My First Clinique Skincare Bits

My First Clinique Skincare Bits

Hard to believe but until recently I´ve never tried any skincare products from Clinique before.
With my skin being left really dry and flaky from the - finally over - winter months, and me not owning a moisturizer for the mornings or an eyecream for the longest time, I thought now would be a good time to try Clinique.

I was always really unsure of what I should purchase from their huge range, but I feel like I made a good decision with going with the following two goodies...

Moisture Surge

I´m very picky when it comes to my morning moisturizers - which was probably the reason why it took me so long to get a new one. I wanted one that is very hydrating, but doesn´t have a thick creamy consistency like my night cream. Well, I could have gone for any gel-based moisturizer then, but those are often too watery and don´t do much of a difference to my skin.
When I saw more and more girls saying how much they love this Moisture Surge from Clinique, I thought it was definitely worth a try.
So this moisturizer is oil-free, intensively hydrating and has a special aloe water in it, which lets fine lines and dryness wrinkles dissapear in seconds! On top it helps the skin to adapt better to changing temperatures, amazing for this time of the year!
I have noticed pretty quickly that my skin has become a lot finer and even looking, my pores have become a lot smaller aswell, which you can imagine is an absolute dream for going makeup free.
It´s now properly hydrated which I can that see everyday when I apply makeup as it sits a lot better, and just looks a lot more even and just better, haha.
Coming back to the consistency of this moisturizer. I find, even though it´s a gel-based one, it´s quite thick, yet sinks in pretty fast, so I apply it straight after I´ve washed my face in the morning and by the time I´m dressed it has sunk completely in.
That same moisturizer is also available in an intense version, for that extra dry skin,
I guess I´ll invest in this one at the end of the year to already prepare my skin for the cold.
Definitely a good choice that I´ve made here, haha.

Pep-Start Eye Cream

I might have said that I have a quite dark under-eye area about a trillion times already, but the winter has only made it worse - now it wasn´t only dark but also red cause my skin got so dry...
I knew I had to do something about it, cause I just couldn´t imagine going out of the house without any kind of makeup on. Again there were about a billion of different eye creams on the market but I remembered how everyone loved the pep-start eye cream when it was freshly out, so I invested in this one. I now use it every night after taking my makeup off and I can notice a slight difference already. My under-eye area is still quite dark but a lot better already than in the past.
This eye cream is also gel-based but a lot more watery than the moisturizer, which is actually totally fine cause it still does it´s job and I don´t look like I haven´t slept in a few weeks, haha.
As you can see it has like a ball thing as applicator, which I use to spread and massage the cream into my skin. I might try to put it into the fridge before applying it, so it also reduces that puffiness under my eyes. All in one it is a good product, I can´t say if it´s the best eye cream that you´ve ever tried in your life cause I don´t have anything to compare it to, but from what I can see so far, it does its job and I´m quite happy with it!

Have you tried anything from Clinique yet? What did you try? And did you like it?


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