Treat Yourself to a Pamper Night

Sunday nights are generally meant to be pamper nights, if you ask me!
Not only are they really nice to look forward to and give yourself a little treat but also they are really important to simply end the weekend in a relaxing way, be prepared for a new week ahead and maybe even review the last week.
There are millions of ways to do and many different things to use during a pamper night but I searched together my favourite products to show you what mine normally looks like


Balancing School and Blogging

With me being in my last year off school, it can get really stressful, having to prepare for upcoming exams, studying meanwhile for every other subject and doing homework almost everyday until late noon is hard sometimes but I find my escape in blogging. 
While blogging I can be myself and share my passion and love with other people who understand me, so it´s very important to me to find some time inbetween my "normal" schedule, afterall blogging is still a hobby which is there to relax me and make me happy.


Christmas Gift Guide For Her 2015

Christmas is only about a month away so this means it´s time to jump into christmas shopping! 
I find this is the hardes but also best part, like there are always so many lovely things to choose from that it is even harder to decide on THE perfect present, but when you have finally found the perfect present and see the smile of your loved ones when they are unwrapping them it´s just the best.


17 Blog Post Ideas for Christmas

(Credit: christmas-snowflake.tumblr.com)
Christmas is as good as right around the corner and I´m more than excited for that. I can already smell those freshly baked christmas cookies and hear all the christmas carols that are gonna be played on the radio. Aaaah it´s the best time of the year for a reason!
I, personally love having my feed full of christmas themed blog post and I will try my best, to post as many christmas themed blog posts as possible this year.


Brand Focus: NYX Cosmetics

 NYX is a brand I actually really didn´t pay much attention to when I was strolling through my local drugstore, but that has changed since I was watching more and more beauty tutorials on Youtube and the brand launched in the UK. 
I was so happy when NYX finally brought their most hyped products over to Germany and I literally couldn´t contain myself from picking some stuff up!


Review // Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara

Bold brows are the current beauty trend almost everyone wants to follow, not everyone is blessed with beautiful bold brows though, including me, but I think I found something that could help to achieve nice looking brows.


H&M Beauty Range Pick-Ups

H&M recently released their new Beauty range and it contains everything you could ever think of! From Makeup, to Hair styling products, to brushes, to face masks, literally everything!! It was really hard deciding on what I wanted to get but in the end I went for a nail polish and a concealer pen which I was trying out for you over the last few weeks :)


Review // Makeup Revolution Contour & Base Corrector Palette

Makeup Revolution launched their Contour & Base Corrector Palette some weeks ago and that was the chance for everyone to finally get a contour palette that´s good in quality and most important, not too pricey! I got both palettes and one of their new brushes which, I think, launched around the same time. I tried my best to try every shade from both palettes so I can give you a honest review.
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