruemag.com | via Bloglovin

How you may have noticed I´ve been missing from this website for nearly 2 months, and that has only one simple reason WRITER`S BLOCK.
I did some research and found a pretty good explanation on good old Urban Dictionary, for the word Writer´s Block:
A usually temporary psychological inability to begin or continue work on a piece of writing!
I find this explains it perfectly!
I remember me just feeling empty, like I didn´t have any desire to take blog pictures or even write a blog post. I did came up with some ideas but after a while of trying to think about how I imagine the whole post to look like, the idea itself started to sound boring and not very interesting to me.
In this time I also felt like I was put under a lot of pressure, which when I think about it now was mainly pointless pressure that I came up with myself.
I thought I had to post something and since there a quite a few of you now who are following and reading this blog, I thought that I was letting you all down.

I decided to just relax and kinda forget about my blog over my summer holidays and try to do other things, like traveling with my family, hanging out with friends, sleeping in just the normal stuff .
After a while I strolled through Bloglovin and Pinterest more often and some ideas actually came flooding in that appealed to my blog and felt fun again, so I tried to take pictures to those ideas and I liked them. Getting back into actually writing those posts feels harder for me though. The words are literally missing from my head, like I do know what I want to say but I don´t know HOW to do it and so I sometimes just sit there with the Blogger Post page open and just stare at the screen and eventually turn my laptop off and try it again in a few days.
Now I am here though, charged with new motivation, some new posts already written and ready to be posted and loads of other ideas to keep my well loved blog going.
Let´s see how long this motivation will last this time.

I can´t really give you any tips. The only way to really get back into writing is to take much time you need and just surround yourself with stuff that inspires you. 

Tell me about your experience with writer´s block! :)



4 Re-Loved Products

We all have those products that we love endlessly and think that we couldn´t live without them! Somehow they end up in the back of our makeup stash anyway.
I rummaged through mine and found 4 products that I´m starting to really love and using more often again.

Sleek Cream Blush Palette "Californ.i.a" 
This palette was my first cream blush(ers), so how you can imagine I was really excited to use it! After a few uses though, I started to get little pimples along the way I had applied this blush the previous day, so I was very dissapointed and even a bit scared to apply one of these blushers again. However, this summer I thought I would give it another try and this time nothing happened!!! I´m so glad I can use this palette again as you can see, the colours are absolutely stunning and have such a nice pigmentation.

& MAC 130SE Brush:
The Brush was the biggest dissapointment at first! I got it in a set with three other MAC brushes around christmas time as one of their special offers. I was sooooooo excited and used it at first as a foundation brush, until it lost some of its hair and they stuck to my face together with my foundation. It got all dusty in my brush holder, until I read a blogpost saying that this brush is THE brush for cream blushers, so this blush basically just got a new usage...

Clinique Chubby Stick "06 Whoopin´ Watermelon"
I´m one of those girls that hoards millions of lip products and also always buys new ones, even though I really don´t need them and this is bascially what happened with this chubby stick. I got it because I had a voucher for a local drugstore and wanted this lip balm for quite a while. I got it, bought afterwards loads of other products and forgot about this one not long after. I recently found it again and saw that it is the perfect summer shade and also soooo moisturizing! 

NYX Love in Paris "Merci Beaucoup" Eyeshadow Palette
I can still remember the day I bought this palette, after seeing it in one of Bethany Mota´s Tutorials. If I rememeber correctly this was my second eyeshadow palette, that´s why I hadn´t that much experience yet, so I really didn´t know how to get use of this palette. This, however changed over the last year and I´m using it sooo often nowadays. In this palette you really get a nice collection of shades, which all are highly pigmented. I would really recommend this one! 

Are you re-loving any products? Which products have you recently re-discovered?



Heatproof Everyday Makeup

In the last week, the temperatures went up to over 35 degrees and this means my skin get´s some time to breath and not to be caked in heavy foundation layers. After a lot of trying around and adding or leaving some products away, I found the ultimate combination that lasted through the heatwave without having to be touched up a lot.

The base is the most important thing, if this already looks horrible than everything else won´t even have a chance to make you look even more gorgeous.
For the Primer I went for an old favourite of mine, The Body Shop InstaBlur, it makes my pores invisible and my makeup stay forever. 
For the coverage of my whole face I went for something very lightweight but still covering enough to make my teenage skin become more close to that flawless skin. 
Now for extra coverage and highlighting around my eye and pimple area. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 10 is perfect for under my eyes as it has amazingly high pigmentation, even for a drugstore product. To cover my pimples I used the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 3 Warm Medium.
To finish, set and fix my base completely I applied MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Light Plus on my T-Zone and sprayed some of the KIKO Face Makeup Fixer on the rest of my face.

I´m normally a girl that prefers powder blushers, but cream blushers just win over the summer. This beautiful Sleek Cream Blush palette includes an absolutely perfect mixture of highly pigmented summer shades, so I´ve been varying around with this one, most of the days I lean towards the very right one as it barely has any glitter in it, unlike the other two, and is the perfect rose colour for my skin tone.
For bronzer I reach out for The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 3. Even though I came back from my holidays about a month ago,and still have a slightly tannend skin, I like to add this bronzer to my temples, cheeks and neck to completely finish up that sunkissed bronzed look.

Normally I looove to spend tons of times perfecting my brows, but not in the summer and that´s when the Maybelline Brow Drama comes in for a good use. I use it in the shade "Dark Blond" and I absolutely love it! It fits my actual brow colour so well, and also stays on my brow, and most importantly keeps them in place, the whole day.
Smudging mascara is the worst but unfortunately the most common thing in the summer time, especially in this ongoing heatwave. To prevent that I use the waterproof version of the Maybelline LashSensational Mascara, it stays on all day and makes my lashes looking longer and stunning.

What are your go-to products during a heatwave?



Blog Interview with Becky

The blog interviews are back! Whooo :) and this time I got the opportunity to interview the very lovely lady of Lipgloss & Lashes Becky :)
I´m absolutely in love with her blog, beginning from her pastel, girly photos to her writing, which is always on point, whether her topic choices or her writing style which will literally make you want to keep reading and reading.
Here´s the interview:

1.Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging towards the end of my second year of University. I´d almost finished my exams and found myself with a lot of time on my hands, so I decided to do something productive. I´d been obsessed with reading beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos for a while and one night I decided to give it a shot and well, here we are today! Admittedly, I didn´t have a clue what I was doing when I first started, and to this day I still wish I´d done a bit more research and chosen a better blog name before jumping straight in!

2.What is your favourite thing about blogging?
I think my favourite thing about blogging is meeting likeminded people. When I first started blogging I was the only one of my close friends who was obsessed with makeup. Don´t get me wrong; they loved a good lipstick as much as the next person, but they weren´t as in to beauty as I was, so finding other bloggers with the same interests as me has been wonderful. I´ve made some amazing friends through blogging and it definitely makes some of the negativity I receive worthwile!

3.What keeps you going when you´re on a writing block?
When I´ve got bloggers block I love to get inspiration from other bloggers. I usually head straight to Pinterest and also use the "find blogs" button on Bloglovin´ and see what other people have been publishing. I by no means just copy their content, but seeing other bloggers publish great content is definitely the kick up the bum I need sometimes to get my brain back in to gear. I´m always looking for new bloggers to follow, I find that sometimes new bloggers have something different and original to offer, so taking inspiration from them also helps me out when I fall into a bit of a rut.

4.One beauty tip you´re glad you listened to?
When I was younger, I was only allowed to wear makeup if I removed it properly every night before bed, and that´s something that has definitely stuck with me - and when I say remove properly, I mean cleans, tone, moisturize. It´s not really a little known tip, but it´s one I´ve always stuck to and I find taht it benefits my skin greatly. Also, looking after your skin will provide you with a better base to apply your makeup on, so it´s a win win really.

5.Favourite makeup trend from the last 5 years?
I´d have to say the whole "pink makeup" trend, if that even counts? I feel taht for some years pink makeup was looked down upon for being "too girly" or "too young" but pink is a colour which really suits me and it´s one of my favourite to wear (Lovelorn lipstick by MAC will forever be my favourite) so I´m glad that it´s now made a comeback and everyone now appreciates a good pinky nude.

6.Favourite makeup brand?
Hmm, now this is a tough one! At the moment, I´d have to say Too Faced. Their products are simply stunning, and their packaging is to die for. I haven´t had the opportunity to try a lot from the brand, but the bits that I have tried have quickly become some of my most used products. I particularly loke how they also cater for much paler skin tones, I´ve never had a problem getting a shade light enough, and their Milk Chocolate Soliel Bronzer is every pale girls dream.

7.What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?
The number 1 thing on my bucket list is a road trip around America. Before I die, I´d like to take a year out and road trip to every state in America. There´s 50 states, if I´m correct, so that leaves me a week to spend in each state, and two weeks for travelling - as you can tell, I´ve been thinking about this for some time! I´d also really like to go to Italy, I have been before so I´m not sure that this one counts, but I was only young and didn´t get the chance to properly appreciate it. I´d love to go and see some of the ancient architecture and of course, eat my bodyweight in Italian food! And lastly, I´d really love to visit Alcatraz. I´m not sure if I´ll ever get to do this as I heard somewhere that they no long let visitors in, but I find the whole thing so interesting. I know I´m probably making myself sound a bit creepy now haha, but I love watching TV shows about prison and people trying to escape from Alcatraz, and all of the famous criminals it housed, so I´d love to be able to go and see it myself.

8.Anything you´re still looking forward to in 2015?
I´ve actually just finished my degree at University, so now I´m really looking forward to Graduation (although I´ll have to wait until November for that!) and seeing where life takes me now that I´m about to enter the big wide world of work. I´m hoping to move to London this year too, so I´m definitely looking forward to that.

9.Favourite selfie pose? ;)
Everyone knows I love a good Selfie, and if you look at my pictures you´ll see that I´m doing the same pose in every single one! It´s hard to explain but I like to hold the camera up above my head and look up into the camera, I find that this hides my giant forehead the best haha!

That was a interesting (and long) interview, wasn´t it? :)
Please give her blog a visit and I bet you´ll love it as much as I do! 



Summer Base // The Body Shop All-In-One Tinted BB Cream Review

With my holidays coming up, with up to 30 degree celsius, I needed a replacement for my foundation and when I stumbled over this little tube of BB cream heaven I knew I should give it a try.
I have to be honest and say, even though it looked kinda promising, I was quite terrified to use a BB cream, because of my very pale skin tone and problematic teenage areas which I thought wouldn´t get enough coverage to get me that comfortable feeling throughout the day, but I can say , there´s no need for my worries! I´m absolutely obsessed :)

The Body Shop All-In-One BB cream (14,00€/25ml) is available in 4 different shades, and I got the shade "01" which is the second lightest shade and it suits my skin so well! 
The white texture might scare some of you, but it transforms into a skin suiting colour, because of it´s pigment-filled capsules which "burst" when applied and blended into your skin. Apart from that this BB-cream promises to adapt to your skin tone, to be buildable from light to medium coverage, to give your skin an even finish, to give you a 24h hydration and not to clog your pores, basically it´s makeup and skin care all in one :)

Now to my own opinion about this product, I would say that after it has dried a bit it gives the most beautiful coverage you can probably get with a BB cream, it doesn´t make my skin look as flawless and smooth as my foundation does but it adds that summery glow to my cheeks and just makes me feel refreshed and like I´m not even wearing anything makeup wise! Exactly what we want to have for summer :)

I´d say Go For It! If you´re on the hunt for a summer replacement that doesn´t go over your budget :)

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