3 Spring Appropriate Eyemakeups

Spring is finally completely here! It´s getting warmer and warmer, and that also means that we can say goodbye to the heavy and dark eyeshadows and say a whole heartly hello again to the light, shimmery nudey eyeshadows that don´t need a lot of touch up throughout the day! That way you can enjoy a nicely warm spring day in the sun without having to worry about looking like a racoon!
I have put together my 3 personal favourite eyemakeups that go from a matte everyday look to a smokey look for the evening!
Everything kept in pinky/nudey shade of course ;) 
 The first look is a really simple and matte one that you can wear everyday!

1. Brow Bone (optional): Mixture of matte white from the NYX palette and "Foxy" from the Naked 2.
2.Inner Corner: Mixture of the same matte white shade and "Bootycall"
3.Crease & Lid: Mixture of the glittery champagne shade and "Tease"
4.Lower Lash Line: Mixture of the same glittery champagne shade and the matte brown shade
5.Winged Eyeliner (optional)

This is a eyemakeup that you can whether wear everyday but also in the evening :) (and please excuse this wiggly eyeliner)
I used: Astor Eyeshadow Stick in 120 Chic Nude; MAC "All That Glitters"; KIKO "139 Pearly Salmon" Eyeshadow; L´Oreal Super Liner

1.Base & Crease: Astor Eyeshadow Stick in 120 Chic Nude, blended out in the crease with a huge fluffy brush
2.Lid & Inner Corner: Firstly MAC "All That Glitters" and then over that KIKO "139 Pearly Salmon" eyeshadow 
3. Winged Eyeliner (optional)

The last look is a pinky smokey look, that could be used for evening occasions
I used: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

1.Crease: Tease and then blended out to the outer corner, again with a big fluffy brush 
2.Lid: YDK
3.Inner & Outer Corner: In both corners Chopper
4. Eyeliner (optional)



Lush Easter Collection 2015

 When it comes to bath products, I always head straight to Lush. Another good reason why I went there was of course, because they launched their Easter Collection! (yaay) 
I could hardly decide between soo many new releases, sadly I didn´t have enough money with me to buy the entire shop, but in the end I went for two products, one is a bath bomb and the other one is a bubbleroon(?) :)
And here they are (with a little review) :

 The first one I got is Fluffy Egg it is a bath bomb, and oh my god this is the ONE for everyone who just loves extra sweet and candy smelling bath products. To be exact it smells 100% like candy floss and is very similar to the very loved Snow Fairy shower gel :)
 It is very moisturizing and really relaxing to just lay in! 
Once thrown it in your bathtub, it turns your water in a luscious girly pink colour and even adds a tiny amount of bubbles :)
For only 4,75€ it is a complete bargain and I will definitely have to stock up on it veeeery soon! x

And the next thing I got is Bubblegrub, I´m not sure but I think this little guy was a part of the Mother´s Day collection but since it´s still available, it doesn´t really matter, haha :) The smell is really strange to me, in a good way though! I just can´t seem to figure out what exactly it smells like, when it´s dry it reminds me of cookies and when it´s in the bath (the green part) it reminds me of apples, haha! On the website it says it´s supposed to smell like vanilla, tonka and sandalwood :) I don´t think it´s as moisturizing as Fluffy Egg but because of it´s white chocolate eyes and vanilla anntenas it makes your water nice and silky anyway.
When you throw it in your bathing water, it turns into a beautifully apple-y green and adds a nice foam aswell!
The price of 4,95€ is definitely fair, since you can get 2 bubble baths out of this little cutie :)

Did you buy anything from the Easter Collection? If yes, what did you get and do you like it? If not, what do you want to get? :)

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