3 Drugstore Concealers That Help Me Looking Wide Awake - Even When I‘m Not

3 Drugstore Concealers
No matter what day of the week it is - apart from the weekends - you´ll clearly see that I´m sleepy and want to go back into my bed. I have to face reality though and get out and get ready for the day.
To also make it look like I´m ready for that I use concealer, a lot of concealer.
For this product I absolutely love reaching for the drugstore versions, not only because I find they give the best finishes but also because I run through them so quickly, that I just couldn´t afford repurchasing a high end concealer every time.

My most frequently used drugstore concealers are the following three...
3 Drugstore Concealers

Collection Lasting Perfection

Let´s start with the one that has the highest coverage. You all probably know this concealer and have hopefully tried it yourself already. On those really rough days I will definitely reach for this concealer, whether it be to hide my dark circles or any blemishes.
This concealer comes with a wand that I use to draw a triangle shape under my eyes and then blend it in with my beauty blender. Even though it´s high coverage I don´t think it looks heavy at all nor does it feel like it. Set with a baking powder it stays in place all day, doesn´t dry my skin out and does it´s job perfectly fine. I got this like a year ago when I was in London - cause it´s not available in Germany - so I´m not sure about the colour range, but I´ve got No. 1 and it suits my skin really well.
I´ll definitely stock up on it when I´m in the UK again as it´s literally an absolute lifesaver on so many days.

Maybelline Age Rewind

After a long break I got around to buying my second tube of this absolute glorious concealer.
It has a medium coverage, but is easily buildable, while still looking very natural. Since it comes with this sponge applicator you kinda already blend it in while applying it, which I really love on those days where I´m short on time - which comes towards the end of the week when I think it´s a good idea to snooze a bit longer. I don´t know why it took me so long to repurchase it but I´m glad I eventually did as now I´m using it almost every day and just love the natural, a bit glowy finish it gives me. Maybelline recently came out with new shades for this concealer and one of them is a brightening shade, which I´m definitely going to try next.

Maybelline Fit Me

The one with the lowest coverage is my old and trust Fit Me Concealer, I´m not too sure but this might be my third tube already and definitely not my last. It´s just one of those that you can wear all year round. As it has a lower coverage it´s also pretty lightweight but you can build it up to a medium coverage. The only two things that are "bothering" me with this product are that you need to blend it in with a brush as I find it kinda loses a lot of coverage when you use a beauty blender and also the colour numbers are soo confusing. Like No. 10 is the darker yellow shade and No. 15 is the paler, pinker shade. I find that was really confusing. 
3 Drugstore Concealers

All three of them are totally worth a try, if you haven´t tried them already.

What is your favourite concealer? Do you prefer high-end or drugstore?


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