The Skincare Routine That Clears Combination Skin

Combination skin clearing skincare routine
I´m so glad to be able to write this post, as it means that I finally found a skincare routine that really makes a difference to my skin.
Skincare was for me, a few years ago before I started blogging, an complicated and maybe even a bit scary topic. I didn´t know which skin type I had, so I also had no idea which products I should get to keep my skin in a good condition.



Drugstore Makeup Sponges: Germany VS England

Drugstore Makeup Sponges: Germany VS England
Makeup sponges have become more and more a staple in the beauty world. I, personally love them a lot, it´s just way easiser to blend your makeup in, you won´t find any streaks on your face left, like you would if you´d use a brush, and I find that they are also a lot easier to clean.



How To Make It Through Your Finals Without Completely Stressing Out

How To Make It Through Your Finals Without Completely Stressing Out
Right before I sat down to finally write this post I was studying and revising for my finals which are coming up in 5 weeks. If you ask me I´d love to write them right now in this second, not because I love writing exams (is this even possible?) but because I finally want to have my life back, haha.



6 Drugstore Bronzers For Pale Skin || Review & Swatches

Bronzers are one thing that I enjoy to use throughout the whole year, together with a good blush it can make a huge difference to your whole look or just add a little special.
Especially for ghost pale skinned girls like me bronzers are literal life savers, transform me from a girl who looked like she has never seen the sun in her life to a girl who looks like she just came back from the Maledives and has spent every minute of it in the pure sun, sounds like something I could need right now, haha :)



5 Steps To Do The Night Before To Make Your Mornings Less Hectic

5 Steps To Do The Night Before To Make Your Mornings Less Hectic
Mornings just tend to be very hectic, probably not if you are a morning person who just loves to wake up extra early before the sun even goes up, if you are a bit more like me though, someone who has to set atleast 5 alarms and not even gets up in time then. Someone who goes back into the deepest sleep after hitting the snooze button and has to rush through the flat in a record time after realising I actually have to get up.
Someone who regrets being like that every morning again and again.

Coming back to the point, if you indeed are somebody like me, it´s always good to prepare the most important things the night before to atleast try to make your mornings less hectic.
 I´m trying my best to actually follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Shower & Wash Your Hair

They´re the easiest and most simple things to do the night before, which actually saves you so much time! Showering in the morning is optional to everyone, some are really fast at it and some take 30 minutes just to get undressed and get the water to the right temperature (*raises hand*). If so then you should definitely try to shower in the evening, I think it´ll even help you fall asleep a lot faster. Washing your hair should definitely be done the night before! I have thick hair and even when my hair looks dry from outside, it´s still damp underneath and can´t really be styled. I hate using a blowdryer as it makes my hair frizzy, so I like to air dry my hair overnight, the next morning it´s all dry and I can put my hair products in it without any problems :)

2. Decide What To Wear

The same old question, what to wear? Under time pressure it´s even harder to decide the perfect cosy yet fashionable presentable outfit. Luckily we live in the year 2016 and we all have smartphones with a weather app in it where we can see how the weather is going to be tomorrow. In the evening we have all time to really think about what to wear, if the clothes we want to wear fit together, are too warm or too cold and we even have time to try the stuff on (whooo!). It saves a lot of time and if I have to be honest I sometimes get really excited for the next morning if I put a good outfit together!

3. Prepare Your Meal(s)

Even if you have a hectic day, it´s important to stay healthy and eat 3 meals per day. Seriously no one has enough time in the morning to prepare a full-filling lunch and/or dinner so better sit down on sunday and think what to cook the whole week, then spend an hour or so in the kitchen and prepare yourself your favourite meals. Of course, you could just stop at some restaurant or fast food place but in long term it will get really expensive and not be healthy at all. To make things even better, get yourself some cute lunch boxes like those: x / x

4. Pack Your Bag

There are only a few other things that I hate more than packing my bag! I´m just a person who is never sure that I have everything with me, I need this and this and this and then always think that there was something important that I have to take with me (99,9% of the time it´s not the case). I try to reduce my brain organizer to the 3 things check list: wallet, keys, smartphone. If I have more time in the evening I can just pack my bag piece by piece and have more time to think of stuff I want/need to take with me, rather than just throwing unnecessary stuff in it.

5. Write A To-Do List

Ending the organization part of the evening and adding the last piece to a relaxed morning is writing a to-do list with things you need to do and places you need to go the following day. Write a shopping list for your weekly groccery trip, you´ll have more time in the evening to look through your shelves and fridge and see what you really need. Write down the things you need to do, so that you don´t forget anything important or have to do it the other day with lots of other things. Write lists of whatever helps you to keep an eye on your daily activities :)

Are you a morning person?
What do you do to prevent hectic mornings?



The Blush Tag

The Blush Tag || Manhattan, Sleek, L´Oreal, MaxFactor, Catrice, NYX, Revlon
Blushers can be the one addition to your daily makeup look that really makes a change. No matter what colour you choose, pink/coral/peach/..., it always adds a nice hint of colour that will definitely make your skin less tired and you, in general, just healthier and bette looking. In the last few months I´ve been getting a bit more into blush, so I thought I would do the Blush Tag, to simply give you all a round up of my favourite ones. As you can see above, I really don´t have that many blushers yet, so I thought it might be a good idea to also list products in the answers that I want to try or heard that they were really good products. I took all questions from the Makeup Sessions blog, as she had some quite good ones that I would love to answer too :)



What´s On My Face: April 2016

What´s On My Face: April 2016
What´s On My Face: April 2016
How is it already May? Time has flown sooo quick and so it´s again time for another post of my "What´s On My Face" series, in which I show you every month what makeup products I have worn throughout the past month. April was a month with a lot of weather strangeness, at the beginning it was still very cold, then towards the middle all of sudden it turned very warm with temperatures upto 20 degress or more and now towards the end we even had snow again, like what? How is my skin supposed to keep with that? 
I found it was reason enough to keep going with my minimalistic makeup look and only add some spring-y colours in it here and there :)

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