Why & How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I feel like this post is really needed, because we all use makeup brushes on a daily basis and of course we need to keep them clean just like our skin. 

The real question is WHY should I even "waste" my time with cleaning the brushes that will get dirty after one use anyway? Well here is the disgustingly honest answer:
When you clean your brushes, you´re not just getting rid of old makeup but also of dirt, oil, dust, dead skin cells and bacteria! Ugh, that was gross.
If you listen to several makeup artists, they all recommend to clean your brushes at least every two weeks, but it also depends on if you´re suffering from skin breakout, if so then you should obviously clean your brushes more often.
Eyeliner brushes should be cleaned after every(!) use, not only is that important to achieve a clean line, but also to prevent eye infections!

Now that I´m done with my lecture, I also want to help you all with keeping your brushes clean and to do that I share my pretty easy brush cleansing routine:
The way I do it, is definitely not for giving your brushes a deep cleanse, but more of a every now and then, keeping your brush fresh and clean way.

All you need is:
>Brush cleanser or a mild shampoo
>Kitchen roll or cotton pads
>All dirty brushes you have

Step 1: I take 2 kitchen rolls and fold them 3-4 times, so they are thick enough and the liquid can´t get through.
Step 2: I pour a small amount of the cleanser onto the roll, about the size of your brush head will be enough.
Step 3: Swish the brush back and forth gently and don´t forget to reshape the hair while they are still wet.
Step 4: To let your brushes dry, you can either hang them upside down or you can hang them over the edge of a table so the air can circulate.

To give you an idea of what a difference my routine does to my makeup brushes , I took some Before & After pictures of my Foundation, Blending, Shadow, Powder and Concealer Brush:
I really hope this post has helped you, even if just in a slightest!
Do you have any tips on how you clean your brushes? Are there any products that help you to clean your makeup brushes faster or easier?



5 Holiday Essentials

 I´m on holidays right now and of course there are a few things that literally just scream for beach, sun, and holidays!
I searched my whole room for things that remind me instantly of beach holidays and I think I´ve found five good things that everyone can relate to why I choose those.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser: The Body Shop has just recently brought out a new series, the Vitamin C series. I was on the hunt for a moisturiser anyway and since Vitamin C is good for your skin in the sun, I thought I would give this a try. It promises to be especially for dull, tired and grumpy skin, apart from that it smells amazingly refreshing like citrus fruits.
Victoria Secret Love Spell Mist: A perfume would be too heavy, for my liking during the hot weather and the smell would probably be too much aswell. That´s why I choosed a body mist to take with me. Victoria Secret´s Love Spell smells like cherry blossom and peaches, very summery and it lasts for a very long time!
Garnier Ambre Solaire Sun Oil: What of a holiday essentials would this be if I didn´t add a sun protection product? Exactly, a shitty one probably! I prefer sun oil over sun cream, just because I get tannend a lot faster and it smells better. This is SPF 20 which, hopefully, will end good for me and not with a huge sunburn, since I´m really pale.
American Eagle Sunglasses: I loooove these sunglasses so much! I have the problem that I need quite big sunglasses which shouldn´t be to round since my face is basically a moon, but apart from that they are amazing, they weren´t too expensive and I love the colour and they look, if you ask me, really similar to the original Ray Ban aviators.
Bikini: This is like my dream bikini! I have to say it´s always a task for me to find a bikini that fits good and maybe makes the decisive part bigger, but with this bikini I found everything that I was looking for and more. It looks very similar to TRIANGL bikinis too and can be matched whether with a black or white bikini bottom.

What are things that make you instantly think of summer and holidays?



My Holiday Makeup Bag

 My holiday is starting tomorrow and just like every year the same questions comes up, What makeup am I going to take with me?
On the picture above are obviously not every product I´m going to take with me, much to the incomprehension of my mum.
I only took my favourite, or better said, the things that I´m the most excited about to show you all and maybe give you some inspiration on what you can include in your holiday makeup bag.
The Body Shop All-In-One Tinted BB Cream: This will be my foundation replacement during the summer time. It has light coverages, suits every skin tone, which is perfect for tannend skin, and it adds the loveliest glow to my nose and cheek bones. A full review will be up in the following days.
Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara: I´ve heard so much good things about this mascara and when else is the perfect time to test a waterproof mascara then on holidays, where it will be still 20 degree in the evening? Right, never! 
KIKO Radiant Touch Cream Highlighter: This champagner toned shaded highlighter which based on the description and my own experience is lightly blendable, so if I have to touch it up throughout the evening it will be fast and easy!
Max Factor Pastel Compact Blush in "Seductive Pink": Again, I´ve heard a lot of good reviews about this blush and it´s the dupe version of the infamous hourglass blushes. It´s highly pigmented, I can use it on my pale or later on tannend skin and it even highlights my cheek bones a tiny bit.
The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 03: I´ve been on the hunt for a nice, not orangey bronzer, and I think I´ve found the one. It will hopefully help me to look even more bronzed up. We´ll see if it holds what I´m hoping for.
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in "185 Plushest Pink": This year I wanted to be a bit more adventurous with lipsticks, so I bought this popping pink one and not only is the colour lovely but it also tastes and smells sooooo good, almost fruity/flowery, I feel like.
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: This probably has to be one of my absolute favourite eyeshadow palette. It has everything you could need, from lighter girly shades to darker smokey shades. I won´t need to take a lot of other product with me, not even a mirror! :)

What product will find its way in your makeup bag for the next upcoming holidays in the sun?



Save or Splurge? - Primer

After a one month pause, I´m finally back and I´m starting with a new series that I came up with! It´s called "Save or Splurge" and I will introduce you to a more pricey and a budget friendly version of several makeup products, today I´ll start with PRIMERS :)

The two primers that I want to compare are The Body Shop´s Instablur and Benefit´s The POREfessional :)

The prices of these primers are quite far apart, The Body Shop´s with 15€ is only half the price of Benefit´s with 33€!
One thing that definitely doesn´t justify the price of The POREfessional is that this primer only contains 22ml, unlike Instablur which contains 25ml, which is a lot of product compared to the price difference.

The Body Shop Instablur Primer is said to control shine for 12h, reduce the appearance of pores, hides blemishes, unifydes complexion and extendes makeup. From my own experience I can say that 3 1/2 of 5 of their promises are true, it reduces my pores, unifydes the complexion and makes my makeup extend, it definitely controls my shine but not for 12h! It doesn´t hide blemishes at all, but that´s what concealer is here for, isn´t it ;)
Its texture is realy velvety and great to blend, it also gives your skin that velvety and soft finish. You should let it sink in for some time though, that way it´s easier to blend your foundation in.

Benefit´s The POREfessional promises to quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines, complementes all skin tones because of it´s oil-free formula, help your makeup stay put and to protect your skin from free radicals because of its vitamin E derivative. For this primer I can say that all of their promises are true. My skin looks absolutely flawless when I wear this primer! My hugest pores are on my cheeks along my nose and after I apply this primer they are GONE! It controls shine, needs a bit of help from face powders anyway.
Its texture looks heavy compared to TBS´s but it´s lightweight once blended into your skin, also the colour of this primers won´t be seen after you have blended it in, so don´t worry about that :)

Both primers help you with that flawless skin, and even though the POREfessional is better at reducing pores, the Body Shop´s is a really good dupe version that you can more likely repurchase everytime without having to think twice.
But if you want to treat yourself than go for Benefit´s the POREfessional! 

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