Content of GetReadyWithLaura:
The whole content that is being published on here is written by me (Laura Kroczek) and is my honest opinion, the same for the images, that are all uploaded and taken by me, unless I clearly state it otherwise. 
If you enjoy my content and want to share it, I wish that obvious credit to myself is provided.

PR Samples:
All products that I show, review, etc. are all purchased with my own earned money.
If I have the pleasure to work with a brand and get sent products to write about, they will be all marked with a *Post contains PR sample. The opinion about those products will, as always, be 100% my own opinion.
All reviews will be based and written on my own experience, whether it was a good or bad one, and doesn´t mean it has to be true to your experience.
I will only accept PR sample that fit into my blog genre or are things that I would go and buy with my own money.
I try to be as accurate as possible in my reviews, which means all product featured will be tested for a long(er) time period (the lenght depends on the product itself)

Sponsored Posts:
Occasionally I will write sponsored posts, which will also always be marked with a *Sponsored Post.
I will only accept those posts if they fit into my blog theme and is something that I think will be interesting for my readers.
Even though the post may include several compulsory notes, it will be still written by myself and also be my own opinion.
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