Review // WhiteWashLab Nano Intensive Whitening Strips

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WhiteWashLab Nano Intensive Whitening Strips

Whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home, sounds good? Then I think I have the perfect product for you

So some time ago I was kindly sent this Intensive Whitening Strips Kit from White Wash Laboratories Nano. As I was always debating whether it´s worth to get my teeth bleached and not being sure if it would look strange and unnatural, I was very excited to try these strips as they promised to give me naturally white teeth in a matter of two weeks.

This kit contains 14 packs with 2 strips per pack - so 28 strips in total. I sadly forgot to take pictures of the actual strips so sorry for that, but they are simply clear gummy strips stick to a little plastic square. The side of the strips that is attached to the plastic thing contains the gel that will whiten your teeth. All you do then, is pull the longer strip of and put it onto your upper teeth row, the shorter strip is then for your lower teeth.

They are meant to have a mint flavour but I found they had a really weird taste to them.
Kinda hard to describe, as it wasn´t really a plastic taste but just weird, after getting the gel on my tongue accidentally - don´t ask me how I managed to do that - I was trying really hard as to not make that happen again. Bu don´t worry about having this weird taste in your mouth for the whole hour, I really only tasted it when I got it on my tongue, other than that it´s really comfortable to wear and didn´t cause any discomfort or has given me the thought of having to remove it immediately.

WhiteWashLab Nano Intensive Whitening Strips
So after getting over the taste trouble, I put the strips on and put my timer on for an hour.
Most of the times I tried to use this as late as possible as you shouldn´t drink or eat anything while using them - you couldn´t drink anything with them in even if you really wanted to, haha, so I put them on at like 10pm and after removing the strips I went straight to bed.

I sadly have to say that I did have trouble with putting them on sometimes. As I found when my teeth were wet, the strips just didn´t want to stay in place, especially not the stripe on my lower teeth. 
It sometimes moved around a bit, but I figured out that it´s better to put them on after swallowing and drying of my fingers - just a little tip from my experience here to save you nerves haha.

Speaking of removing the strips, after wearing them for an hour they stuck really strongly on my teeth. I found I had to get a tight grip on them to be able to remove them. I flossed the leftovers of the gel with water and my toothbrush. They kinda felt even cleaner, than after brushing them.

WhiteWashLab Nano Intensive Whitening Strips
Together with the stripes I was also kindly sent this three pack of products that should be used together with the strips in order to really get the full effect.

It contains a toothpaste, a mouth wash and floss.
The toothpaste had a different consistency to the normal toothpaste you get at any drugstore. It was a lot creamier, was very minty and kinda gave me an even fresher and cleaner feeling than an "average" toothpaste. The mouthwash had a very similar taste and effect than the toothpaste and the floss is really awesome. That´s a weird thing to say but up to now I still use it everyday as I find it cleans the space between my teeth a lot better and more gentle than a normal floss. 
Why? Well it´s kinda wider and so you really get everything out.

After the two weeks were over I did notice a difference - which was a positive suprise as even though it did sounded very promising, I was sceptical if it would really give me a visible result.
To be honest even after a few days I could already see a really small difference but after the two weeks I was very happy with how my teeth looked. 
Before they were kinda stained - you know from drinking tea, coffee, etc. - and after they were just brighter. I´m sooo happy with this product and since you can use it so easily and comfortable at home I would definitely recommend it.
Certainly something lovely to treat yourself to for the upcoming spring when we´re gonna wear brighter lipsticks, so you get a nice contrast and a pearly white smile.

Have you tried this Kit before?



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