Current Drugstore Favourites

Current Drugstore Favourites
Current Drugstore Favourites 1
I find there´s nothing better than discovering an awesome drugstore product.
Of course the high end brands have amazing things to offer, but on the long run, I won´t be able to repurchase them over and over again.
So finding a dupe or just finding a completely new drugstore product is always a little victory for me, and since that has happened quite often recently, I put together those products that have really stood out of my collection and are definitely worth a try...

L´Oreal Perfect Match Foundation

I simply got this foundation out of the fact, that I thought every foundation I already owned was too light, and maybe also because I was left on my own for too long and got bored, haha. I´ve heard great things about this L´Oreal line and thought 10€ wouldn´t hurt me, in case this foundation didn´t have the finish I wanted.
I have to say though I´ve been using this foundation nearly every day since I got it and I loooove it! It´s so nice to blend, the color adapts perfectly to my skin tone and the finish is really natural, not too glowy and also not really matte, just like skin actually.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

I got this powder since quite a while and I´m still so impressed by it.
Unlike most other drugstore powders, it doesn´t leave those huge chunks of powder particels on your skin, making you look all cakey. This powder is ultra light, yet keeps oily skin at bay. You do have to re-powder throughout the day but even after a few layers, it doesn´t turn your foundation into a cakey mess.
A huge plus is that the shade "Translucent" is actually translucent and adds absolutely no colour at all, really good if you´re as pale as me and don´t want to make it worse, haha.

Collection Lasting Perfection & Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

These two together will guarantee you a flawless complexion!
The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer has such a good coverage, unbelievable good for a drugstore concealer. My quite dark, sometimes red under eye-area get´s covered and brightened completely, the rest of my face, such as blemishes, spots, and so on get covered up with the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. I find this concealer has a light(er) coverage and is also not as heavy as the lasting perfection one, so perfect to hide and inperfections.

L´Oreal Lip Paint Lacquer

L´Oreal latest lip release, has of course also find it´s way into my makeup collection.
I was at first unsure whether I really needed them as I´m not the biggest fan of lip glosses, but my aunt gave this shade to me since she didn´t want it, and so I had the perfect opportunity to give them a longer try.
I´m slowly growing to like them, as they are really moisturizing and glossy, but not sticky at all, and that´s what I hated the most about other lip glosses.
The colour pay-off is also really good, but what got my attention first, was the design of this product. I really like how it looks like a tube, I guess it will make it easier to really get the most of it at the end as you can just press the leftover´s up and use this product until it´s completely empty.

L´Oreal Telescopic Mascara

What would this post be without my absolute favourite product at the moment, the 
L´Oreal Telescopic Mascara.
 It is what I call an absolute dream for everyone who wants long lashes!
I´ve first seen it being used on a short makeup tutorial somewhere on Facebook, and the finish it had was unbelievable, the girl who was using it was having similar long lashes than mine and after applying it, they nearly went up all the way to her brows!
I got it soon after, when I was in London, and I´ve been using it every day since then.
This mascara is out of this world! I apply a few layers, without curling my lashes before, and honestly they are perfectly curled with this mascara and get amazingly long.
If you can, get this mascara and thank me later :)

What are your favourite drugstore products?



Two Feminine Signature Perfumes For Day & Night

Every woman loves a good perfume, don´t we?
There are loads on the market, but I have never been a fan of wearing the most popular perfumes such as "Alien" or "Lady Million", simply because I don´t want to smell like every other girl.
I´ve always been a fan of those signature perfumes that will make you recognizable, one that makes everyone think of you, because it´s so unique and not a lot of women wear it.
It´s hard to find such perfumes that aren´t too expensive, but I´ve found two that are really lovely and flowery...

Shiseido Ever Bloom

This perfume is more fitting for the everyday use, as it´s a lot sweeter and just fresher smelling. With ingredients like lotus, rose-extract and orange blossom, it smells very flowery, fresh, playful and feminine.
The strong is quite strong and lasts for a good while, which is always really important for me as I don´t want to spend money on a scent that´s gonna dissapear the moment I walk out of the door.
All in one is this perfume an absolute bargain, with only 40€ for 30ml.
It´s a good size to start with as you really don´t need more than two pumps to be good for most of the day.

Chloe´s Love Story

I have owned this perfume since last Christmas and it has been my go-to for the longest time. Now that I got the Shiseido for everyday, this perfume from Chloe has become my go-to for the evening.
I find in comparison to the other perfume, this one is less flowery, yet still feminine, but more on the elegant, seductive, sensual side.
It contains ingredients such as Orange Blossom Oil, Stephanotis Jasmine, Physalis and Cedarwood.
It´s not that strong for me after a while, but from what I´ve heard from the people around me, it just smells like me, and well that´s exactly what I wanted right? :)
This perfume is definitely something you could treat yourself to, starting from the scent itself to the bottle, which is very luxurious with the golden top and the beige ribbon tied to it.

What is your go-to scent at the moment?



My Nars Starter Pack

My Nars Starter Pack
What feels like 593 reviews and people mentioning how much they adore Nars products later, I finally had the chance to give 2 cult products a try. 
On my London trip, about 2 weeks ago, I went to the Nars Counter at Westfield and let the lovely lady who worked there, work her magic and let me introduce you to the Beauty of Nars.
I got to try a bit of nearly everything, starting from their skincare to their base products.
At the end I decided to purchase only two things though, the Sheer Glow Foundation and the Laguna Bronzer. 
Since coming back home I´ve been reaching for them nearly everyday and that´s what I think of them so far...

Sheer Glow Foundation

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
The Sheer Glow Foundation is one of the most famous products from Nars.
With my combination, tending to dry, skin I thought it would be the best foundation for me, as what I´ve seen so far, it has a dewy finish and that´s exactly what I´m on about right now.
I absolutely love the finish of it, it´s also long lasting and can get build up really easily. I thought I would run out of it soon, considering how small the bottle is, but I only need a tiny bit and get an even finish. One thing I haven´t really figured out yet is, what is the best tool to blend it with? It´s too firm to blend it properly with my Real Techniques brush, same for my RT Buffer Brush, next thing I´m gonna try is my MAC Stippling brush, hopefully that will make it work.
I got the shade "Siberian", which is the lightest shade *face palm to myself for being as pale as a white wall*, but I find I can work with it together with the next purchase...

Laguna Bronzer

Nars Laguna Bronzer
the Laguna Bronzer has quickly become my go-to bronzer.
First, because I can easily hide the fact that I´m pale like a ghost.
Second, because it´s just the best bronzer in the world!
It´s highly pigmented, really lovely texture that is a dream to blend, it stays on very good (says me, who is constantly leaning on her head when sitting somewhere), and the colour fits just perfectly to, what I think, every skin tone.
I apply it to my forehead, cheeks and a tiny bit to my jaw and I look like heaven.
I was always a person, who didn´t feel comfortable when I wearing a very visible amount of bronzer or blush, but with this I feel sooo good, as I know it looks natural and as I have spent a good amount of time in the sun.

Both products were so worth the money and are such good starter products.
I´ll definitely purchase a few more bits really soon.

What are your favourite Nars Products?

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