3 Empties And Their Similar/Dupe Replacements

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara & the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara; Smashbox BrowTech To Go & NYX Micro Brow Pencil; Maybelline Baby Skin & Benefit The Porefessional Primer
Running out of your favourite products is a really horrible experience, but running out of high end products that you once got as a treat for yourself is something I don´t want anyone to experience (okay I´m being a little dramatic here). Anyway hitting pan or emptying your favourite products calls for starting the hunt for the ultimate similar that will hopefully be just as good as the "original" or is even better, but just for a fraction of the price.
I collected 3 products that I (nearly) ran out of and think I found quite good similars of (I upgraded on one product but you´ll see in a minute).



5 SEO Tips From A SEO Newbie

5 SEO Tips from a seo newbie Before I start with a hopefully helpful post, I wanted to let you all know why I missed out on a week of blogging. School is demanding my whole attention and motivation as my finals are coming up in June, and we are just writing our last exams in every other subject so I had to get prepared for 3 exams last week and 3 more are to come (plus a few short ones). I found a bit of time today to sit down and blog which I really needed to calm down again.



15 Motivational Quotes for When You're Feeling Down

15 Motivational Quotes for When You're Feeling Down
We all have these days where nothing seems to go right, we just feel strange, completely unmotivated and all we want to do is go home, crawl into bed and sleep the day away, am I right?
On these days it´s particulary nice to hear some motivational words that will get you up and moving again, and also give you the power to maybe even start something new, re-start or improve in something that you were too lazy to do in the past, in which it doesn´t matter whether you finally do so the following day, or keep these words in your head to remember why it´s worth to chase after your dreams.



The Birthday Makeup Edit

The Birthday Makeup Edit Close Up 1
The Birthday Makeup Edit Flatlay
It´s my birthday on the 7th of April, and guess what day it is tomorrow? Exactly, my birthday :) I´m really excited to turn 17 and be one step closer to being full age and being able to do a lot of fun stuff (I´m thinking about going clubbing until the morning hours, haha)
As tomorrow is just a normal school day for me I´ll keep my makeup for the day really minimal and go for my normal routine which consists of a bit concealer, mascara and doing my eyebrows.
For the late afternoon I´ll refresh my whole look a bit and add some eyeshadow, highlighter, blush and lipstick.
I´ve listed the products I used below :)



3 Shower Heroes That Keep My Hair Healthy & Skin Moisturized

flatlay, hair, shower, skincare, bodycare, showergel, duschgel, conditioner, spĆ¼lung, pantene pro-v, original source, citrus, raspberry, vanille, himbeere, zitrone,
Another favourite thing of mine to do beside spending half of my money on makeup is, spending the other half on shower and bathing stuff like shower gels, bath bombs, conditioner, hair masks etc.
There is just something so satisfying in trying out new stuff, having nice and moisturized skin, shiny voluminous hair and just simply taking care of yourself, which is also important to be happy with your own self and for me the first step to being confident.
I´m currently trying out new shower products and this post is kinda being used to give you a small review of my 3 shower heroes.



5 Brands My Makeup Stash Is Craving

5 Brands My Makeup Stash Is Craving
For a 16 year old girl I would say my makeup collection is quite big. I have probably atleast one thing from every brand that you could really easily get from the drugstore in Germany, or even some brands from the drugstore in the UK. 
As I don´t have a monthly income yet it´s quite hard for me to get hold of the high end brands whether from the UK or even the US.
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