The Davines Oi Range

*this post contains PR samples
The Davines Oi Range
One brand that can´t be missing in my daily haircare routine is Davines, especially their Oi Range. 
The products in this range all contain roucou-oil, which has a lot of amazing effects and gives the products their unique scent.

The roucou oil comes from a plant that grows in the amazons, it´s rich of bera-carotene and has a restructuring effect on the hair, helps with its growth, reduces cell damage by UV radiation, prevents aging and maintains skin elasticity so your hair looks more healthy, shiny and honestly feels sooo lovely soft.

I first got introduced to Davines at a Blogger Event last year, and I was definitely really curious to try out the products, as the man who introduced me to all the things was really good and convincing with what he had to say, haha. I received the Oi Shampoo and Oi All in One Milk to try out and this is what I thought of the products...

Oi Shampoo*

When I try a new shampoo, I always look for ones that give my scalp enough hydration - cause who wants a itchy scalp - and ideally also keep my hair looking fresh for up to 2-3 days. I´m just way too lazy to wash my hair everday and even though I really like using dry shampoo, it´s just not good for my hair on long terms.
This shampoo fills all my needs perfectly!
My hair feels lovely soft, looks smooth and ever since I´m using it, I have hardly any problems with a dry and flaky scalp anymore!
It´s texture is not really creamy - like my previous head & shoulder shampoo - but more watery, yet you really only need a tiny amount as once you work it in, it starts to get really foamy.
Coming back to the scent, in the bottle it´s really strong but you hardly smell it in your hair, it´s just a lovely smelling hint of the scent that gets left behind.
It is quite pricy but since you only need a small amount and it leaves your hair looking fresh for a longer time, it´s totally worth it, to treat you and your hair to it.
Davines Oi All in One Milk

Oi All in One Milk*

The roucou oil is all in for giving your hair the extra hydration it sometimes needs.
So what I do with this milk, is spray it all over my hair before blow drying it, and it honestly makes such a huge difference! 
My hair feels immediately softer, is easier to comb through, dries faster and has a lot less frizz than before.
You can either use it like me, as it also functions as heat protection - which I discovered just now, haha - or you use it on the go, for when your hair feels dry and needs a quick fresh up. Again, it has the same unique scent, which I absolutely love and got some compliments for aswell.
I´m sooo sad that I ran out of it already, so I´ll definitely get a new bottle as soon as possible.

Oi Oil

I also introduced my mum to the Davines products and together with the shampoo, she bought the Oi Oil aswell.
Of course, I´ve given it a try myself and it´s so good aswell - what a suprise, haha!
Until I get a replacement for the Milk Spray, I´ll be using this oil before blow drying my hair. The texture of it is not as thick as some other hair oils - e.g. the MoroccanOil - it sinks in really fast and also gives your hair a nice amount of hydration.
I haven´t tried it out that often yet, but I can see it becoming another hair favourite really soon.

The Oi range doesn´t only include these three products there are some others left, that I´m more than curious to try out myself!

Have you tried Davines products before? Which ones are your favourite or which ones would you want to try out?




Magnitone WipeOut! Microfiber Cleansing Cloth Review

Magnitone WipeOut! Microfiber Cleansing Cloth Review
You may have noticed that for a longer time now, there are cleansing cloths on the market that promise to take your makeup off - even waterproof mascara and oil-based makeup - just with the help of water! Ever since stumbling across them, I´ve been really curious to try them out myself.
I could never imagine how that would work out, as even with micellar water, I sometimes have to take 2-3 pads to really get everything off!
Well you can imagine, I was very happy and excited when I found the Magnitone Wipe Out Cleansing Cloth in my Advent Calendar - and now that I´ve tried it out for a few weeks, I can finally share my honest (and very good) opinion about it...

The Cloth itself

As you can see, it´s basicall a quite small square washing cloth in a lovely pink shade - point number one why I love it. It feels unbelievably soft, yet kinda thicker than a normal cloth, which is because of the microfibres.
Speaking of the fibres, once you put that cloth under warm water, they swell up and so can get a better hold of your makeup and remove it smear-free and really easy.
It has those microfibres on both sides, and can be used approximately up to 1000 times - which sounds definitely really good for my bank account and also is so eco friendly as you don´t have to throw away watt pads or makeup wipes everyday.
To clean this cloth I basically put normal soap on it, rub it in and then wash it off with water again, and to give it a really good clean, I just throw it into the washing machine, together with other towels once a week.

My Experience

As I said before I could never imagine that a full face makeup could be easily removed just with a cloth and some warm water. Well, it can - mostly.
What I do everday is, put that cloth under warm water, lightly squeeze a bit of water out again and then simply rub over my whole face with it.
From my own liking, I really do not like removing mascara with it as you have to do a lot of rubbing on your eyelashes to really get everything off, it does work but I just don´t like it. Same goes to my eyebrows, I have quite long, thick eyebrow hair so I´m never really sure if everything is off.
Removing base products though, is just a dream! It not even takes me a minute until I´m totally bare and - most importantly - my skin isn´t left with a tight dry feeling.
Whether you use matte foundation, cream contour, a lot of setting powder or waterproof lipstick, it all get´s removed really easily
Ever since using the cleansing cloth, I have also noticed that my skin doesn´t get blemishes as often and just overall feels a lot softer.

I´m pleasantly suprised with how good it works!
You´re not only doing something good for your skin but also for the nature, as my watt pad use has decreased by a lot.

You get in the normal package two cleansing cloths for only 17€ / 15 Pound, a fair price and definitely worth to try out :)

Have you tried a Cleansing Cloth out yet?




Pore-Blurring Primers

Pore-Blurring Primers
Ever since I´ve started using Primers, my makeup game has gone lots of levels up!
I´m sure we´re all in the same boat when I say, I want my skin to look flawless and even after applying foundation, and well I´ve found two pore-blurring primers that definitely give me that finish that I desire.

Before discovering these two, I´ve had to try myself to loads of different primers, some that clogged my pores more than protecting them from being clogged, some dried out my skin, and some basically didn´t do anything for me - I´m more than happy that I finally found primers that work really well for me and make applying makeup even more fun!


For the longest time now, the Benefit Porefessional Primer has been my go-to for a very long time now!
I´m already on my second tube, and definitely not on my last one - even though it´s quite pricy with around 30€ per tube. It can be worn under or over your makeup or even on it´s own. I´ve tried to wear it under my makeup - what a suprise - and definitely found it has kept oil at bay, kept my foundation in place and, most importantly, gave me a velvet-y finish. Same goes when you wear it without any makeup, it´s definitely a good option to go for when you don´t want to wear makeup but still look more put together with an even skin. I´ve never tried to reapply it over my makeup - might have to give it a try soon - but Benefit says it will make your whole look even smoother.
The texture of the primer is hard to describe, but I´d say it´s definitely thicker but is really easy to blend in and also not noticeable after.
I´ve swatched it below, and even though it has a brown colour to it, it´s not visible, even on the palest skin (aka me).

You might have seen that Benefit has brought out an other version of this primer - this time with a glowy pearl effect. I´m more than curious to try that one out, since I already love this one so much, but it has a matte finish. So trying the same primer just with a hint of glow in it, will surely be something I´ll get a lot of use from!


This primer has been on my wishlist ever since I´ve heard, that it is the dupe version of the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. I never got to try that one out, but definitely am head over heels happy with the NYX version!
It´s really budget-friendly with "only" 16€ per tube but you get really a lot of product and kinda the same finish as with the Porefessional one!
A big difference between these two primers is the texture, as I already mentioned the Benefit Primer is kinda thick, the NYX one though is really similar to a moisturizer - as you can see in the swatch below.
It´s a lot creamier, feels fresher and more moisturizing on my skin - but surely gives my complexion a really velvety, soft and airbrush finish.
The only slightly negative thing about it, is that it doesn´t control oil as good, so you might have to apply powder again after a few hours - it´s totally okay, considering how good it is in total.
Now that it is permanently available in my local drugstore, this primer will stay in my collection for a veeeery long time!
Pore-Blurring Primers

If you´re not using a primer until now or you´re not happy with yours, then please do me a favour and treat yourself to one of these two and thank me later ;)

Have you tried these primers before? Which one is your go-to at the moment?




Daily Powder Exfoliators

I´ve been really struggling with quite dry patchy skin lately, which as you can probably imagine, doesn´t really look good underneath foundation.
In order to get rid of these dry skin flakes, make my skin more even and also hydrating it at the same time, I´ve been reaching to gentle everyday powder exfoliators.
I´ve only discovered these kind of products about a year ago, and was curious how they work for me, and I have to say they have changed my whole complexion to the better.

Short introduction how to use these kind of products, you simply put a tablespoon amount of the powder in your already wet hand, add a tiny bit of water on top of the powder, enough that the powder transforms into a like creamy thing. Then you simply rub it into your skin for like a minute, leave it on for another 1-2 minutes and then wash it off, and you´re left with really clean, soft skin.

I´ve found two exfoliators that work really well for me, one is a bit more gentle and the other one is when my skin is really dry, so I switch between them, depending on the state of my skin...

Getraud Gruber Enzym Peeling Powder*

This product is from a german company that actually produces in a city really close to me, which is really cool, and so I´m even more happier that I love this product so much that I´ll definitely support this company in the future. 
Coming to the texture of this product, when I put this powder into my hand, it feels really soft, almost like baby powder, and the powder particles are really fine and kinda sticky, especially after adding water to it. It then transforms into a foam texture, which also feels really gentle when it´s massaged into the skin. It does take some help of a towel to get it all of again, but I love how soft my skin feels afterwards.
It´s the more gentle version of both exfoliators and is supposed to tighten your pores, make your skin look fresher, more even and fasten the production of new skin cells. I have to say since using this, especially my forehead has become a lot more even.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

This is definitely the pricier product, but makes my skin feel a hint more cleaner afterwards.
Maybe because the particles of this powder are a bit harder and after wetting it, it feels a lot more like an actually peeling, more than a gentle face cleanse.
 It contains mostly the same ingredients, but also things like green tea for soothing and brightening the skin, grapefruit to even out the skin pigmentation and is made on a rice-basis for glowy skin. If you use it frequently every single day, you´ll notice a difference really fast. Your skin will look fresher, but I also find that my skin is more capable of really soaking up my night moisturizer, and I´m not left with an oil film the next morning.
This is my second bottle and surely not the last one!

Have you ever used a powder exfoliator?




Goals & Plans for 2018

It took me quite a while to write up this post, as I really wanted to set myself realistic goals, that I have influence in, whether I accomplish them or not.
With that I mean, this year I didn´t set myself a goal to reach a certain amount of followers on a social media platform, because I already know that it´s just gonna end in self-pity, but rather concentrate myself on things that will (hopefully) bring some changes into my blog and make it more fun for you to read :)

I also feel like finally doing all the things I´ve been pushing in front of me, life wise.
They won´t change my life a lot but just bring more happiness into it, more memories, and more motivation to live life to the fullest (eh, sounds really cliché, doesn´t it?)

I´d say we should start with this year´s blog goals:

Get a New Header and Media Kit

This basically has the aim of developing my blog. If you have noticed I have finally customized my blog, I added some pink and grey accents, and now my new header should add the last bit to perfection the appearance of my blog. The lovely Laura from laurzrah.com is currently creating my new header and I´m more than excited to see the result! 
She´s also does Media Kits which I´m still thinking about to get. In case you don´t know what a Media Kit is, it´s a summary of your work, stats, etc. which makes it easier for e.g. brands to have a overlook over your blog. It would definitely make, introducing myself to brands easier, but for now I´ll concentrate on creating quality content :)

Blog Regulary

In order to get somewhere with my blog I need to be more presence, and to achieve exactly that I plan to post at least 3 times per week. I´ve got quite a lot of posts saved in my drafts, mainly beauty related, but also a bit of lifestyle and even travel posts, so definitely keep an eye out for them!

More Lifestyle Posts

To make my blog more interesting to read and versatile, I´m planning to include some more lifestyle posts. I do have some ideas but not a lot so please tell me what you´d want to read and I´ll definitely keep an eye out for inspiration aswell, haha :)

Include More Pictures of Myself

More and more blogger girls that I´m following, start to post more pictures of themselves, and I absolutely love that! It brings freshness into the posts and makes the whole blog kinda more personal (if you know what I mean, haha). I´m not only going to post more pictures of myself on here but also on Instagram, which brings me to directly to my next blog goal...

Post More Often On Instagram

Right now I only use my Instagram to promote my blog posts, but I want to start posting more snippets of my daily life, give you all a little insight of what I´m up to when I´m not working. Let´s see if I´ll get to take actually instagram worthy pictures or use Insta Story more, but I´ll definitely be on there more often :)

Shot in Natural Light

Right now I´m always using my Sigma Flash to make my pictures brighter while shooting, it has been a really good and easy way to go but I do find that sometimes my pictures look kinda artifical. I definitely want to try shooting in natural light, to see the difference, and whether I like it and maybe make my pictures better than they are at the moment. 

and continue with the life goals:

Redecorate My Room

I´m semi happy with how my room looks like at the moment. It´s a mixture of light brown wooden and white furniture, and I would like to put only white furniture in, with some rosé gold and grey accents. I´m definitely taking a lot of inspiration for that from Instagram and Pinterest, so please let me know some account with gorgeous flats, interior designs, etc. I´ve actually planned to redecorate since last year, but it´s just sooo expensive to buy everything new, so hopefully this year I´ll finally get to it.

Travel More

Is it even a proper yearly goals post, if you don´t include this point?
Well I gotta fill a bloggers cliché sometimes, and say this year I want to travel to new places. Set goals are for now only London in March/April, which I´m more than excited about. It´ll be my 3rd time there, but it´s just one of my favourites cities ever! Other than that I´d like to go to Spain or Greece for my summer holiday, and maybe to Italy for NYE. Other than that I hope I find some nice offers for trips to take over a longer weekend!

Go Out More Often

Hopefully I´m not alone on this opinion, but I stay at home way too often and barely get my ass up and out of the house. I definitely want to do more things outside, even if it´s just to go out for a coffee or a walk over the fields. I´ll definitely go out more often in 2018, haha.

Discover Beautiful Places Near Me

This kinda sticks together with going out more often, but I think at the beginning of last year I found a post on bloglovin about places to eat in Munich, and they looked all so good, that I definitely want to go and try them out myself. Maybe find some blogger hot spots in my city and just appreciate my surroundings more this year :)

Buy A New Laptop

This is for sure a point that needs to be accomplished this year, haha. Right now I got a really small pink notebook (not even laptop) from ASUS. It´s definitely a good laptop, but I can´t even edit my pictures on it, because 1.the screen is too small and 2. it takes ages until it loads the pages. I always use my parents laptop for editing so it´s definitely time to invest in a new one.

Take More Pictures

You might have noticed that a lot of people have posted a review of 2017, around NYE. This thing made me realise that in 2018 I definitely need to start taking more pictures when I´m out somewhere. I don´t know why I´m so bad at taking pictures, but this issue definitely needs to change this year, haha.

What are your plans and goals for 2018?



Hair Styling Preparations

Taking care of my hair is something I´m determind to get better in 2018.
I have thick, quite wavy hair, that definitely needs attention to get it into a state that looks healthy and soft.
 If I leave them to air dry, they get really frizzy, rather bushy at the end and just don´t look good at all, so heat is definitely needed.

Over the last few years of straightening my hair with an iron, I definitely did a lot of things wrong, and as the result my hair felt so dry, and also looked the same way.
I´ve got to try different kind of oils, sprays, etc., until I finally found a fabulous combination of 3 haircare products that make my thick hair feel incredibly soft, lightweight and look really shiny and healthy...

Before we even get to the styling part, I´ll tell you what I use after washing and blow drying my hair.
The first thing I put in, when my hair is still wet, towel-dried, is the Davines Oi All in One Milk*. I´ve only recently added it to my haircare routine, as I never really knew when the perfect time was to apply it. I normally sprayed it on, when my hair felt dry, but since Zoella mentioned how she sprays it in after washing her hair, I tried it myself, and it worked wonders!
This product contains roucou oil, which gives it, it´s unique scent. It´s definitely something I haven´t smelled before, but it´s a really lovely one, hard to describe but I love it! The Spray is supposed to soften, detangle, control frizz and protect your hair from frizz, and it definitely does that. My hair looks soooo smooth, frizz free, and is the easiest to brush through. I sadly only have a sample size right now, but this product is worth every penny!

Then after I´ve blow dried my hair, it´s time to add even more hydration!
For that I´ve been using an absolute (pricey) favourite oil of mine, the MoroccanOil Treatment. I first discovered it, in last year´s Look Fantastic Advent Calendar, and since then I´ve been using it after every single hair wash. It has literally changed the way my hair cooperates with me, haha.
It´s a thick oil, that smells really lovely as it´s infused with argan oil. I simply put 1 1/2 pumps in my hands and brush them through my hair, especially the ends. It takes a bit until it´s completely sunk in, but the next morning, my hair is soooo soft, that I often find myself touching or brushing through it haha.
Now we come to the styling part, whoop whoop.
This is a bit embarrassing now, but until the end of last year, I never used heat protection on my hair, even though I´ve either curled or straightened them nearly every day.
I finally came to the decision, that it might not be that of a bad idea to invest in a heat protection spray and so I stumbled over this GHD Heat Protect Spray.
While I wait until my straightening iron heats up, I spray about 6 pumps into my hair, brush through it, to really spread it over my whole hair, and when it´s dried I straighten my hair as always. The difference is now that even when I use a heat of up to 190 degree, my hair stays soft and hydrated, and most importantly they stay straight even in the rain! The spray itself is really lightweight, so you still got volume even after putting three different products in it.

What do you use to take care of your hair?




NYX Cosmetics Round-Up

Who doesn´t love NYX nowadays? It´s just a fab brand, fair prices for high quality drugstore makeup pieces. Over the last few months, I managed to build a collection of products that I frequently use and always recommend to my friends and family. Because of their huge selection of different colours and finishes, there´s surely something for anyone between makeup newbie and pro.
If you want to extend your NYX collection, then this is the post for you...

The newest addition to my collection is the Angel Veil Primer, and I´m sure it´s one of the best products I have ever used. My skin looks really smooth and even, really natural and the foundation is still in place after a whole day at work. The texture is really similar to a creamy moisturizer and does nearly the same thing. I´m really happy that I found a "cheaper" alternative to the Benefit Porefessional Primer. I have a full review of it coming up soon, so definitely look out for that as you´ll definitely want to try this primer yourself.

I´m on my second bottle of the Setting Spray, at first I had the matte version which I was already really happy with it, as it did actually what it should. Hold back the shine and set my makeup. After I finished it, I thought I would give the dewy finish a try and it has been my lifesaver for when I apply too much foundation! I simply spray it on, and my complexion magically looks a lot more natural, dewy and not as cakey anymore. Definitely one of the best setting spray I´ve ever tried.

I´m also on my second product with the Micro Brow Pencil. It´s my go to brow product on my lazy days. As I simply just fill the spare areas in with it and get a really natural, not much effort, look. On one side you get a spoolie brush and on the other side, you get the brow pencil. It´s really tiny with a semi pigmentation, so just perfect for a natural look.

I´m not much for contouring but thought getting the Wonder Stick. Well for some reason I really can´t get it to work for me. The highlighter side is way too thick and kinda smears my foundation away when I try to blend it in. The contouring side is really hard to blend it. Like I´ve tried several brushes but everytime I´m left with a obvious brown line that is just smeared all over my cheek, haha. So as alternative I got the High Definition Blush in Taupe, which actually took me ages to get as it was always sold out. It´s a highly pigmented ashy brown blush, and contouring with this one works soooo good. You just need to be careful as to not get too much on your brush, cause it´s literally sooo strongly pigmented.

Another actual life saver is the Wonder Pencil, which you can use for erasing literally every little makeup mistake. I use it to clean up around my lips, around my eyebrows and to brighten up my water line, cause sometimes when I applied to much makeup my eyes look really small, and with this pencil it´s fixed. I love it so much aswell, because since
it´s nude and so looks really soft, way better than the white pencil option.

NYX has the best lip products ever. Probably 80% of my lip products collection is NYX. They are just the best in things of pigmentation, lasting power, finishes, colour selection, etc. My absolute favourites have to be the Soft Matte Lip Creams, I got lots of colours from that range. Some nudes but also some bright colours. The Lingeries Liquid Lipsticks are also really lovely! So far I´ve only got one colour, Push-Up, which is a brown shade. I like to reach for it more in A/W to make some looks more grungey. These liquid lipsticks are really matte, and so really drying for my lips, so make sure to use a lip peeling and balm before applying them. My absolute favourite lip product has to be the Full Throttle Lipsticks. It´s really pigmentated, water-proof and feels really soft and nice on the lips. I´ve got it in the shade Locked, which is a gorgoeus berry shade.

What are your favourite products from NYX?




Makeup Favourites of 2017

Another year is over, unbelievable how fast it has gone by, thinking back about it now.
With Sephora launching in Germany, I have made quite some new beauty discoveries, but as my favourites of this year I mostly count products that have actually been in my makeup drawer for a longer time, so you could say old but gold?
Okay, let´s stop with the bad jokes and get to the important things...

Most of the year I sticked to my beloved Benefit Porefessional Primer, it´s the best at hiding pores, giving me hydration and keeping my foundation in place. It´s kept a permanent place in my daily makeup routine until October when I discovered the NYX Angel Veil Primer. This one is a whole lot lighter, really creamy and fresh, does just as a good job at blurring my pores but just gives my whole complexion a more glowy look.

During the summer months, when I was more tan, I decided to finally switch my foundation up. My first thought was the L´Oreal Glam Beige Cushion Foundation. I really liked the Nude Magique version, and this is basically the same just with darker shades. It gave me a lovely glowy look, and really lightweight, so perfect for the hotter weather. During the rest of the year I went for the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, which personally suprised me, as I didn´t like this one at all when I first got it. I think my skin has changed a bit to the more drier side, and so this one helps to cover most blemishes, while still looking natural matte.

I´m really lazy when it comes to powdering throughout the day, so I prefer powders that keep me matte the whole time after the first application. A favourite since a really long time has been the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. A drugstore products that does it´s job a lot better than many high end powders I´ve tried before. It keeps me matte, without making my foundation turn cakey. A really new discovery was the Bellapierre Loose Banana Powder, it´s absolutely lovely! I get a really natural, light look, even though I always thought banana powder wouldn´t look like that at all on my pale skin!

The Urban Decay Primer Potion has been quite long in my makeup collection, not because I barely use it but because you just need the tiniest amount to keep your eyeshadow in place and even intensify it´s colour. For someone with hooded and oily eyelids it´s totally worth getting. For the quite area under my eyes I´ve been using the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer for the longest time! For a drugstore concealer, it has a really good coverage, doesn´t crease at all, and also doesn´t dry my skin out, so perfect.

I´ve been loving the L´Oreal Telescopic Mascara and the Smashbox BrowTech On the Go Pencil, that much that I´ve been rebuying both for the second time now! The mascara has a really wet formula with a really thin wand, and so gives me breath-taking long seperated lashes. The Brow Pencil gives me perfect sharp brows in an instant. It´s really nice pigmentated, a bit waxy and has a setting gel on the other side, so everything you need for perfect brows in one product.

This year I finally got to try my first Too Faced product, which was the Better Than Sex Mascara. I had high hopes and it´s actually as lovely as I was expecting it to be. Even though I didn´t achieve as long lashes, but I got lots of volume. I discovered my favourite eyeliner in the middle of december, but it´s soo good that I´m sure I´ll never use an other eyeliner ever again! The one I´m talking about is the Ciaté Fierce Flicks Eyeliner. I was the worst at mastering my cat flicks, but this liner helped me so much. It´s basically a really thin stiff pencil with a strongly pigmented long lasting formula. I just love it!

These products haven´t been used daily, but when I did have the time (cause I got up in time) to apply them, I really enjoyed the finishes they gave me.
The Nars Laguna Bronzer, is a lovely bronzer with a slight orange undertone. It has literally been my lifesaver, for both when I had a tan and while I´m pale, as it adds that warmth to my face.
For adding a glow to my cheekbones, but also as a gorgeous eyeshadow I reached for the BECCA Opal Highlighter. It´s a really glittery champagne-y highlighter, that is amazingly pigmented and really easy to blend in.
Sometimes I just have a bit too much foundation and powder on, and to safe the look without having to remove everything again, I simply put some spritz of the NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray on. I immediatly got a even, soft and natural look and it really set my makeup for the whole day.

What are your favourite makeup and beauty picks of 2017?


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