Creating A Productive Atmosphere

Cupper Teas
Cupper Teas
Creating good quality content not only needs a lot of inspiration and motivation but also an atmosphere where you can be productive and concentrate.
With atmosphere I don´t only mean your working place but also the things surrounding you.
When I´m writing up blog posts I often do that on my sofa or on my bed which works perfectly fine for me, the only things that keep disturbing me are little things like my phone, thirst, etc.

So, I got together with Cupper Tea to spill a few of my tips on how to create a productive atmosphere.

Shortly about the brand Cupper Teas, they are an original british tea company that was founded 1984 in Dorset - and are also UK´s first Fairtrade tea company.
What makes them so different from many other tea companies is that their tea bags are unbleached - unlike other bright white tea bags, their ones have a slight yellow-y shade to them, it doesn´t look disgusting though so don´t worry, I barely noticed the colour difference when I made my first cup.

As a tea lover, I think it´s really cool to find a tea company that not only pays attention to being fairtrade in their teas but also pays attention to little details as also being natural with their tea bags.

They sent me four packages of their tea to try, which leads me to my first tip for an productive atmosphere...

Enough Drinks & Snacks

I find myself being a lot easier able to concentrate when I´m hydrated, so before I start "working" I get myself something to drink. Water is definitely the healthiest option, but I like to go for something sweeter, like juices or during the colder months - a nice hot cup of tea.
Recently I quite enjoyed to make myself a cup of tea - preferably the Cranberry & Raspberry tea from Cupper Teas - and just let it cool off to get kind of an ice tea. Sooo refreshing and yummy!
Whatever you like to drink, make sure you have enough of it next to you - I find when I don´t have something to drink with me from the beginning I´m too lazy to get up after, haha.
Snacks are a nice addition as I sometimes just get random cravings that need to be taken care of, haha. Sometimes it´s sweets, or fruits or pastry, whatever it is I´ll most likely thank myself for thinking ahead haha.

Writing a To-Do List

I leave all the blog work until the weekend so as you can imagine there´s definitely a lot of things I have to get done when the time comes around - taking photos for several posts, for instagram, writing up posts, commenting on other blog posts, answering email, etc.
All of this can get quite overwhelming when I have to remember everything so to make things easier for myself I write up a to-do list. I just feel a lot more in peace and not as stressed when I can tick off things and also feel so happy when I can actually see what I got done that day.
I´d also like to start getting more into planners just to also be able to plan week aheads and so take the stress off worrying about not having any ideas for future blog posts

Tidy Space

When I find myself actually working at my desk I try to keep it as tidy as possible.
I absolutel hate it when my working space is full of papers and stuff as I can´t really concentrate since I keep being distracted by everything that lays around.
Of course you don´t have to put everything away from your table but you should clean it up to the point where you feel comfortable, have enough space to move around and the only thing you concentrate on is your computer. I just recently cleaned my desk at work and I felt immediately so much better and my mind wasn´t feeling as crowded as it was before.

Put Your Phone Out Of Reach

I left the most important point until the end. In order to actually get something done you have to put your phone away - atleast out of arm-reach.
Whenever I find myself back on my phone, scrolling through my Instagram feed for the hundredth time, I wonder how much I would have gotten done if I would not keep reaching for my phone.
It´s just so addictive to keep looking through social media and seeing what everyone else is up to - you might have heard of it but the Fear Of Missing Out is taking up so much of our daily life, it´s actually scary once you think more about it.
When I do put my phone away I find myself being so much more productive, so what I do to make sure I don´t actually miss out on any text messages or phone calls - as I find myself being distracted only by social media - is turn off the mute mode and put it anywhere where I could easily reach it when I get up. That way I can still check on it but don´t mindlessly reach for it and look through all the feeds.

Even though all these tips are sooo simple, I find they are the most effective.
We get distracted and overwhelmed with daily things soo easily, so it´s even more important to take over control of as much as you can and keep a clear head.

What are your tips for creating a productive atmosphere?

*this post contains PR samples




The Evolution of False Lashes // Ardell Magnetic Lashes

*this post contains PR sample
Ardell Magnetic Lashes
Long, voluminous, thick lashes are every girls dream, right?
I find whether you´re wearing eyeshadow or not, having a pretty pair of lashes on literally transforms the whole look to a completely new level!

Sure you could just use your favourite mascara to make your lashes look fabulous, but most of the time you don´t achieve the same finish when some of your lashes have fallen out or are just not as long and thick as you wish them to be.

Same happened to me. I do have quite long lashes - thanks to Revitalash - but sometimes I just have spare spaces that I wish would just dissapear.
After watching loads and loads of makeup tutorials, I thought I´d give false lashes a try myself.
The girls in the videos made the application always look soo easy but unfortunately I was struggling soo hard with them, and gave up on using false lashes shortly after... until NOW!

Ardell is using a new technology for their newest false lashes line - Magnetism.
They use really small - nearly invisible after appliying - magnet bullets. Together with all natural human hair as lashes, it will be hard to notice if you are blessed with these gorgeous lashes, or if you had a little help to look even more fab ;)

I got the chance to try the Magnetic Lashes out myself before they hit the shelves in - mark your calendar - May 2018!! 
So not long to go now, yaaay.

Ardell kindly sent me the pair "110 Double", which I find is the more natural version of their original Demi Wispies.
Included in a package are four lash strips which make up to 2 pair of lashes - you got two upper strips and two under strips. All four of the strips are pre-curved to make it a lot easier for you to fit them on your eyes.

Well now we come to the exciting part of this new release, as the name already says this new lashes line is simply applicated with magnets. So you no longer have to deal with buying new lash glue, getting the right amount on the lash strip, no more waiting until it´s dry, etc. all you do is stick both lashes together and off you go - sounds lovely right?
As you cann see every lash strip has a few magnet bullets attached to it.
I was at first a bit worried whether these magnets were strong enough to really stick together, if you can feel the magnets, also if they would kinda break my lashes while being they "stuck" between two magnets and most importantly if they keep the lashes in place throughout the day/night.
After putting them on for the first time though, I was positively suprised by how strong they stick together, yet feel totally comfortable. They don´t budge at all, I tried slightly pulling on them and they did move a bit but from themselve they don´t move at all!

Speaking of my first application, it was again a bit tricky to put them on, but a whole lot easier then normal falsies with a glue. Simply because if, e.g. they´re not close enough to your lash line you can just try again and again. With the glue I always got it stuck on my lashes and lid and messed my whole eyemakeup up - please tell me this has not only happened to me haha.
I did have to try around a bit until I found a way of applying them that was easy for me, but eventually I got the hang of it and loved them finish.
It´s not really visible that you kinda have two lash strips on one eye and also they feel just as lightweight as the normal falsies.


To apply them the right way, you first apply a coat of mascara to your lashes.
Then you take a tweezer - preferably the Ardell Dual Lash Applicator - and hold the upper lash strip in place on top of your lashes as close to your lash line as possible.
Then you take the under lash strip and move it towards the other strip so that your actual lashes are right between them. 
And Ta-Daa you´re done and good to go.

Be careful when you want to take them off though as to not pull out your own lashes...
I always grip them between two fingers and move them in different direction as to push the magnets apart. For storing you just put them back into their box and press the sides onto the sticky patches.
Just to make sure you have a curved lash strip for the next application.

When you´re planning to try them out yourself, take care of what size you pick as there are two.
The bigger size has 4 magnet bullets and the smaller size has only 3 bullets.
You´re not able to trim so you might want to decided on the size before buying them haha.
I got the smaller size with 3 bullets and they fit perfectly - I always had to cut off a good amount off the Demi Wispies.

They´ll cost around 14,99€ - sounds a bit expensive but you have to keep in mind that you can reuse them really often, so definitely worth the investion.

Of course Ardell doesn´t only offer the 110´s but there will be also Double Wispies, Double Demi Wispies, Accents 001 & 002. So there´s definitely a pair for everyone.
I feel like the Accents could be really interesting to try next for me!

End of the story is that I feel like this is one of the best beauty inventions ever!
It´s a great product whether for falsie beginners as you´ve got loads of trys without destroying them, but also for pros as it´s a fun thing to try out and might save you a lot of time during styling.

Have a look at all the Magnetic Lashes - here


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