Silk´n ClariSonic Face Cleansing Brush || Review

While my Makeup Routine has gotten longer and longer, I thought that I have to balance my skin out with giving it a good long and deep cleanse in the evening! That´s also when I first started thinking about investing in a good facial cleansing brush. After some scrolling through several online shops, I ended at good old Amazon and found this brush. It is the Silk´n ClariSonic Face Cleansing Brush.

The aim of the Silk´n Cleansing Brush is, to help deep cleanse your way in a soft way in only 1 minute, by using a ultrasound technique whereby light vibrations are send into the skin to help to reduce the pore formation and make your skin softer and healthy looking. It is even said to take your makeup 6x better off than normal face wipes! I haven´t tried to take my makeup off with this brush, but based on the experience I had with it so far I really could imagine that it works :)
This brush comes packed in a box with everything you need to get started right away. There is a storage station where you can always put it in when you´re done using it, 2 exchangeable brushes to put on your brushes after about 2-3 weeks, of course a charger, and an instruction leaflet :)

Since you have to plug the charger in at the bottom where no or not enough water to break this brush can get in, you could also use this brush in the shower!
The Silk´n facial cleansing brush has a very practical function, it automatically shuts off after 60 seconds and only has to be recharged after about 2,5 hours! I got it about 4(?) weeks ago and still hadn´t have to recharge it :)

Now to my own opinion about this brush:
I had a kinda dirty, dry and dull skin before I started using this brush on a daily basis, and since this brush promise to make your skin better after about 1 week, I was very excited to see if they kept their promise! I can very happily say that they actually promised not too much. My skin looked very glowy, shiny and healthy :) It even was very soft and all dry patches disappeared, yaay!
The only dissapointment I had, was that I couldn´t see that my pores have gotten smaller or disappered, which is sad but I can get over that since the rest of my skin is better than ever!

I would definitely recommend this brush to everyone who has the same problems as me before I started using this brush and who doesn´t want to spend 200€ on the "original" cleansing brush from Clinique, ´cause you can get this brush is when you get it through Amazon for only 35€! A total bargain, compared to the other ones :)

Here is the link to get this product through Amazon!



My Ultimate Wishlist 2015

Since the start of December I have been writing everything down that I would like to get, whether as a present for christmas, birthday, etc. from my loved ones or to just treat myself and since Easter is coming up aswell I took this as a great opportunity to share my very own ultimate wishlist. This is going to be a veery long post, so get yourself a nice cup of tea, get comfortable and be prepared for a lot of rambling :)
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, there has been a big hype in the blogger world about this product, I think simply because you get a highlighter and blush all in once with a rich pigmentation (perfect for upcoming spring) in a very simple but still luxiouris packaging and to be honest could there be anything better? I don´t think so.
Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil, I actually can´t really remember why I wanted to get this but I heard some really good things about this product and even on the website it says it helps to dissolve surface impurities and makeup without leaving skin feeling tight or dry, sounds good to me :) 
Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, the Queen herself has written a book about her 25+ years of makeup artist experience, and even on how to become a makeup artist yourself. This book is also filled with over 200 full-colour photos, step-by-step instructions, tutorials on how to apply your makeup in less than 10 minutes, etc. 
MAC Creme Cup Lipstick, I´m on the hunt for the perfect everyday nude lipstick for a while now and this is meant to be the lipstick that sticks up to all my expectations. It is a creme sheen lipstick, so it´s also really creamy, which I love :)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter in Soft and Gentle, again there has been a huge hype about this product, it has been seen on so many celebritys and can be found in almost every bloggers dressing table. It is a nice peachy tone with a hint of golden shimmer in it. This highlighter is meant to give you a nice glowy finish and thus perfect for spring and summer :)
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, I have been wanting this palette for sooooo long now, but just couldn´t find the perfect moment to actually buy it, it has always been out of stock and when it was back again, I didn´t have any money left :( Apart from that, this palette is the perfect match of girly, matte, glittery, pinky, nudey shades. I already own the Naked 2 and so I know that I will love the pigmentation! 
Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray, this is what the most recent hype is about, it´s a must-have for everyone who is too lazy or simply too busy to retouch your makeup every few hours. It is said to be ultra-light and to has a temperature control technique.
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, I have seen so many people own and use this palette, it´s insane! For me this palette is a good mixture between natural everyday colours and extraordinary colours to experiment with and also matte and glittery colours. Apparently it´s smells like chocolate, so this is a sweet bonus that this palette has :)
Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette, this palette has won my heart! It just looks so girly and it seems like you could only use shades from this palette, mix them together and you´re good to go.Therefore this would be something for when I´m traveling and don´t want to pack all kinds of different eyeshadows.
Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette, I have laid my eyes on this palette for quite some time now. It just has a good match of all different kinds of blush shades and could maybe be also used for contouring and highlighting.
Makeup Revolution 100 Eyeshadow Palette, just recently I came up with the idea that I really need a palette that also contains colours that I normally wouldn´t go for, and this palette is just what I´ve been searching for! It´s amazing for the price and I´ve heard the pigmentation is really good aswell :)
YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat, this is what I imagine as pure luxus put in a bottle. This foundation simply has something that tells me to buy and love it. I have seen some youtubers use this foundation and the finish is in my eyes simply amazing. It´s quite pricy so I´m still waiting for "that" moment to buy it.
NYX Powder Blush in Taupe, this is THE powder all contouring fans have been waiting for. The colour is simply perfect for a good contour, because it doesn´t has a orange undertone that will make you look like a fool if you have pale skin like me, you can get it for an reasonable price and you can build it up aswell if you don´t want to go for a heavy contour on some days!
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, this concealer is probably one of those concealer that 98% of the blogger world loves and raves about. It has high coverage and can be used as a highlighter aswell. Again this is a very pricy product and not availabe in Germany so I hope I get a opportunity to get my hands on this little dream soon.
Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, a long time ago I had a sample of this perfume, and the second I applied this I was head over heels with it. For me it kinda smells "rich" like you can smell that this perfume was very expensive. I´m one of those people who just loves to have a signature smell and THIS is exactly what I want to smell like for the rest of my life. Though it´s probably not everyone´s first choice, because the smell is very strong but in my opinion this is a complete dream poured into a little luxurious bottle.
Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Brush, I can never have enough eyemakeup brushes, for a very simple reason: once you dip a brush into one colour you can only use it for this or similar shades! and since this brush is also said to be a dupe for the infamous MAC 217 brush, I decided that I just need it!
Real Techniques 301 Flat Contour Brush, since RT have brought out their long awaited bold metal collection, this is the brush that I have heard the most positive things about. I personally have never seen a brush like this before and together with the NYX taupe blush, I can imagine with the right technique it can definitely help you to get that flawless contour.
Apple iPhone 6+, I know that this phone is like really huge and I can already forget to just put it in my jeans pockets or to use it with one hand, but this phone has something on it that I just love so much. I´m even at this point where I wouldn´t even care what it looks like to call someone in public and it being looked like I use a mini ipad for that. If I decided in the end to really get this phone then it would definitely have to be the golden version of it for me :)

Puuh, this was a hella long post! I congrat you if you read it completely, haha :) 
What is on your wishlist this year? Is there something from my list that you own and can give a little review about? :)



UPDATED Everyday Makeup Products

I finally found some time between school and studying for an updated version of my everyday makeup routine. It includes all of my current favourite products and a little part of my brush collection. I do this same makeup look every morning and it has become a really relaxing part of my getting ready and waking up part for a stressful day at school.
It takes me about 20 minutes to get through it, of course I could do it a lot faster but it´s normally around 6:30 in the morning and who likes to rush things that early... NO ONE.

Here´s a list of the products I use:

...and the list of brushes I use daily:
-Catrice Cosmectis Spiral Brow Brush (?)
-Unknown eyebrow brush

The first thing I do is of course moisturize my face (a seperate post will be following) and prep my face with the The Body Shop All-In-One Instablur Primer, which I only apply to the really oily parts of face, which is for me on my forehead, my nose, and my chin. I always had trouble keeping my foundation in place on my chin and nose but this primer has definitely helped solve this problem, it doesn´t give me a smooth finish but that´s not a big problem for me. Then I apply the MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC15 with my MAC "130SE" brush in circular motions until it´s all blended and evenly looking. This foundation gives good coverage and lasts the whole day. To add brightness and coverage to my under-eye area and on any spots and blemishes I have, I use the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in 01 Light. I really like the applicator and the result of this concealer is really good and a perfect shade for my (really) pale skin. To finish of the base I apply a small amount of the Rimmel Stay Matte Setting Powder in 001 Translucent also in circular motion using my MAC "187SE" . 

My eyes and brows are the part of my face where I like to put the most effort in. I always do my brows first and the thing I do before applying anything to them is pluck the little hairs around my brows and brush through them with the spiral-end of the brush that comes with the eyebrow powder. Since I got them tinted about 3-4 weeks ago I don´t have to fill them in that much and thats why I only apply a bit of the lightest colour of the Catrice Eyebrow Set to the start and to the tail of my brows using the Real Techniques Brow Brush. To keep my brows in place and sorted looking the whole day, I go through them with the KIKO Eyebrow Gel Mascara. It´s a transparent gel and dries after a few seconds. After it has dried I brush along and under my brows to get any hairs that are still sticking out in place using a simple brow brush which I already forgot from where it is.To lift my brows I draw a line on my brow bone with the KIKO Perfect Eye Duo using the right side of the pencil, which is a really light matte shade and to blend it in I use the Real Techniques Accent Brush. To finish off I apply a few layers of mascara until they are voluminous enough using the Astor Big & Beautiful Style Mouse Mascara.

To finish off the whole look, I apply the Catrice Defining Blush in 020 Rose Royce with my Real Techniques Blush Brush along my cheeks bones and not only on the apples of my cheeks because I have a round face and that way I can give my face a more structured look. Then I apply the L´Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 303 Rose Tendre. It is a really beautiful really pink nude shade, which looks still very natural and adds a beautiful shine to your lips. I´m not a huge fan of the taste of this lipstick, it tastes like roses, but I can live with it :)

That´s the whole finished makeup look, it´s really simple, easy, quick and great for school or work.
What is your favourite product from your everyday makeup routine? Or is there anything that you think everyone needs in their own routine?

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