3 To Try: Eye Makeup

3 To Try: Eye Makeup
For someone who just can´t master a sharp contour - and probably never will - and also has quite thin lips, I like to concentrate more on my eyes when going for a full makeup look. Everything from brows, to eyeshadow, to lashes is something I´m willing to invest in cause I find it makes a huge difference to my whole appearance and honestly it´s just so much fun to get creative with different eyeshadows, trying to accomplish that perfect wing and make your lashes as long and fluttery as possible. I put together 4 products that I use on a daily basis and don´t ever stop using...

Model Co. Brow Pencil

My brows look already pretty okay without doing anything to them, but I still like to fill the few spare areas in, to perfect and sharpen them. For this I prefer a triangle shaped pencil like this one, over a powder or pomade by far! It is just the perfect shade for me, not overly pigmented but buildable - which I find is really important as sometimes I just want a soft brow look and sometimes I like to go full in and make them as sharp as possible - and because of the shape it takes me like a minute to fill my brows in. It´s a product you can take on the go with you, as on one side you get the product and on the other side a spoolie brush - all you need for a quick touch up.
3 To Try: Eye Makeup

Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion

Another "issue" that I have to deal with are overly oily lids.
It´s impossible for me to wear eyeshadow without any primer underneath, as after a while it´ll just crease away in the ugliest way possible, haha. So to prevent that I´ve been trying through some drugstore eyeprimers which never really did a perfect job. I decided to treat myself to the infamous Primer Potion from Urban Decay. It has been my favourite for a very long time now. It not only keeps my eyemakeup in place but also intensifiies the colours and when worn on it´s own, evens out the colours on my lids - cause I also got quite veiny eyelids haha.
What I also absolutely adore about it is, that the applicator is like a concealer applicator, so you can just swipe it all over your lid and blend it in with a beauty blender. Even though I have it since quite a long time now, I still have like half the tube left, so totally worth investing in if you have the same problems with keeping eyeshadow in place.

HD Eyeshadow Palette

My go-to everyday eyeshadow palette is this one. It´s got exactly the shades I like to wear on my eyes, earthy browns and champagne-y glittery shades.
The shades all have just the right amount of pigmentation, even the glittery shades comes off just as it is in the palette. The brush that comes with it is suprisingly also very good - on one side you got a quite stiff blending brush and on the other side you got a kinda liner brush that I like to use with the darkest shade on my lash line instead of actual eyeliner.
It´s definitely a palette you can wear all year round, the darker browns shades in the colder months and the rosé gold/champagne colour during the spring to add a hint of colour and sparkle.

What are your current favourite eyemakeup products?




Affordable And Effective Skincare With Evoluderm

*this post contains PR samples
If there´s anything I absolutely love to treat myself to it´s skincare - even more than makeup sometimes hehe. Simply for the reason that I find makeup can only achieve it´s full effect when you have a (nearly) flawless canvas to work with. For body care it´s nearly the same, but more for my own comfort. Now that the summer is coming closer I want to prepare my skin with enough hydration so that I get a nice and even tan, without having to worry that my skin flakes off immediately after.

Treating myself doesn´t mean that I only go for luxurious skincare though.
My collection consists of a good mixture between luxurious bits but also amazing products from the drugstore. So I was more than happy when Evoluderm approached me asking to test some of their products - *important note* at the end of the post there might be a chance for you to try my personal favourites from Evoluderm aswell! ;)

Evoluderm is a french brand that is focused on afforadable cosmetics. Their goal is to give every woman quality skincare with small prices while keeping a sensory aspect. With their huge range of products for face, body and hair, they definitely have something for everybody!
You can find all their products in TKMaxx so defintely keep an eye out next time your out shopping!

Eau Micellaire & Lotion Tonique // Micellar Water & Toner

This duo has been soo good for my skin!
Since getting this micellar water I´ve been using it to take off my makeup every single day. It takes my makeup off so fast and easy. Compared to the Garnier version this one from Evoluderm is so much better! Literally one swipe with a cotton pad soaked with this and my foundation is gone.
Barely any rubbing is needed and so my skin doesn´t get red patches nor does it feel tight and sting-y afterwards. On top of it, this stuff smells absolutely incredible. Really sweet like bubble gum, haha, 
I´m literally obsessed with the scent of it!

After I took my makeup off, it´s time to take the excess oil and dirt of my skin before I continue with my night cream. I´m usually not a big fan of toners as I find they are really drying and only cause my skin to get even more blemishes and all in one really bumpy and stingy.
This one is just as the micellar water especially made for sensitve skin, and so works very gentle.
One of the ingredients are roses, and that´s exactly what the product smells like. After wiping it all over my skin feels squeaky clean, super soft and just really lovely.
Both of these products together have helped my skin to clear up and get a lovely glow to it.

Masque Tissu Eclat // Sheet Mask

Who doesn´t love a good sheet mask? I certainly do!
They become more and more frequent in the drugstore now, all for different purposes, but honestly most of the times I can´t really feel a difference between them all.
This one though was really love - the moment I put it on it felt like a normal sheet mask but after a short time I could feel it soothing my skin. Like you know something is working on your skin when it starts to sting in the places where you got your blemishes and that´s exactly what this mask did.
It hydrated my face really well, but what I found was really good that there was just the right amount of product on the mask. After I removed it, there was still a bit of cream left that didn´t sunk in, but I could easily massage it in, without being left with a sticky film on my face.


Gel Douche Exaltant in "Monoi" // Shower Gel "Monoi"

I´m not really picky when it comes to shower gel. I just always pick a random one up when I´m out shopping - normally the one that I last saw in a commercial, haha.
Well this "behaviour" will definitely stop from now on, as I have found my absolute dream shower gel - and I´m not even overreacting here. This one right here is the only shower gel I´m willing to use for a very long time. The reason for that is first, look at how huge the bottle is, this will certainly last me a good few weeks! Second, it´s soo hydrating and gentle. I always got red itchy patches on my skin, but it has stopped since I´ve been using this product in the shower. And third, it smells like beach holiday in a bottle. Really tropical, like the beach, suncream, heat, everything you relate to a nice summer holiday. It costs around 4€ in TKMaxx which is an amazing price.
Please - I beg you - smell it when you get the chance! I swear you will love it.

Argan Divin Soin Longueurs & Pointes // Argan Divin Haircare Cream

I have thick, wavy, frizzy hair, so I use heat about every third day to atleast try to tame my hair.
Even though I do use a heat protection, my hair feels quite dry after I´m done with the styling, and so I´ve been searching for a product that gives me exactly that needed hydration - I found exactly what 
I´ve been searching for in this tube.
It´s hard to see what the actual product looks like from my pictures - sorry for that - but it´s like a white cream. You only need a walnut size of it for the lengths and ends of your hair, which is totally enough. Simply rub it into your hair and it sinks in within seconds, like completely. I´m actually always very sceptical with creams like that as normally they leave a weird greasy feeling and look behind but this is really good. After about half an hour you get the full effect - soft and silky hair.
It definitely won´t leave my haircare routine for a very long time - such a good alternative to the Davines Oi Spray aswell.

Huile de Beauté // Body & Hair Oil

I´m soo unsure about this product.
Apparently it´s for dry skin, but it also says you can use it as hydration for dry hair - so that´s exactly where I use it first. I put a rather small amount into my hair, which was a really big mistake haha.
My hair looked absolutely horrible, like really greasy and really hard to style aswell.
So next thing I tried is use it as body oil which did work a bit better but it took ages until it sunk in and also didn´t quite smell that good...
I´ll keep testing and report back as soon as I know how to use it the right way, haha.

You can find all the products on their website: http://www.evoluderm.com/

Congratulations if you´ve lasted until the very end haha. Now we come to the part where you are able to test my favourite products from this pack - together with Evoluderm I´ll do my very first GIVEAWAY - eeeek I´m soo excited. I´ll do it over on my Instagram so definitely keep an eye out for it! Which products I´ll be giving is a little secret so contain your excitement until my giveaway goes live hahaha.


Giving Your Phone A Spring Makeover With CaseApp

*this post contains PR sample
Now that I´ve updated my makeup collection to spring approved products, it´s now also time to update my "accessorizes" - aka my phone.

I´m not a girl who wears a lot of accessorizes or jewellery so I kinda have to use my phone or rather the phone cases that I put on my phone to add a little something to my every day looks.
I absolutely love buying phone cases, whether it´s really simple ones, seasonal ones - especially christmas phone cases! they can´t be cheesy enough, haha - or creating personal ones for either myself or my friends - it´s just a really cool and thoughtful gift.

If you are anything like me in this point - or simply just want to redecorate your phone - I think I have just the right shop for you....


CaseApp is an online shop that specifies on all things about smartphone, tablets and macbook cases and skins. They offer a huge selection of cases and skins for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, iPods, iPads and Macbooks, so I´m pretty sure almost all of us will find something fitting for their device - they even offer their designs for iPhone 3 which is very suprising but also very cool, haha.

Now to the designs, their offer of different predesigned cases is just amazing and it was soo hard for me to decide on three phone cases. I definitely wanted some that not only look cute but also kinda fit into the colour scheme of my pictures so that I could also use them as blog props.
Scrolling through their designs I found varities of marble, flower, fruits, art-y, animals and many other designs.

They do not only offer pre designed cases though, you can also design your very own phone cases and skins for your devices - and also even for your phone holder, how exciting is that!
Creating them is literally so easy aswell, all you need to do is select your device, upload a picture of your choice - or even more pictures as it´s also possible to create collages - and if you want you can also add a texts, cliparts or a background to the design.

Definitely a lot of space to let all your creativity out and create something very special and unique!

Now that you´re done with designing, there´s one last step you can decide on, do you want your case to be matte or shiny? Haha.

The design gets printed onto the case so it has a really good quality, and I´m pretty sure the print won´t rub off my phone cases really soon - which is something that happens quite often with cheaper options. Especially in the summer months when I get sweaty or oily hands.

CaseApp offered me to select three phone cases, as I thought not only I should have the chance to give my phone a little makeover, I made my mum and sister select one for each of them aswell.
In the end I went for the phone case with little plants on them, I already got a lot of compliments for it and it will definitely appear in loads of future blog posts as it fits just perfectly with my theme! My mum went for the marble design with the pink corner, which I think is really cool, simple and yet has a kinda girly touch to it with the pink detail.
My sister went for the gold rosé kinda marble design. Again really cool and so unique, like I´ve never seen a phone case like that!

Do you want to get a phone case or skin yourself now?

I also got the chance to give a lovely discount of 20% on your order with the code LAURA2018
Apply it during checkout and save yourself some pennies ;)

You can find the shop this way: https://caseapp.de/

Please make sure to show me the phone cases you get or create by tagging me on the pictures of them on Instagram! I´m really curious to see what you all selected in the end :)




The Spring Edit

The Spring Edit
Now that we have around 20 degree or hotter every day, it was definitely time to switch some of my everyday winter staples to something lighter, more glowy and fresher.
As much as I love to use a good bronzer, for spring I tend to use a nice pinky blush. I just love how it makes me look really fresh, healthy and so spring-y, haha.
Of course I´ve not only switched to blush but also made some changes in my base, lips and skincare picks....

Dr. Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil

Before I apply makeup I make sure my skin is hydrated and plump. On days where my skin doesn´t need an intensive moisturizer I like to reach for a facial oil like this one from Dr. Botanicals.
It´s not a thick heavy oil that sits on my face for a long time. It´s texture is more watery, and sinks in within seconds. My face not only feels really lovely afterwards, but also smells heavenly like roses - consider that when you have sensitive skin - and is left with a glowy sheen on it. I feel like this oil is more likely one of those dry oils, as unlike other facial oils, this one doesn´t leave a thin film or anything on my face so I can continue with my makeup routine right away.
The only thing on the minus side of this product is that I do need half of the pipette for my whole face and as the bottle itself is not that big, I did run out of it quite quick.
But as I already said I only use this when my skin is already in a good condition and for that it´s perfectly fine to treat yourself to!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation + Catrice Galactic Highlighter Drops

I´ve seen lots of girls adding drops of highlighter into their foundation to make the finish of it more glowy and so I was on the hunt to find a highlighter that had a pipette so I could mix it easily into my foundation and so try it out myself. I went for the Galactic Drops from Catrice as I thought go big or go home and what could be more glowy than a galactic glow haha. It´s a white, quite glittery glow that I find is a bit too light when I wear it on its own, but mixed into my foundation it adds just the perfect amount of glow.
Speaking of foundation, my go-to is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. I already loved the Perfect Match Foundation a lot and since everyone recommened the Wake Me Up Foundation I just add to pick it up when I was in London. I can absolutely understand the love for this product! It feels really nice and light on my skin even though the coverage is quite strong. It´s the only foundation that I own that stays matte throughout the whole day.
Those two mixed together give me a really natural, glowy base!

The Spring Edit

NYX Worth The Hype Mascara

New Mascaras are always either hit or miss. I´m always searching for one that gives my lashes extra length but also a bit more volume. The main thing I´m concentrating on though is length and so when I saw this NYX Mascara all over my Instagram and absolutely loved the finishes of them!
Now that all 5 mascaras - yes I switched between 5 mascaras - ran out at once I knew now was finally the time I got to try it out. The name of the product speaks for itself - this mascara is so worth the hype! My lashes just look soo lovely, long and it also makes my eyes look so defined - love it!

PIXI Beauty Blush Duo in Peach Honey + HypoAllergenic Creamy Rouge Glow Stick

Now we´re finally coming to my favourite step in my makeup routine - blush!
I currently have two absolute favourites. The blush duo from PIXI combines a gorgeous champagne-y highlighter with a light pink blush. To apply that I like to use a big fluffy brush, swirl it over both powders and then put it on top of my cheekbones. It gives me an instant quite natural glow.
When I like to go for only a intensive pink blush though I switch to the blush stick from HypoAllergenic. You can see the colour of it in the swatch below - it´s a really stunning, kinda rose gold pink shade that gives me a really natural hint of colour.
When I apply it I like to draw crosses with it on the apples of my cheeks and up my cheekbones and then just blend it in with my beauty blender.
The texture of it is really creamy, the colour is definitely buildable - absolutely in love with it so I use it almost every single day!
The Spring Edit

PIXI LipLift Max in Honey Sheen + Manhattan Cosmetics Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Rosefeller Center

As much as I love a berry lip, for spring I switch to rosy nude shades.
I recently found this Manhattan liquid lipstick and the colour Rosefeller Center is honestly one of the most gorgoeus shades in my whole collection. It´s like a deep pink shade, and has a kinda orange undertone which makes it look absolutely lovely on my lips! Even though it´s a matte liquid lipstick, it feels super comfortable and lightweight when it has dried down, kinda velvety - like I barely feel that I have it on, which I find really nice, haha.
I either wear it on its own or I add a sparkly lipgloss on top for a nice shine!
I don´t own a lot of lipglosses for some reason but honestly I´m perfectly fine with only using the LipLift Max from PIXI. Not only does it have a stunning honey colour but it also smells really minty.
The mint scent is also the reason why it actually gives your lips a little lift and make them look and feel plumper. It´s not sticky at all but still stays on my lips throughout the day.

What are your spring picks? Do you prefer a heavy or more natural makeup look?


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