My Evening Skincare Routine: Guest Post from British Beauty Addict

When you are reading this I´m already on a sandy beach somewhere in Croatia, and as I already said in the post before, I asked 7 bloggers to guest blog for me while I´m away.
The first one is Emily from "British Beauty Addict".
After reading this fab post of her, please check out her blog and social media´s which I linked down below :)

I've always been one to double cleanse in the evening, but I've never been particularly loyal to any particular set of products. But as of late my evening skincare routine has remained a constant and every evening I like to take 10 minutes or so to reset my skin; especially since starting my new job in London - sooty skin doesn't make for happy pores! So today I wanted to share my second part to my skincare trilogy; my evening skincare routine... 



My Prom Makeup + The Finished Look

Prom Makeup 1
It was prom night on Saturday, eeeeeek. I´ve been waiting for that night for soo long.
Of course I put a lot of thoughts in my makeup.
It shouldn´t look too cakey but natural, should last the whole night and especially through all the eating and drinking that was sure to happen that night.
The only solution was to use the best of the best, which are these lovely products.



Summer Lip Picks || Liquid, Lipstick & Lipliner

Summer Lip Picks
Summer means bright colours to me and even though I don´t opt for a lot of colourful powder and liquid products for my face, I like to bring the focus to my lips.
For my (sadly still) pale skin I prefer pink shades and that´s what today´s post is all about, I put my favourites from all kind of styles together and kinda present them to you, haha :)



Prom Mood Board + My Prom Dress

Prom Season is coming up and if you are anything like me then you don´t have the most time left until yours but still have no idea what to do with your hair or face.
If you actually can relate to that than this is the post that will help you out.



The Primer Edit || Winners & Losers

The Primer Tag Flatlay 1
Primer is a huge topic in my eyes. At this moment there are sooo many on the market, all from different price ranges and all with a different aim. 
Some promise to hide your pores, some give you a matte or glowy finish and some are just there to make your base products stick to your face all day.



Manhattan Contouring Kit* || Review & Swatches

*Post contains PR sample

How much time has passed since my last review? Way too long if you ask me, so it happens that me being lucky enough to get the opportunity to review the Manhattan Contouring Kit* fits just right in this blog´s schedule, haha.



What's On My Face || June 2016

June Favourites Flatlay 1
I couldn´t be happier to write this post today, as it means that I´m FINALLY done with my final exams, eeeeeek. The last few weeks have been very busy with revision and weekly tutoring lessons, leaving no time to concentrate on anything else.
I also wasn´t wearing a lot of makeup, or better when I was wearing makeup I´ve always been wearing the same and that´s what today´s post is about.
My makeup look for June consisted of a glowy bronzed base, natural brows and length-y lashes.

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