City Break Makeup & Skincare Bag

City Break Makeup & Skincare Bag
City Break Makeup & Skincare Bag
I absolutely love city breaks, discovering cities, doing some typical tourist stuff, eating new food, etc. just everything about a small getaway is total up my street.
This time I´m traveling to London (again) and I´m super excited. I just love this city so much and now that more and more bloggers share their favourite photo spots I, of course can´t help it and plan some of those spots into my schedule aswell.
To prepare my skin and look flawless for that upcoming shooting I tried to narrow down my collection to the best and long lasting products....


My base needs to stay in place even better than on any other days, as we´ll be on the go all day and we´ll take lots of pictures and so I want to feel as comfortable and confident in my look as possible. For primer I´m taking the ThisWorks In Transit Camera Close-Up Primer with me, it gets quite sticky when it has sunk in, but doesn´t really have a thick consistency, so I won´t be getting the problems of getting blemishes cause my pores are blocked - happens too quick sometimes, haha.
I love glowy skin, especially the difference it makes on pictures. Right now I really like using the
L´Oreal Perfect Match Foundation, it has a medium coverage, is still really lightweight and blends in beautifully with a beauty blender. I hate to say it, but you get that "my skin but better" effect when blending this foundation in with a beauty blender. To brighten the area under my eyes I´ll take the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer with me. Not only does it sit really well and looks really natural when it´s blended in, but it´s also nearly empty so I might replace it while going shopping haha. To set everything I´ll use my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder, I´ve recently rediscovered it and absolutely love using it now. It gives that flawless, even finish that I absolutely adore. Seriously after gently pressing it on - instead of swiping it all over - I can´t see a single pore or blemish.

I don´t do much for my brows lately, I´m glad when they look full and kind of in a good shape, so the easiest and quickest way to fill in my brows is by using the Smashbox BrowTech To-Go. I´ve been using it for such a long time now, already repurchased it and I´m pretty sure it wasn´t the last time. Because of it´s triangle shape and waxy highly pigmented consistency, it makes it really easy to get your brows in a good shape and evenly filled in. The gel that is also included on the other side of the pen is amazing. It keeps my brow hair in place but doesn´t make them feel stiff.
The only thing that is missing now are my lashes. My talented self has used every sample of mascars that I owned, up so now I´m left to use one of my older, nearly empty mascaras. Atleast one of my absolute favourites for long lashes is still half way full. The L´Oreal Telescopic Mascara is amazing for getting the long lashes effect. It´s super simple to use, holds a curl wonderfully and leaves my lashes still feeling soft and lightweight - I absolutely hate those mascaras that makes lashes feel really hard and as if they would break any minute...

Finishing off the whole look I put a bit of highlighter on. I haven´t been a big fan of cream highlighter before, but since trying the Sleek Strobe Dome I love the wet highlighter look it can give you. I always do three swipes with it and then blend it in with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

For lips I decided on a really simple, rosy liquid lipstick. The Manhattan Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick in Rosefeller Center is that kind of "my lips but better shade" - oh well now I´ve used this phrase twice already... - even though it´s matte, it feels really comfortable and not dry at all.
The lasting power though, is absolutely amazing! It stays on no matter what I do, so perfect for a day out and about.

That´s it for my makeup. I don´t take a lot with me, as I know myself pretty well and will most likely purchase some new makeup bits and bobs...
City Break Makeup & Skincare Bag


Deciding on skincare to take with me is even harder than deciding on makeup products.
Simply because - please tell me I´m not the only one - I feel like exactly in these few days I´m away I might feel the need to use products that I haven´t used in months. Products like overnight masks, facial oils, etc. I try to go through my daily skincare routine in my head and so only pack the products that I use everyday. I still feel like it´s quite a big selection but I really need all of it - I swear.
Starting by removing my makeup, I fill my favourite Garnier Micellar Water, into a little bottle so that it fits into the max. of 100ml that I´m allowed to take with me - this is honestly the part that makes packing so much harder than it already is, haha.
Now that my face is bare I apply a good amount of the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. This moisturizer is a total bargain with 10 pounds for a tube that has lasted me a good 4 months now. It´s extremely thick, yet sinks in fast and pretty much smells like nothing. Probably the reason why it has cleared and still keeps my skin lovely clear. On top of this night cream I put my eye cream, the Clinique Pep Start Eyecream. I´ve put a full review here which you can check out after reading this post ;) No but honestly, it´s a gel textured cream, it feels very fresh and I find it has evened out the skin tone of my under eye area and kinda made it look healthly plump and so I look more awake.
The last step I do before going to sleep is applying the Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner, if you want long, darker, fluttery lashes, you should definitely invest in it! I had really short, barely visible lashes before using it and now after applying mascara, my lashes go up to my brow bone and stay curled - without using a lash curler before. That´s it with my night skincare products.
In the morning I only use the Clinique Moisture Surge. It´s a fab moisturizer! Even though it´s gel-based, it still feels quite thick but sinks in incredibly fast, is really hydrating and blurs my skin out especially the area where my pores are the biggest.

What are your travel makeup and skincare essentials?


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