The Davines Oi Range

*this post contains PR samples
The Davines Oi Range
One brand that can´t be missing in my daily haircare routine is Davines, especially their Oi Range. 
The products in this range all contain roucou-oil, which has a lot of amazing effects and gives the products their unique scent.

The roucou oil comes from a plant that grows in the amazons, it´s rich of bera-carotene and has a restructuring effect on the hair, helps with its growth, reduces cell damage by UV radiation, prevents aging and maintains skin elasticity so your hair looks more healthy, shiny and honestly feels sooo lovely soft.

I first got introduced to Davines at a Blogger Event last year, and I was definitely really curious to try out the products, as the man who introduced me to all the things was really good and convincing with what he had to say, haha. I received the Oi Shampoo and Oi All in One Milk to try out and this is what I thought of the products...

Oi Shampoo*

When I try a new shampoo, I always look for ones that give my scalp enough hydration - cause who wants a itchy scalp - and ideally also keep my hair looking fresh for up to 2-3 days. I´m just way too lazy to wash my hair everday and even though I really like using dry shampoo, it´s just not good for my hair on long terms.
This shampoo fills all my needs perfectly!
My hair feels lovely soft, looks smooth and ever since I´m using it, I have hardly any problems with a dry and flaky scalp anymore!
It´s texture is not really creamy - like my previous head & shoulder shampoo - but more watery, yet you really only need a tiny amount as once you work it in, it starts to get really foamy.
Coming back to the scent, in the bottle it´s really strong but you hardly smell it in your hair, it´s just a lovely smelling hint of the scent that gets left behind.
It is quite pricy but since you only need a small amount and it leaves your hair looking fresh for a longer time, it´s totally worth it, to treat you and your hair to it.
Davines Oi All in One Milk

Oi All in One Milk*

The roucou oil is all in for giving your hair the extra hydration it sometimes needs.
So what I do with this milk, is spray it all over my hair before blow drying it, and it honestly makes such a huge difference! 
My hair feels immediately softer, is easier to comb through, dries faster and has a lot less frizz than before.
You can either use it like me, as it also functions as heat protection - which I discovered just now, haha - or you use it on the go, for when your hair feels dry and needs a quick fresh up. Again, it has the same unique scent, which I absolutely love and got some compliments for aswell.
I´m sooo sad that I ran out of it already, so I´ll definitely get a new bottle as soon as possible.

Oi Oil

I also introduced my mum to the Davines products and together with the shampoo, she bought the Oi Oil aswell.
Of course, I´ve given it a try myself and it´s so good aswell - what a suprise, haha!
Until I get a replacement for the Milk Spray, I´ll be using this oil before blow drying my hair. The texture of it is not as thick as some other hair oils - e.g. the MoroccanOil - it sinks in really fast and also gives your hair a nice amount of hydration.
I haven´t tried it out that often yet, but I can see it becoming another hair favourite really soon.

The Oi range doesn´t only include these three products there are some others left, that I´m more than curious to try out myself!

Have you tried Davines products before? Which ones are your favourite or which ones would you want to try out?



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