5 Top Picks: Autumn Lipstick + Lipliners

It´ autumn and time for a colour change. I love adding a berry lip or more likely, how you can see on the picture above, a mauve, red or nude shade, it really depends on the eyemakeup I go for. Bold lips for less eye and nude lips for dramatic dark eyes. I searched togehter my 5 Top Lipstick shades and some matching lip liners.

Lipliners are the essentials that really pull a perfect lip togehter. First off it´s much easier to apply bold lipstick with the help of lip liners and I find it makes your lips look defined and just absolutely to die for!
I have a really bad feeling that my little collection will grow very soon and very fast, haha :)
How you can see I bought quite a few MaxFactor ColourElixir ones, they are all just absolutely dreamy, they cost about 7€ each which is more on the pricey side for a drugstore lipliner but the quality is just amazing. Really buttery, easy to glide on, long-lasting and match with almost every lipstick I own! I got the shades: 06 Mauve Moment, 02 Pink Petal and 10 Red Rush.

Another lip liner I use quite often is the L´Oreal Contour Parfait in 658 Simply Rose. It is a pencil lipliner but anyway really similar to the MaxFactor ones, also really easy to apply and fit to loads of lipsticks. I can´t find it online anymore since I could possibly be one of the older lipliners from L´Oreal but as far as I´m aware they should be still availbe instore.  

Now onto the lipsticks.
This is a really lovely brown-y, mauve-y shade. It is really creamy and buttery, the colour pay-off is amazing I only need to swipe over my lips once and it lasts for a few hours. And not even does it stay amazingly long, even through eating but also it smells so goooooood! I actually find that really important in a lipstick, if it smells/tastes strange I´m not going to wear it that often, but this lipstick smells, and I´m not joking with you here, like cake to me, like a really sweet and yummy cake.
 Matching Lipliners: MaxFactor lipliner in 06 Mauve Moment, L´Oreal 658 Simply Rose

A Oldie but still a Goldie is MAC´s Angel.
I remember it to be the very first lipstick I got and I´m still absolutely in love with it.
It´s from their Satin Finish section and so the finish is shiny but not glittery which looks gorgeous on a daily basis with a simple cat eye and rosy cheeks. This one is also really creamy and all in one it´s a beautiful pale pink shades.
Matching Lipliners: MaxFactor LipLiner in 02 Pink Petal.

If you are not from Germany you have probably never heard of the brand P2 before, that´s because it´s a own brand from a german drugstore, anyway I decided to include it in this post because it´s my first really bold lip product and I have to be honest, I was really insecure wearing it for the first time. It´s a matte(!) red shade with what I find a orange undertone which makes it really pop out. I looooove it so much now, you do need to wear lip balm under it since it´s really drying.
Matching LipLiner: MaxFactor LipLiner in 10 Red Rush

Now back to a nude everyday shade. The Maybelline Colour Sensational 732 Brazen Beige. This is a really nude shade and when I say really nude, I mean it looks like you put foundation all over your lips, so you have to be careful with this one. Apart from that it does look really nice if you apply loads of layers so that it looks really glossy and buttery. On a daily basis or with dramatic eyes, I choose between this one or MAC´s Angel.
Matching LipLiners: MaxFactor lipliner 02 Pink Petal

The newest addition to my collection is KIKO´s Intensely Lavish Lipstick in "01 Lusty Peony". It is supposed to be a matte shade, when it´s dry it goes matte but still looks a bit shiny and not really dried out. Even though I only just bought this lipstick I´m head over heels with it, the colour is an absolute dream, I would describe it as a rose colour. You could say it is a bold lipstick but a more natural bold lipstick. KIKO sells a matching lipliner for this one but everytime I go to a shop it´s sold out, but I´ll try my best!
Matching LipLiners: MaxFactor 06 Mauve Moment & L´Oreal 658 Simply Rose

What are your favourite lip combos for Autumn?

(swatches of some lipsticks are over on my Instagram)


  1. MAC lipsticks are the best!
    Jabeen x


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