Hair Styling Preparations

Taking care of my hair is something I´m determind to get better in 2018.
I have thick, quite wavy hair, that definitely needs attention to get it into a state that looks healthy and soft.
 If I leave them to air dry, they get really frizzy, rather bushy at the end and just don´t look good at all, so heat is definitely needed.

Over the last few years of straightening my hair with an iron, I definitely did a lot of things wrong, and as the result my hair felt so dry, and also looked the same way.
I´ve got to try different kind of oils, sprays, etc., until I finally found a fabulous combination of 3 haircare products that make my thick hair feel incredibly soft, lightweight and look really shiny and healthy...

Before we even get to the styling part, I´ll tell you what I use after washing and blow drying my hair.
The first thing I put in, when my hair is still wet, towel-dried, is the Davines Oi All in One Milk*. I´ve only recently added it to my haircare routine, as I never really knew when the perfect time was to apply it. I normally sprayed it on, when my hair felt dry, but since Zoella mentioned how she sprays it in after washing her hair, I tried it myself, and it worked wonders!
This product contains roucou oil, which gives it, it´s unique scent. It´s definitely something I haven´t smelled before, but it´s a really lovely one, hard to describe but I love it! The Spray is supposed to soften, detangle, control frizz and protect your hair from frizz, and it definitely does that. My hair looks soooo smooth, frizz free, and is the easiest to brush through. I sadly only have a sample size right now, but this product is worth every penny!

Then after I´ve blow dried my hair, it´s time to add even more hydration!
For that I´ve been using an absolute (pricey) favourite oil of mine, the MoroccanOil Treatment. I first discovered it, in last year´s Look Fantastic Advent Calendar, and since then I´ve been using it after every single hair wash. It has literally changed the way my hair cooperates with me, haha.
It´s a thick oil, that smells really lovely as it´s infused with argan oil. I simply put 1 1/2 pumps in my hands and brush them through my hair, especially the ends. It takes a bit until it´s completely sunk in, but the next morning, my hair is soooo soft, that I often find myself touching or brushing through it haha.
Now we come to the styling part, whoop whoop.
This is a bit embarrassing now, but until the end of last year, I never used heat protection on my hair, even though I´ve either curled or straightened them nearly every day.
I finally came to the decision, that it might not be that of a bad idea to invest in a heat protection spray and so I stumbled over this GHD Heat Protect Spray.
While I wait until my straightening iron heats up, I spray about 6 pumps into my hair, brush through it, to really spread it over my whole hair, and when it´s dried I straighten my hair as always. The difference is now that even when I use a heat of up to 190 degree, my hair stays soft and hydrated, and most importantly they stay straight even in the rain! The spray itself is really lightweight, so you still got volume even after putting three different products in it.

What do you use to take care of your hair?



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