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This is probably the hardest "Save or Splurge" post I will ever write. It includes the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, probably the best and most talked about dupe ever. I often participate in Beauty Blogger chats over on Twitter and very often I read people discussing whether the Roller Lash or the LashSensational Mascara is better. Both have such a similar finish, it´s crazy.

The Roller Lash Mascara costs 24$ and contains 8,5g Mascara. 
On the Benefit website it says, the mascara is super-curling and lifting, is easy to remove, contains Provitamin B5 and Serin which are known for their lash-conditioning benefits, is water resistant, is in Ink black and has a satin finish.
6/7 of these details are definitely true, I haven´t tried if it´s really water resistant but I will definitely give it a try.
I´m soooooo in love with this mascara! The finish it gives is breath-taking, after applying it my lashes literally go up to my brows without needing a lashcurler(!) and it also stays like that the whole time, it is easy to apply on my lower lashes and so easy to remove. It can be applied to a more natural finish or very dramatic with more layers.

The LashSensational Mascara costs 8,99$ and contains 9,5ml Mascara.
Based on the Maybelline website this mascara is said to have a unique fanning brush that is supposed to volumizes your lashes from root to tip and it has a full black intensity.
The best way to get the most out of this product is to start with the inner curve to reach the roots of lashes and then follow through tips of lashes with the longer bristles to fan them out!
I can say that in fact this mascara gives you volume at the roots and gives the rest of your lashes aswell a intense black shade. The best way to get the most out of the mascara is the way described on the website but you´ll be completely fine if you just wiggle it through your lashes, I find the difference of the finish isn´t that different.

RESULT: Splurge and treat yourself to a high-end mascara!!! 
As I said before the finishes are really similar, but I do find the RollerLash is a tini tiny little bit better! My lashes just feel so much softer, look more natural, are longer and it´s just so much faster to remove which is a really important thing when you´re as lazy as I am in the evening. Also if you go for the RollerLash you won´t have to buy another waterproof mascara as it´s all in one! The LashSensational is a definitely a really good dupe if you are on a budget, but I´ll definitely treat myself with this mascara :)

Which of these mascara´s do you like better? Do you maybe have found another dupe for the RollerLash Mascara?



Benefit Haul

At the beginning of August I made a little trip to Poland to visit my family and of course to do some shopping. The shop I was the most excited about was Sephora, it was my very first time in there so I was very excited and literally couldn´t control myself, how you can see especially at the Benefit counter.

I didn´t own that many Benefit products before, simply because I thought they were quite expensive, but Benefit products are great to give you that natural, healthy look. The product themselves, are quite simple but can be mixed together to be more dramatic, so I thought I should give some products finally a try.
The first product I went for, is Sun Beam a golden bronze liquid highlighter. I was quite excited about this one, since I wanted to join the "strobbing party" and thought this highlighter will be the one to give me the perfect cheekbone highlight. It´s really easy to use, you simply have to dot it along your cheek & browbone and blend it towards your hairline. 
I really like this highlighter, it gives a lovely golden glow and really suits my pale skin tone! I do still have to find a good tool to blend it properly.

and then I got a sample of the They´re Real Push Up Liner . I´m really glad I only got a sample of this one since it really was a dissapointment for me. I can´t work with this eyeliner, I don´t know if I´m just doing it wrong or it´s dried out. The way I use it is, I twist the bottom to get the gel formula out and then slide it along my lashline but nothing get´s onto my lid. I´m really sad since this seemed to be loved by so many people! 
Help would be much appreciated in the comments, haha :)

I saved the best products for the end. Oh my god the Roller Lash Mascara, probably the most raved about release Benefit has ever done, and I can totally understand what´s it all about! It gives me that dramatic but still natural looking lashes. My eyelashes look like they go up to my brows, are voluminous at the roots and it´s so easy to take off again, everything that I was searching for in a mascara. Definitely worth the money.

Do you own any Benefit products that you really love? Or any that were also a dissapointment for you?



How I Got Over My Writer´s Block

Internet Etiquette: Internet Etiquette
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How you may have noticed I´ve been missing from this website for nearly 2 months, and that has only one simple reason WRITER`S BLOCK.
I did some research and found a pretty good explanation on good old Urban Dictionary, for the word Writer´s Block:
A usually temporary psychological inability to begin or continue work on a piece of writing!
I find this explains it perfectly!
I remember me just feeling empty, like I didn´t have any desire to take blog pictures or even write a blog post. I did came up with some ideas but after a while of trying to think about how I imagine the whole post to look like, the idea itself started to sound boring and not very interesting to me.
In this time I also felt like I was put under a lot of pressure, which when I think about it now was mainly pointless pressure that I came up with myself.
I thought I had to post something and since there a quite a few of you now who are following and reading this blog, I thought that I was letting you all down.

I decided to just relax and kinda forget about my blog over my summer holidays and try to do other things, like traveling with my family, hanging out with friends, sleeping in just the normal stuff .
After a while I strolled through Bloglovin and Pinterest more often and some ideas actually came flooding in that appealed to my blog and felt fun again, so I tried to take pictures to those ideas and I liked them. Getting back into actually writing those posts feels harder for me though. The words are literally missing from my head, like I do know what I want to say but I don´t know HOW to do it and so I sometimes just sit there with the Blogger Post page open and just stare at the screen and eventually turn my laptop off and try it again in a few days.
Now I am here though, charged with new motivation, some new posts already written and ready to be posted and loads of other ideas to keep my well loved blog going.
Let´s see how long this motivation will last this time.

I can´t really give you any tips. The only way to really get back into writing is to take much time you need and just surround yourself with stuff that inspires you. 

Tell me about your experience with writer´s block! :)

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