4 Re-Loved Products

We all have those products that we love endlessly and think that we couldn´t live without them! Somehow they end up in the back of our makeup stash anyway.
I rummaged through mine and found 4 products that I´m starting to really love and using more often again.

Sleek Cream Blush Palette "Californ.i.a" 
This palette was my first cream blush(ers), so how you can imagine I was really excited to use it! After a few uses though, I started to get little pimples along the way I had applied this blush the previous day, so I was very dissapointed and even a bit scared to apply one of these blushers again. However, this summer I thought I would give it another try and this time nothing happened!!! I´m so glad I can use this palette again as you can see, the colours are absolutely stunning and have such a nice pigmentation.

& MAC 130SE Brush:
The Brush was the biggest dissapointment at first! I got it in a set with three other MAC brushes around christmas time as one of their special offers. I was sooooooo excited and used it at first as a foundation brush, until it lost some of its hair and they stuck to my face together with my foundation. It got all dusty in my brush holder, until I read a blogpost saying that this brush is THE brush for cream blushers, so this blush basically just got a new usage...

Clinique Chubby Stick "06 Whoopin´ Watermelon"
I´m one of those girls that hoards millions of lip products and also always buys new ones, even though I really don´t need them and this is bascially what happened with this chubby stick. I got it because I had a voucher for a local drugstore and wanted this lip balm for quite a while. I got it, bought afterwards loads of other products and forgot about this one not long after. I recently found it again and saw that it is the perfect summer shade and also soooo moisturizing! 

NYX Love in Paris "Merci Beaucoup" Eyeshadow Palette
I can still remember the day I bought this palette, after seeing it in one of Bethany Mota´s Tutorials. If I rememeber correctly this was my second eyeshadow palette, that´s why I hadn´t that much experience yet, so I really didn´t know how to get use of this palette. This, however changed over the last year and I´m using it sooo often nowadays. In this palette you really get a nice collection of shades, which all are highly pigmented. I would really recommend this one! 

Are you re-loving any products? Which products have you recently re-discovered?



Heatproof Everyday Makeup

In the last week, the temperatures went up to over 35 degrees and this means my skin get´s some time to breath and not to be caked in heavy foundation layers. After a lot of trying around and adding or leaving some products away, I found the ultimate combination that lasted through the heatwave without having to be touched up a lot.

The base is the most important thing, if this already looks horrible than everything else won´t even have a chance to make you look even more gorgeous.
For the Primer I went for an old favourite of mine, The Body Shop InstaBlur, it makes my pores invisible and my makeup stay forever. 
For the coverage of my whole face I went for something very lightweight but still covering enough to make my teenage skin become more close to that flawless skin. 
Now for extra coverage and highlighting around my eye and pimple area. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 10 is perfect for under my eyes as it has amazingly high pigmentation, even for a drugstore product. To cover my pimples I used the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 3 Warm Medium.
To finish, set and fix my base completely I applied MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Light Plus on my T-Zone and sprayed some of the KIKO Face Makeup Fixer on the rest of my face.

I´m normally a girl that prefers powder blushers, but cream blushers just win over the summer. This beautiful Sleek Cream Blush palette includes an absolutely perfect mixture of highly pigmented summer shades, so I´ve been varying around with this one, most of the days I lean towards the very right one as it barely has any glitter in it, unlike the other two, and is the perfect rose colour for my skin tone.
For bronzer I reach out for The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 3. Even though I came back from my holidays about a month ago,and still have a slightly tannend skin, I like to add this bronzer to my temples, cheeks and neck to completely finish up that sunkissed bronzed look.

Normally I looove to spend tons of times perfecting my brows, but not in the summer and that´s when the Maybelline Brow Drama comes in for a good use. I use it in the shade "Dark Blond" and I absolutely love it! It fits my actual brow colour so well, and also stays on my brow, and most importantly keeps them in place, the whole day.
Smudging mascara is the worst but unfortunately the most common thing in the summer time, especially in this ongoing heatwave. To prevent that I use the waterproof version of the Maybelline LashSensational Mascara, it stays on all day and makes my lashes looking longer and stunning.

What are your go-to products during a heatwave?

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