Fake Lashes... a topic or makeup product that literally has driven me wild as it costs so much nerves and patience until you get it right when you are as impatient as me, haha.
After saying goodbye to my lash extensions (and of course missing them to bits) I thought I´d start reaching for fake lashes for nights out as they literally make such a huge difference to my whole appearance. Well it always seemed easier watching other girls putting them on, when I did it, it felt like an impossible task.
First off I can say that it really takes some practice before you master it perfectly and have those falsies on in two minutes, but in collaboration with FalseEyelashes I´ve put together some tips that have helped me a lot:

Start Simple

Of course those long fluttery lashes are way prettier than those short natural ones but trust me, when you have no idea how to stick those lashes on or where to hold onto them with your tweezers, it makes the whole thing easier when you don´t have long lashes in your way. FalseEyelashes.co.uk is literaly the perfect shop to look through when deciding what lashes you want to start with! They have a huge selection of different brands and styles together with every additional product you need such as tweezers and glue. My personal favourite brand is KISS, they are really easy to apply and the glue that comes with the lashes is absolutey amazing - it´s really strong and so you don´t need to worry about the lashes coming off. I started with their Tulip lashes as I always found long lashes very irritating in the beginning cause I was more worried to not bend them over too much or break them. Other than that when you´re wearing falsies for the first time it´s something you have to get used to as you can lightly feel and depending on the length, you can also see them and of course you look a bit different and too long lashes could be uncomfortable and we don´t want all the work to be done for nothing cause you don´t like the way they look.
So start simple and then build it up to more dramatic lashes.

Fit Them To The Size Of Your Eyes 

I think this step could easily be forgotten but most of the times the fake lashes are too long for your own eyes so basically all you have to do is put them on your lash line without the glue and see how much you can cut off. Some cut the outer part off but I actually prefer to shorten them on the inner part as I´d rather keep those longer outer lashes than the short inner ones. This step is the easiest as you can´t do much wrong, if you cut a bit too much off it´s barely visible after putting on mascara.

Cut Them In Halves

This was the tip that changed absolutely everything for me.
I never managed to make the whole lash band stick at once as I never met the middle of my eye with it so it was always too short or not right on one end. By cutting the lash band into halves it got a lot easier. After I fit the band to the size of my eye I count the points on the band and cut them through in the middle. I often also only stick on the outer part as this can give you a more cat-eye effect.

Wait For The Glue To Dry

This one is a really simple tip but so important as when you try to glue the lashes on too soon you will make an absolute mess on your eye lids and when it´s too late they won´t stick properly.
So what I do is put a fair amount of glue on the band, when it´s frehsly on it´s pure white and as soon as it gets slightly clearer and more see through I´ll stick it on. This way they will already stick but you can still move them and pull them into their right place. In the beginning I always waited exactly 30 seconds but to be honest it always depends on the glue and the amount you put on so just watch closely and you will see what I mean by getting more clearer.
Alternative you can also use black lash glue as this will blend more easily with your eyeliner, in case you´re wearing one, but I find that way it´s a bit harder to see when is the right time to put on.

Select The Right Brand For You

There are an unbelievable amount of different brands that all have gorgeous falsies to offer but still they are all slightly, whether it be in the quality or the thickness of the lash band, etc. I always thought I´d get on with the Ardell Lashes just like everyone else, but I find them so much harder to put on then compared to KISS Lashes. Not a lot drugstores sell different fake lash brands so I really recommend looking through FalseEyelashes.co.uk - I received absolute beautiful and natural lashes from Eylure which I´m really excited to try. I would have no idea where to get this brand from here in Germany, so it´s really cool that you can not only get many different things from one shop but also discover new brands and styles.

Once you get the hang of it, I promise you are going to want to wear falsies everyday haha. They make such a huge positive difference and make every makeup look a whole lot prettier.

I can´t remember when I last stood outside enjoying the warmth of the sun, which isn´t not good as I like to keep my summer tan as long as possible, haha. I naturally am very pale so I love every single product that can help me look a bit more bronzed and are easy to use. Unfortunately bronzing products can really easily have an orange undertone but the products I´ve picked are perfect for pale girls:

Clarins Addition ConcentrĂ© Eclat Tan Drops

I generally never use fake tans apart from these tan drops from Clarins. The reason why is because with normal tan I fear that it gets patchy or too dark, but these tan drops are really easy to use as you mix it into your night cream or body lotion and so you can decide by how many drops you mix in, how dark you want to go. Normally I use 2-3 drops and a bit more moisturizer so it´s enough to also work it into my neck. The next morning you get a really natural slightly taned finish. It wears easily off by using a toner, so no need to scrub it harshly off.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Medium

I think I´ve mentioned my love for this foundation more than enough by now haha, so I´ll go straight to the shade I´ve picked it in. To be fair I´m really pale and often get foundations in the lightest or second lightest shade availabe, so I was a bit worried at first to go with the shade Medium, but it´s such a natural slightly browner shade without any undertones (not orange in the slightest) that I can easily work it in without getting that weird colour difference between my face and neck. I do like to use my The Body Shop Honey Bronzer to set it and then also on my neck but generally it´s not necessary to put a light bronzer on. When I´ve used the Clarins Tan Drops the night before it looks even better, just like I´ve just come back from a vacation, haha.

Maybelline City Bronzer

If there´s one thing I´m just not good at, at all it´s getting a sharp contour. So instead of keep trying I love to use a nice warm bronzer to get a bit of shape and warmth on my face. I´m not the biggest fan of drugstore bronzers as they tend to be too orange but the Maybelline City Bronzer is something else. It´s a warm brown shade, perfect amount of pigmentation to build it up. I like to use a brush like this from Look Fantastic as it´s the perfect size to put some powder under and over your cheekbone to get a more natural look. This bronzer also has a tiny bit glitter in it, which I love as it´s doesn´t look too heavy and muddy when wearing it.

Nars Laguna Bronzer

If you are one of the few people who doesn´t own or tried the Nars Laguna Bronzer it´s definitely time to do so! It´s definitely a lot more pigmented than the Maybelline Bronzer and is also more glittery but I have to say it´s just the most amazing eyeshadow - yes eyeshadow, haha. As a bronzer it was a bit too much for me, but as a eyeshadow it´s just perfect. You don´t need a lot powder to get that natural brown smokey eye look for everyday and the best thing is that you could actually wear it without a primer underneath - and that´s coming from someone with oily eyelids. I don´t know why but it doesn´t budge at all the whole day. 

Sleek Highlighter Dome

Now that I´m all fresh and bronze-y I like to add a nice decent glow. When I´m not getting ready for a night out, where I definitely prefer a strong glow, I like to use a more natural champagne-y cream highlighter like the Sleek Highlighter Dome. It´s just sooo pretty, it doesn´t have glitter particles in it so you get a decent shine by lightly tapping and blending it onto your cheekbones with a beauty blender. You could also just draw a line with it on your cheeks but I find it then harder to blend. It stays on really well and doesn´t look cakey on top of foundation.

How do you get that Bronzed Look on during the Winter?

Lush Christmas Picks
Christmas is coming closer and so it was definitely time to treat myself to some infamous Lush Christmas bath bombs. I´m a huge lover of taking a nice hot bath when it gets colder and the only thing to make that even more cosier is to throw a bath bomb in too.
To be honest I was really struggling to not spend a small fortune on them but in the end I managed to pick five gorgeous-smelling and looking ones. I genereally prefer those who contain shea or cocoa butter, whether it be a regular bath bomb or a foam bath.

My personal favourite is the Rudolph bath bomb. It´s just absolutely adorable and so detailed made with its paper antlers. It contains ingredients like rose oil and cocoabutter and it smells quite sweet but not too much, a bit fresh and flowery and really comforting, all in one a really simple scent so it could make a perfect gift for nearly everyone. With 5,50€ it´s the cheapest one from my order but definitely the most exciting one, haha.

Next is the complete opposite, it´s the foam bath bomb Yog Nog. Apart from it being a foam bath it smells very woody and spicy like the clove oil that´s in it. Normally I don´t go for scents like this but I think it could get very comfortable and soothing. It´s also very good for my skin as shea and cocoa butter are included. Apparently my bath water is going to be very glittery so I´m excited for that, especialy as I can use this bomb more than once.
Lush Christmas Picks
The next bath bomb is absolutely huge! Like I was so scared to drop it when unpacking it cause I could barely fit it into my hand haha. It´s the Jingle Bells one, it looks really simple yet cute with the pink bow on top. This one is exciting though because when you shake it you can hear little crispy bath salt pieces in it, so I´m looking forward to bath it, I expect a colour explosion haha. It contains sea salt and brasilian orange oil so the scent is definitely more on the fresh/citrus-y side.

Speaking of being afraid to drop one of the huge bath bombs, of course one did have to get damaged and sadly it´s the Don´t Let The Bells End - one did end right after unpacking it as you can see above, haha. I didn´t know that the bells where a lid, so they slided off and one bell broke off...
Well I don´t have to anymore, but normally you put the lid away, and sprinkle the bath crisps in before throwing the whole bath bomb in, really cute idea. It contains ingredients like almond oil so again amazing for my skin and it smells gorgeous, fresh and soft.

Strawberries & Cream is the last bath bomb I treated myself to. It´s not part of the christmas range but I wanted to get another sweet scent one as I just love those sweeter smelling ones. It contains stawberrie powder, geranium oil and cocoa butter so all in one it´s a light sweet scent with a touch of floral. I love the look of it and it will be perfect for those nights where I don´t want to be clouded in heavier spicier scents haha.

Are you a fan of bath bombs? Did you get something from the Lush Christmas Range?

Current Hair Favourites - Long Thick Hair
My hair has always been very thick, quite wavy and more on the dry side, so it´s taken me quite a while to find a good selection of hair products that transforms my hair into a shiny, lighter and easier to style state. I always thought I could get along with those cheaper drugstore products but that quickly changed when I once tried the more expensive products and instantly saw and felt a huge difference.

Maui Moisture Shampoo

The first "more expensive" hair care product I invested in was the Maui Moisture Shampoo. I´ve been through three different versions - the pink, green and blue one - and all have been absolute hits. Not only do they smell heavenly but they also give my scalp so much moisture and hydration that I can easily wash my hair after three days instead of after two days. You really don´t need a lot and it´s so easy to spread and work in as this shampoo doesn´t get too foamy. I generally look for shampoos that give me hydration and volume and this brand is just perfect for it, not too heavy but still keeps my scalp healthy and moisturized.

HASK (Deep) Conditioner

For my lengths I need a conditioner that gives me even more hydration as my thick hair tends to get dry and coarse so easily. To achieve shiny lengths I use the condtioners from HASK, so far I´ve tried the Argan Oil and the Keratin Oil version and both have given my hair a lot of strength and moisture so that even after styling them with heat they are still soft. When my hair needs some extra care, for example when I´m on holiday, I also love to use their deep conditioner, they come in handy pouches so they are easy to travel with. They also smell really nice and you only need a small amount to already feel a difference.
Current Hair Favourites - Long Thick Hair

Pomelo & Co. Hair Masks

I´ve never been a huge hair mask fan, until I came across this brand. Oh my god it works wonders! Before I bought these masks I saw them all over Instagram and thought well it´s just another hair mask but it´s just soooo much better. They are really easy to use, you put them in the fridge 10 minutes before using it, and then all you need is a table spoon-sized amount massaged into your dry lengths and that´s it. It says to leave it in for atleast 15 minutes, but as I put it into my dry hair I leave the mask in for easily a few hours with my hair up in a bun. The forumla is quite oily but it dries down really fast so you don´t have to worry about getting anything onto your bedding or cushions.
After washing it out you continue with using shampoo and conditioner, the real effect is noticeable after drying your hair. Mine was after the first treatment already a lot more shiny and more bouncy. I use it once a week which is perfectly fine. Of course the smell of both of them is sooo nice too.
This hair oil is an older favourite of mine but I´m already on my third bottle and could never ever live without it again. Ever since using it my hair has been so soft it´s just amazing. I use two pumps of it into my towel-dried hair, before blow drying them and not only is the process of getting my hair dry so much faster but as I said they just feel so much softer and are far less frizzy.
I do have one "bad" thing to say about it, I feel like they could make slightly bigger bottles. They get empty so fast when a second or third person is also using it, on the other hand it´s really handy to travel but a bigger size would still be quite nice haha.
The oil sinks in really fast and you can´t see it at all when my hair is dry. I normally don´t like oils as they tend to make my hair heavy or greasy looking but this isn´t noticeable at all.

GHD Heat Protect Spray

And last, a product that really everyone should use is the GHD Heat Protection Spray.
I love to style my dair nearly every day so a heat protection is definitely necessary. This one from GHD not only smells really good, it also sinks in fast, doesn´t feel heavy and it definitely protects my hair really good. Like I can actually feel a difference after styling my hair, as they still feel soft even when I´ve just curled them with a straightener (we all know how hot hair feels after styling them that way, haha). A huge plus I just have to mention is that it has a wide spray circle, like with two pumps I reach all of my hair as the product itselfs doesn´t only spread into one direction.
Again this is already my third or fourth bottle and so worth it.

What type is your hair? And what do you use to keep it healthy and shiny?

Ever since I started updating my blog more frequently, more and more amazing opportunities started landing in my inbox. That´s when I thought it was the right time to also start reaching out to brands I´d love to work with. Of course from my side it was important that the brands I worked with had products to offer that I´m hopefully going to enjoy using, from the brands side it´s important how many people they´ll reach while presenting their products through me.
To bundle all these important informations it´s really helpful to have a media kit to send with your email. I have to say, ever since I started sending my media kit out - the responses to my mails have been positive way more often!

Well at first creating a Media Kit sounded pretty much overwhelming to me, as I didn´t have clue how it´s supposed to look and what information is really important.
So, to make it easier for you I wrote down some tips:

Designing Your Media Kit

The easiest and free platform to creat your Media Kit is Canva!

You can basically create anything on this website - for the Media Kit though I´ve chosen the A4 Document. The next thing is choosing a Template, looking through it now it has taken me ages to find a template that looks very similar to mine, so as a little hint for you I searched for "Interview" and the fourth light blue one is really similar to the design I used for my Media Kit.
From here on it´s just really being creative and trying different things out.
I find it very pleasing to use the main colours from my blog, which are light pink, white and dark grey. As you can see I kept the whole design really simple with the background being white, the font is dark grey and column on the left side is light pink. If your Blog is on Blogger you can see in the Design section, which colour codes are used on your blog design, so that you can use these exact tones again.
Of course you can use as many pages as you´d like, but you´ve still got to use the space wisely. It should be easy to read, not overloaded and just give the brands a short overlook over your blog stats. Add a little personality by including a picture of yourself and one or two of your favourite pictures you´ve taken to show your photography style. What I also liked to do is add a little description of myself under my picture. Personally it´s always so much nicer to know a bit about your "business partner" and well it might give you some sympathy points, haha.
Just be creative and play around with different designs.

What Information Should Be Included?

Now that your Media Kit is all pretty, it´s time for business, haha.
I´ve got different "categories" of stats that I want to present to brands, such as Blog Stats, my Social Medias and the brands I´ve worked with before.
My Blog Stats are on the very top as they´re obviously by far the most important numbers. There are a few informations that should definitely be included, such as Unique Visitors, Page Views and 
Average Comments Count per Post and Where your Readers Are From, these are the ones I have on my Media Kit but you can also include stats about the average age of your readers or if there are more females or males for example, it all depends on the brands you want to work with and the content you produce. It´s just so important that you please use all these numbers from Google Analytics and not from Blogger itself. I have to be honest I can´t tell you the reason why Blogger shows you different numbers than Google, but those from Google are (sadly) the real ones haha.

Following are my Social Media Followers, please just include every social media channel where you are present or have a presentable follower count, haha. I have for example every channel included besides Facebook, as I basically only have 4 followers there, so nothing to show.
You can find these little social media icons simply through Google, I think I got mine from there, but normally they should be easy to find.

On my Media Kit, the last category is Brands I´ve Previously Worked With. Let´s be honest we´re all proud of previous collaborations so why don´t "show it off"? I also have a category on my blog where you can see my collaborations, I think that way other brands can also see how I a possible collab can look like and what ideas I´ve had to display different products.

Now it really depends how far you´ve taken your Blog yet, but one more possible point you can include in your Media Kit are your Prices. I guess it´s by far easier to just show which price ranges you have in mind instead of waiting for the brands to make the first move or not knowing how to tell them what price you have in mind. That way they know right away if they are willing to pay that amount for your work, before you write lots of emails back and forth only to get nothing in the end.

So that´s how I´ve created my Media Kit!
I try to update it in the beginning of each month, so that it´s ready to be sent out right away with the newest stats.
If you have any further questions I´m very happy if I can help you! Xx

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