Gorgeous Drugstore Packagings

Gorgeous Drugstore Packaging
When I´m on the hunt for a new makeup product, I don´t only look for products I´ve read about or just generally need, but if something has an eye-catching packaging I´ll probably be one of the first people who will stop by and have a closer look at the product.
High End Products are most of the times known for their luxurious packaging, Charlotte Tilbury or Hourglass for example, but the drugstore brands have gone off and up´d their package level aswell.


6 Products Forgotten in My Makeup Drawer

6 Products Forgotten in My Makeup Drawer
6 Products Forgotten in My Makeup Drawer 1
6 Products Forgotten in My Makeup Drawer 2
We all know that time when we buy new makeup products, love them and promise ourselves that we´re never gonna use anything else than this product. 
For some reason though I always come to the point where I buy a different version of the said product and totally forget about my "absolute favourite" and leave it at the back of my drawer.



What´s In My Bag: Work Edition

What´s In My Bag: Work Edition
What´s In My Bag: Work Edition
A good bag is absolute necessary for me, no matter if it´s a small one for when I´m just going to the shops or a large one for work.
It can definitely make any Outift look more put together and adds that tiny piece to make an outfit a whole thing.
For work I most of the times carry around a lot of stuff, we could argue if I really need everything haha, but I guess (or rather hope) that´s a normal girl problem :)



7 Office Approved Eyeshadows

7 Office Approved Eyeshadows
One thing that is important while wearing eyeshadow to work is that it´s not too much, you don´t want to look like you´re gonna go to a party afterwards so a heavy smokey eye is definitely a no-go for me. I rather go for a natural look with loads of beige/nude/rosé shades.
With the colder months still being here it´s hard to drag myself sooner out of bed and actually put some more effort on my face, but I´ve searched together some eyeshadows that are easy to work with even in a half-asleep state.



Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance || Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Review
This palette could only be described as love at first sight. The moment I saw it I knew I had to get it, the only problem at this point was, it only being available to buy through the American Sephora website, if you have tried your luck to get anything shipped over from there you´ll know that most of the time the costs for shipping and taxes are even more than the price of the product(s) itself.



9 Blogs To Keep An Eye On In 2017

7 Blogs To Keep An Eye On In 2017
Throughout the last few year the blogging community has grown, a lot. 
I´ve discovered so many lovely blogging girls through the last four years, that are so worth to stay on top of their post as they are just amazing and so it´s time to share my love!
All of these following ladies work really hard, which you can definitely feel and see in their blogs, so please have a look and hopefully you´ll love them as much as I do.



6 Office Approved Lipsticks

7 Lipsticks Approved For The Office
I guess there is no point in denying that my holidays are ending on monday and I have to go back to work, like a lot of you probably.
That´s it with sleeping in until atleast 10am everday, having a nap after lunch, chilling the whole day in bed and watching TV until the late morning hours, ugh it was too good to last longer.



My 2017 Blog Goals & Plans

I´m normally not someone who sets new year resolutions up, but this year I kinda did, not for my personal life but for my blog.
This year I really want to concentrate on my blog a lot more and get it out there, which might sound big-headed but after nearly 4 years of blogging it´s time to make it, haha.
So listen 2017, I have high hopes in you. 
I put myself some pretty big goals but that only makes me more motivated to reach them, and this is what they are...



Makeup Favourites 2016

Makeup Favourites 2016
It´s officialy the end of 2016 since about 14 hours now.
Looking back at it, I (re)discovered some absolutely amazing makeup products that I will probably use throughout 2017 aswell.
It was hard to narrow my complete collection down, but I´ve done it and can say that these makeup products kept me good looking the whole year :)
I´m excited to see what I will discover in the new year but for now these were my favourite of 2016...
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