What´s On My Face: March 2016

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Another month is over, so it´s again time to show you what I´ve been wearing around on my face throughout the month of march.
If you have seen the other two monthly makeup posts you might have noticed that my bases get lighter and lighter with a lot less coverage. I like to keep my looks very simple as I only mainly go to school and therefor don´t really need to pack on a full makeup look.
I would describe this month´s look as minimalistic, light and glowy.


The Easter Makeup Look

Easter Makeup Flatlay
Easter Makeup Close Up 1
Easter Makeup Close Up 2
Happy Easter everybody! I had the last week off which wasn´t as relaxing as you might think it was, basically it was lots of revision and no make up at all.
So now that it is easter I took it as a great opportunity to put on a full face, but not in a full coverage heavy foundation but more a lightweight glowy base, lots of highlighter and some pink details.


What Has & Will Change On Get Ready With Laura

Get Ready With Laura Changes
Having a blog means always having to change things a bit to keep your readers interested and making their visit as pleasant and easy as possible. There aren´t only visible changes though, over the last couple of month I have done some changes which didn´t affect my readers that much and were more of a "behind the scene" change that had only advantages for me, as writer of this blog. 
As you can read from the caption I wanted to use this post to let you all know what has & will be going on on this blog.
So here´s the honest truth about "GetReadyWithLaura"


Pastels & Nudes On Your Nails

Hello and welcome Spring! Nice to see you again.
Today it´s finally spring and since I have already transformed my whole daily makeup look into something lighter, with less coverage and pinky/nude shades on my lips and eyes, it´s now time to do the same with nails.
I´m not one of those girls who constantly has her nails freshly painted and has the perfect shape, in fact I have really small, short, weirdly formed ones that could use a manicure every now and then.


Spending Ban Update #1

Spending Ban Update 1
About 2 weeks ago I decided to go on a spending ban.
In the first week it worked so well, I had to go to the drugstore quite often with my mum but just for little things. I have to admit it was really hard to walk past the makeup shelves and not even have a look at them, if I would have stopped and looked through one of them I´m 100% sure that I would have gotten weak and got something, even if it would be only a nail polish or a lipliner.


The "Night-Out Proof" Makeup Look

Night-Out Proof Makeup Look
Night-Out Proof Makeup Look 1
Night-Out Proof Makeup Look 2
Another week is over and we can all now concentrate on the probably most important question that pops up every Friday and/or Saturday night, where is the next big party and how can I look the best?
Going out or especially going to a club can get really sweaty, lots of people in the same room and dancing like you don´t care (be honest, we all do) is never a good combo, however for some weird reason people want to take pictures when you already feel like your make up is gone or doesn´t look picture worthy anymore and your forehead could be used as a reflector, am I right?


Glowy Skin On Dull Days

Glowy Skin on dull days flatlay with KIKO, Benefit, elf, Revlon
 If I look at my calendar it´s now officialy spring, but when I look out of my window all I can see is snow and grey clouds. 
Accordingly my skin doesn´t look better, it´s dry because of the sudden wheather changes and most of the time doesn´t have that healthy glowy look to it. Luckily we can help out with putting on highlighter to add that glow to the highest points of my faces to make me look like I just came back from holiday and am completely relaxed and happy.
As you can already see above I picked 4 highlighters, a liquid, two powders and a creamy stick highlighter that I would totally recommend to bring the sun to your face.


Where & How To Share Your Content To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

where & how to share your content
Once your post is written and ready to be shared with your readers the same old question comes up in my mind, where should I post my content to get a lot of people to read it and maybe even gain some new ones. At the moment there are severals social media platforms you could share your posts to but which ones do work the best and how do they work?
I do the same routine pretty much every time a new posts goes up and per post I get a good amount of pageviews and every now and then even some new followers and comments.
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