My Skincare Saviours for Clear Skin

Having clear skin is the hardest yet the simplest thing I want to have. It´s simple as it´s your skin and you can decide what you do it with and how you live, as in what you eat and how you clean it. Hard as in actually finding products that do good for you under that huge pile of many different skincare products that reach from pricey to affordable and from many different purposes for every skin type.


Tips and Tricks to Level Up Your Makeup Game

I love discovering new ways to level up in my makeup game with some easy and fast do-able beauty hacks.
I was hosting the BBloggers Chat last Sunday and took this as a chance to ask many of my fellow beauty and makeup bloggers for their favourite tips and tricks.
Some really great and helpful ones came flooding in so I decided to share them with all of you :)


What´s On My Face: January 2016

A new year means a new series! The "What´s On My Face" series, from now on I´ll try to document how my daily makeup routine changes throughout the year. So now I´ll post my everday makeup essentials for every month of the year :)
All in one, my looks are kept really simple mostly without eyeshadows as I go to school almost every day and I think we can all agree that it is absolutely not necessary to wear a heavy makeup for that kind of occasion, haha :) 
In January I like to keep it simple but warm toned, with a light contour and a dark nude lipstick as main items!


Lazy Girl Essentials

I´m lazy. That´s just how it is and I really do not have a problem with that fact about me. I like to keep things really simple and doable without much effort sometimes. I still get my stuff done in time and completely fine so why change that? Haha :)
Even though I do like to spend a good hour while applying my makeup for the day/night, there are some days where I would rather use my time with spending some extra minutes in bed, and only want to use those things that don´t need a lot of extra steps but still look good!


Real Techniques Buffing Brush vs. Zoeva Silk Finish

One of my favourite steps in my daily makeup routine is applying foundation. 
I love the difference it can make when it is applied with the right tools.
There are sooo many different ones, from sponges to many different types of brushes, that´s why I like to change and try new brushes out every now and then.
My two favourites so far have to be the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and the Zoeva Silk Finish Brush (13€). Both are really popular amongst the blogger world so I thought I would share what I think of them and compare them to each other. Both are definitely worth trying out though, so go for what you want to :)


What I Use To Edit My Images

 The images of a blog post are for me the most important things. If they don´t look appealing to me than there isn´t a very high chance that I will read the post. Personally I like my pictures with a white background and really bright! I have to admit I´m probably not the blogger with the prettiest pictures and there is still some points that I could improve in to make my pictures even better. Photoshop is used by most people, but we can´t all afford it or, how it is for me, aren´t experienced enough to actually be able to work properly with it. That´s why I like to use PicMonkey and that´s how I do it


Brushes Used Differently

I´m sure we all have them. These brushes that we use for different things than they were supposed to be for. Sometimes they just work sooo much better, because of many different reasons, for complete different things. It happens to me very often, so I thought I would search together those brushes and let you know what I use them for.


What I Want To Achieve In 2016

2016 has started, a new year hopefully filled with lots of happiness and great challenges for all of us. I´m kinda feeling like this year will change a lot for me, I´ll finish school, start an apprenticeship afterwards and keep blogging, which I hope I will improve in and give you lots of joy in reading it and exploring interesting topics and maybe even new places with me.
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