The 5-Minute-Makeup

I´m sure we can all relate on the point that we sometimes are willing to sit down for atleast an hour and try our best to compliment our best face features and sometimes we just feel like we couldn´t care less and just put enough makeup on to look atleast presentable.
I´ve felt the second way a lot lately so I thought I would show you all what products I use to get ready in 5 minutes but still looking like I´ve atleast tried not to look absolutely horrible.

The Benefit Porefessional Primer is my absolute holy-grail product and I´m more than sure nothing will ever beat it. I apply a small amount of it around my pores and chin, so basically where my pores are the biggest. My skin looks a lot smoother instantly.
To hide those horrendous dark under eye area I use one of my favourite concealers at the moment, the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 10. I apply three strokes of it under each eye and blend it in with the Real Techniques Contour Brush, this duo works wonders! While I blend it in, I also like to go over my eyelids with the brush to even the skin out there aswell.
For brows I use the Smashbox BrowTech in Taupe. On one side you´ve got the waxy brow pencil with whom you can either only fill in spare areas or go for a full brow. After your brows are even you´ve also got a fixing gel on the other side of the pencil, which keeps my brows in place pretty good without making them feel krispy.
A bit of length- and volume-adding mascara like the L´Oreal False Lash Architect Mascara and you´re good to go. I once randomly grabbed this mascara at the drugstore and I´m really suprised by how good it is!
Now since we haven´t seen the sun for quite a while it´s time to add some colour with the help of the Makeup Revolution Contour Palette. You can decide between 3 different brown shades, depending on how much colour you need to look alive again (trust me, I should probably go for the darkest shade). A bit of the highlighter aswell and you´re almost done.
Since we haven´t applied foundation, I don´t see the need to add powder but rather a lighter refreshing setting spray like the NYY Matte Finish Setting Spray. It sinks in really fast, smells quite good and definitely keeps the few products on my face in place.

What are your 5-minute-makeup products?


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