Hits and Miss´ For Thick Damaged Hair

Hits and Miss´ for thick damaged Hair

Hair care has always been a topic in which I´ve been absolutely clueless.
Long thick hair is quite hard to work with, so my straightener is my go-to hair tool in the morning to make my hair look atleast a bit presentable. How you can imagine, straightening my hair since the last few years has done quite some damage to them and so I have recently started to try out some more hair care products, specifically for damaged hair, some have been hits and one has been an absolute miss...

Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask (8€)

Oh my godness this mask has made shooting this post so pleasing! My whole room was filled with the delicate smell of this mask and made me feel like I was in the middle of a salon, haha :)
I use this mask once a week, mostly on Sundays, to prepare my hair for a stressful week. After washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner, I massag this mask into the lengths and wait a good 5 - 10 minutes, then wash it off and welcome my soft, nourished hair.
It´s totally worth it´s price and I would honestly recommend it to everyone, no matter what hair structure you have, give your hair a bit of a wellness experience and thank me later when you touch your hair for the first time after using this product, haha :)

Ojon Damage Reverse Hair Serum (22€)

Before discovering this serum through my LookFantastic Advent Calendar, I never heard of the brand, Ojon. I´ve been positively suprised by this as only a few drops are enough to transform my hair into a light, shiny godness. I honestly can´t stop touching it afterwards, haha. It includes the "golden elixir of nature", the ojon oil, which nourishes, repairs and adds shine to your hair. It can be either used as a heat protection or finish product, however you decided, you will love it! The oil sinks in immediatly, that´s why I also love it so much, as nothing is worse than having oily hair strands!
After using it for a longer time period, you´ll notice that your hair really feels a lot better and repaired... :)

Redken One United Treatment (12€)

An all-in-one talent is this Redken Treatment.
It does everything for your hair you could ever wish for, it nourishes, softens, repairs, prevents frizz, makes it easier to comb through, etc. just to name five out of the 25(!) purposes this spray has. I simply spray this product into my wet hair and blow dry it, and I can instantly feel a difference. The effect of this treatment gets stronger when you use it together with other products, but honestly with this price you can´t go wrong with it!

Toni & Guy Casual Radiant Tropical Elixir (10€)

An absolute favourite of mine is this Toni & Guy Elixir.
One pump rubbed into the length of my wet hair is enough to leave them silky soft, shiny and a whole lot better to work with. Instead of making my hair heavier, this oil adds a bit of volume to my hair and even contains UV, so it´ll definitely go with me on holidays!
 It is made of a blend of oil, including coconut, sweet almond and sunflower seeds leaving your hair with a lovely scent, like you have just come out of the hair dresser salon.

OGX Coconut Water Weightless Hydration Spray (10€)

OGX is a brand that I stumbled more and more often over on Instagram after introducing it to my mum aswell she decided to buy this coconut water spray. I´ve tried it out myself quite a few times and the smell is an absolute dream, it smells really rich of coconut and all in one just really tropical and lovely. The actual purpose of hydrating my hair isn´t really fulfilled though, I do notice a small difference but because it´s so expensive and I need quite a lot of this product per washing I wouldn´t purchase it myself, I might try their shampoo and conditioner once but this spray will sadly not make it´s way into my shopping cart

What are your favourite hair care products?



4 Peachy Summer Nudes

4 Peachy Summer Nudes

I´m a sucker for bold colours during the summer time, but sometimes, I´m sure you can all relate, it´s just soooo much more comfortable to wear nude shades.
Nude shades fade away aswell, but it´s not as obvious as when bold shades do and so you can enjoy your ice cream cone without having to worry about your lipstick only sticking to the edges, you all know what I mean, haha. I also absolutely love the versatile of nude shades and how easily they can compliment a pale skin tone, but also a nice tan skin.
For blush I adore a natural peachy shade that only adds a hint of colour and so adds that certain something to perfection the look and make me look sunkissed and more alive...

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm

I´m a big fan of these Lip Creams in general, if you haven´t noticed by how often I mention them on here, haha.
This shade specifically, has quickly become one of my favourites over the last few weeks, it´s a gorgeous beige with a pink undertone that compliments my fairly pale skin perfectly. The Soft Matte Lip Creams are a dream to wear, very comfortable, very soft and velvety, doesn´t dry the lips out even after it has dried down to it´s matte finish.
 It´s one of those lipstick shades that you could wear to a heavy makeup look or just on a lazy day, where you only go for brows and mascara so all in one it´s perfect for the upcoming hot summer day.

L´Oreal Lip Paint Lacquer in 101 Gone with the nude

Now that we´ve got the matte lip lovers covered, we also need something more shiny and glossier to wear. I don´t own that many lip glosses as most of them are really sticky and are really bothering me in my everyday tasks, well this one from L´Oreal is completely different. The slightly bend applicator makes it really easy to re-apply this gloss on the go, the colour is really pigmented, which is unlike, for me, for a lipgloss, and like I already said it´s not sticky at all.
The colour is a more orange-y/peachy nude, a totally eye catcher for the summer and again, works very well with my skin tone. I like to wear this gloss when I´m on the go with white clothes as it adds that certain something that makes you look more put together and also a girly hint, which I really adore.

L´Oreal Perfect Match Blush in 160 Peach

I don´t reach for blush very often, I´m more of a bronzer girl, but if I do go for blush I prefer to go for settled colours that only put a bit of natural colour to my cheeks and make my skin look more alive. This blush does exactly that thing, and now that I´m talking about it, I can´t wait to use it more often again. It´s a really cute, highly pigmented blush, together with a hint of shimmer, it really puts a natural peachy glow to your face and stays on for such a long time, it´s crazy to think that this product is really from the drugstore. Another tip from me is to use this blush also on your eyes to make the peachy summer look complete...

Manhattan Cosmetics Contouring Kit in 001 St Tropez Glow

The last summer product is not really peachy but I just had to include it in this post as it reminds me so much of neapolitan ice cream, and that is pretty much summer for me, haha. Coming back to this palette now, it´s one of my favourites for traveling as you´ve got everything you could need in one product. 
The highlighter is absolutely lovely, very strong yet natural champagne glow with the tiniest bit of glitter. 
The bronzer has a bit of an orange undertone and seems to me like a caramel shade so 
it´s perfect to enhance your summer tan or atleast make you look like you´ve been on holiday recently, haha. 
The blush in this palette is a gorgeous deep, kinda oriental pink with small golden glitter particals that I like to use on holiday a lot as it also really compliments a fresh tan.

What are your favourite peachy summer nude products?



A FeelUnique Haul

A FeelUnique Haul

I´ve recently decided to treat myself to some new skincare bits and bobs and of course makeup couldn´t be left out and what other side than FeelUnique should I have chosen to do so?
FeelUnique offers a huge range of international products, everything from makeup to tools, to skincare and haircare. I really had to hold myself back and only search for the things that were on my wishlist instead of strolling around the pages as thinking back now, I´m more than sure that I would have given in and would have ordered lots more stuff that, deep down, I knew I don´t really need but might look good, haha.
In the the those 3 products made the cut into my shopping cart...

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (58€)

I got introduced to this product through the LookFantastic Advent Calendar and at first I thought it would be too harsh to use everyday, because it really similar to a peeling.
First of all though, this product is a white rice-based powder that you use after cleansing your skin. You put the amount of half a teaspoon on your wet hand and put some a tiny bit of water on your other hand and rub it together, til the powder transforms into a firmer paste, then you simply massage it into your skin for about a minute and wash it off with warm water. I more than love how soft, yet still hydrated my skin feels afterwards.
Using it on a longer time period, this microfoliant will remove dead cells and so make your skin a lot softer, smoother, brighter and removes blemishes.
It´s quite expensive, but since you only use half a teaspoon per day from a 74g bottle, it´ll easily last you 3-4 months, and to be honest I would be willing to pay even more for it as the result is just amazing.

REN Skincare V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream (40€)

I´ve been on the hunt for a thick and moisturizing, but not oily, night cream for my combination skin for quite a long time now, well until I´ve stumbled across a sample of this cream also in my LookFantastic Advent Calendar.
I´ve used it on and off and wasn´t sure if I liked the product enough to purchase the full size, but after using this night cream after the microfoliant and seeing how my skin was constantly improving I knew it would be a good invention.
This night cream is a thick white cream that includes ingredients like Boswellia Carterri & Boswellic Acid for smoothing lines, Vitamin C, E and A for strength and radiance and Citroflavonoids for protection.
What I really like about this product is that it sinks in really fast and doesn´t leave a thick oily layer on your face when you wake up, cause that´s what I absolutely hate about the other night creams I´ve used before. Like I already said this cream has helped me to keep my skin moisturized and clean, so I´ll keep on repurchasing :)

L´Oreal Telescopic Mascara (14€)

This mascara is by very far my absolute favourite drugstore mascara in the whole world!
I´ve purchased it for the first time when I was in London back in April, since it´s not available to buy in Germany and after trying it out and experimenting with it in the first few weeks, I knew I would have to find a way to get this mascara over to me for a reasonable price, cause no mascara that is being sold here would ever make me feel as pleased as this L´Oreal one does!
The wand of this product is nearly a stick with really small bristles, which I first thought would leave my lashes stick together with the biggest amount of mascara on them, well I was wrong as it parts my eyelashes really well, makes them unbelievably long and doesn´t make them feel crispy after the mascara has dried but rather really nice and silky!
I will definitely post a picture of my lashes on my Instagram really soon as the results are just unbelievable! Bye lash extensions and false lashes...

Have you used any of these products before? What do you think about them?



New Beauty Blog Discoveries

New Beauty Blog Discoveries

It´s unbelievable how many Beauty Blogs exist nowadays.
The community is steadily growing so I absolutely love to have a stroll through Bloglovin or even Instagram and search for new Blogs to read and find inspiration in.
I´ve discovered a whole lot recently and want to show my favourites ones to you all to droll over and hopefully you´ll love reading them as much as I do.


I have fallen in love with this blog in a heartbeat.
Her products are totally my alley and so I can rely on what she´s writing in her posts and would honestly trust her a lot before buying said makeup products.
She seems like she really knows what she´s talking about and is also in general a really lovely girl, that is willing to help if you need something, especially camera setting tips, haha :)
Please go over and have a look at her blog as I´m more than sure you´ll love what you see and read!


One word for her photos, PERFECTION!
They are soo asthetically pleasing, that I could look at her blog and instagram for the rest of the day! I´m still wondering why she doesn´t have more followers at the moment, as she has such an interesting and just overall stunning blog, that I would honestly already follower just for the pictures, haha!
Apart from that she updated her blog frequently and just seems like such a sweet girl, so pleeeease give her a follow on both her blog AND her instagram and tell me, that you love in love with them instantly aswell!


Meg is a really nice girl, I have talked to her a few times yet, and she seems so adorable!
Apart from her pleasing personality, she also has a very good blog. I love strolling through it, searching for new inspiration and also if I want to look into new products as she as a huge range of reviews, always with swatches, what I absolutely love!
She offers many different products starting from high end brands like BECCA to high street brands like Sleek or ColourPop. Just looking through her blog while creating this post made me want to order new makeup bits haha :)


Another beautiful blog, with lovely photography, really detailed and girly, just how I love it! The one thing that made her outstanding for me was, that on her blog she mostly talks about products that are unknown, like she doesn´t review products that are being talked about on 20 other blogs, and that´s what made her unique for me :)
All products are budget friendly so another plus point for her haha!
She doesn´t only talk about makeup but also about things like perfume, and technic stuff, so if you´re interested in that, definitely check her out!

My Laura Life

The photography on this blog is absolutely lovely, for everyone who adores girly, bright, pinky pictures! Not only are her photos something I constantly swoon over, but also her makeup collection, oh my godness Laura literally has every makeup/skincare product I always wanted to get, and most of them are even reviewed, so if you´re on the hunt for something to treat yourself to, check her blog first!
Apart from very helpful makeup posts, she also covers a huge Lifestyle section, with everything from Travel, to Everyday Life, to Food, literally everything!

Who are your favourite beauty bloggers at the moment?



The Wedding Guest Makeup Edit

The Wedding Guest Makeup Edit
Wedding season has begun, whoop!
I absolutely love weddings, I guess it´s just the feeling of love all around and being able to style yourself more glamorous than you would ever be.
It was absolutely hot that day, so I was very worried in the morning what products I should use in the end, as I wanted to stay as matte as possible.
From the pictures I think I´ve made a pretty good choice...

As a base I used the Benefit Porefessional Primer, with the L´Oreal Perfect Match Foundation on top, well I´m sure you are pretty bored of this combo now, but it´s just a dreamy combo! The foundation has a lovely coverage, and stays in place, when it´s set properly, all day. I don´t really need to say anything about the primer, do I? It is out of this world amazing, my absolute holy-grail for every probably, hahah, bye bye pores!
To also hide that darker area under my eyes, I´ve reached for another favourite of mine, the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, it has medium buildable coverage and blends in really natural.
Now for the setting part, the most important part on that day, I put all my trust into the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. Simply because it´s the bomb at keeping oil at bay and it´s so fine that you can barely see it, even after several application. The one thing I did differently this time was, for application I didn´t use a brush, but a sponge.
I know, a lot of people absolutely hate this, but since I´ve tried it on the wedding day, I have found it works soooo good with this powder! I simply put a small flat makeup sponge into the powder, circle it in the powder and lightly press the powder into my skin.
The finish is amazing, completely matte, without looking cakey...
Give this powder a try with a sponge and let me know what you think of it :)
To round the base up and bring some life onto my face, I´ve used the NARS Laguna Bronzer under my (nonexistent) cheekbones, around my forehead and on my jaw.
The Wedding Guest Makeup Edit
For the eyes, I firstly went for the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion to prime my oily eyelids, then I went for the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette, I feel like this palette should be used for events where love is involved, hahaha.
Like the shades are simply so warm toned, and mostly red/rose/caramel toned and for some reason this just reminds me of love.
Well, I used Antique Bronze, a brown shade with a purple undertone, in the crease and Vermeer, a pinky/champagne glitter, on my lid, really simple, a bit smokey daytime look.
I originally wanted to wear false lashes, which I couldn´t stick on, I really tried but these little things used up all my patience... so instead I went for the best mascara so far, the
L´Oreal Telescopic Mascara. I just love how long this mascara makes my lashes look, without making them crispy hard like most other mascaras do. It´s not available to buy in Germany, but I already ordered a new one from FeelUnique, that´s how much I love this mascara,haha!
After doing my eyemakeup, I moved onto the brows, where I used the Smashbox Brow Tech To-Go, it´s waterproof and easy to use and achieve perfectly defined brows.

On my lips, I wanted to wear something that would easily last through some drinking and eating. I knew for sure I wanted to go for a nude lip as in case it didn´t last as long, I wouldn´t be left with lipstick only at the edges of my lips, ugh an absolute pet peeve of mine, haha.
In the end I went for a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm, a beautiful nude with a warmer/rose undertone, it´s really comfortable to wear, has a stunning finish and just fit so well with my whole look.

What makeup look do you tend to go for weddings? Natural or more glamorous?



Travel Dairy #1: London, UK

About 2 months ago, I went on a little trip to London over the Easter weekend and I absolutely loved it! This city feels so familiar already, even though I´ve only been there twice. 
This time all we did was the tourist-y stuff, like a sightseeing tour with those huge buses, went shopping and just enjoyed strolling through London, especially through Hyde Park and Covent Garden, my two favourite places :)
 I really hope I get to come back soon and discover some more amazing places, but for now I can only show you some shots of things you´ve probably already seen a million times before, haha!
Hope you enjoy it anyway...

I´m hoping to do more "Travel Diary" posts in the future, for now my next trip will go to Rhodes, Greece, which I´m more than excited about as I´ve heard the city is an absolute dream and to be honest, I really need a few says on the beach to relax and get a bit tanned, haha :) Xx



Smashbox Brow Tech To Go // Review

No matter how lazy I am in the morning, doing my brows is a fixed step in my morning routine, it´s making me feel more put together
It´s also a step that I really like doing, as it instantly changes my whole appearance and is just a nice relaxed start into a hectic day, especially if you have a brow pencil like the

Smashbox Brow Tech To-Go

It is by very far, my absolute favourite brow product ever!

Let´s start with the actual brow pencil.
The pencil is available in two different shades, taupe and brunette, I´ve gone for brunette even though my hair is dark blonde/light brown.
The shade taupe has a cold undertone to it, so I feel like it might work for people with blonde hair, on the other hand has brunette a warm undertone, which works suprisingly good with my hair and also helps me warm up my pale skin a bit.

The pencil is in the shape of a triangle, making it good to to use on both, the wider front of your brows, and the tail more precise.

The texture is really creamy and highly pigmented, you should be careful to not store it in a place where the sun will shine most of the time, I´m talking from my own bad experience now, the pencil will get really soft and it´s then hard to control how much colour you want to put on your brows. If the pencil is it normal condition though, it´s absolutely lovely to use, with a light-hand you can get a really natural but defined finish or if you want to go bolder on a night-out you can easily do that aswell.
It´s waterproof, normally I don´t like waterproof products for my brows, as I find it so hard to remove, but this product can easily be taken off with your everyday makeup remover!

For the other side of the pencil, there is a fixing gel included, together with a small brush. If I´m being honest I don´t use this side every often, as I find the pencil itself makes your brows already a bit stiffer and is enough for me, to keep my brows in place.
I have of course tried it before anyway, and I find you have to be careful with this gel as once it dries, it can make your brow hair really hard, but if you´re careful it is quite good, not the best fixing gel I have tried, but still good.

With a price of 25€ it definitely is more on the pricier side, but more than worth it!
One pencil lasts me a good 5 months, and I´m using it everyday.

Have you tried this product? Do you like it? What is your favourite brow product?

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