The Spring Edit

The Spring Edit
Now that we have around 20 degree or hotter every day, it was definitely time to switch some of my everyday winter staples to something lighter, more glowy and fresher.
As much as I love to use a good bronzer, for spring I tend to use a nice pinky blush. I just love how it makes me look really fresh, healthy and so spring-y, haha.
Of course I´ve not only switched to blush but also made some changes in my base, lips and skincare picks....

Dr. Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil

Before I apply makeup I make sure my skin is hydrated and plump. On days where my skin doesn´t need an intensive moisturizer I like to reach for a facial oil like this one from Dr. Botanicals.
It´s not a thick heavy oil that sits on my face for a long time. It´s texture is more watery, and sinks in within seconds. My face not only feels really lovely afterwards, but also smells heavenly like roses - consider that when you have sensitive skin - and is left with a glowy sheen on it. I feel like this oil is more likely one of those dry oils, as unlike other facial oils, this one doesn´t leave a thin film or anything on my face so I can continue with my makeup routine right away.
The only thing on the minus side of this product is that I do need half of the pipette for my whole face and as the bottle itself is not that big, I did run out of it quite quick.
But as I already said I only use this when my skin is already in a good condition and for that it´s perfectly fine to treat yourself to!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation + Catrice Galactic Highlighter Drops

I´ve seen lots of girls adding drops of highlighter into their foundation to make the finish of it more glowy and so I was on the hunt to find a highlighter that had a pipette so I could mix it easily into my foundation and so try it out myself. I went for the Galactic Drops from Catrice as I thought go big or go home and what could be more glowy than a galactic glow haha. It´s a white, quite glittery glow that I find is a bit too light when I wear it on its own, but mixed into my foundation it adds just the perfect amount of glow.
Speaking of foundation, my go-to is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. I already loved the Perfect Match Foundation a lot and since everyone recommened the Wake Me Up Foundation I just add to pick it up when I was in London. I can absolutely understand the love for this product! It feels really nice and light on my skin even though the coverage is quite strong. It´s the only foundation that I own that stays matte throughout the whole day.
Those two mixed together give me a really natural, glowy base!

The Spring Edit

NYX Worth The Hype Mascara

New Mascaras are always either hit or miss. I´m always searching for one that gives my lashes extra length but also a bit more volume. The main thing I´m concentrating on though is length and so when I saw this NYX Mascara all over my Instagram and absolutely loved the finishes of them!
Now that all 5 mascaras - yes I switched between 5 mascaras - ran out at once I knew now was finally the time I got to try it out. The name of the product speaks for itself - this mascara is so worth the hype! My lashes just look soo lovely, long and it also makes my eyes look so defined - love it!

PIXI Beauty Blush Duo in Peach Honey + HypoAllergenic Creamy Rouge Glow Stick

Now we´re finally coming to my favourite step in my makeup routine - blush!
I currently have two absolute favourites. The blush duo from PIXI combines a gorgeous champagne-y highlighter with a light pink blush. To apply that I like to use a big fluffy brush, swirl it over both powders and then put it on top of my cheekbones. It gives me an instant quite natural glow.
When I like to go for only a intensive pink blush though I switch to the blush stick from HypoAllergenic. You can see the colour of it in the swatch below - it´s a really stunning, kinda rose gold pink shade that gives me a really natural hint of colour.
When I apply it I like to draw crosses with it on the apples of my cheeks and up my cheekbones and then just blend it in with my beauty blender.
The texture of it is really creamy, the colour is definitely buildable - absolutely in love with it so I use it almost every single day!
The Spring Edit

PIXI LipLift Max in Honey Sheen + Manhattan Cosmetics Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Rosefeller Center

As much as I love a berry lip, for spring I switch to rosy nude shades.
I recently found this Manhattan liquid lipstick and the colour Rosefeller Center is honestly one of the most gorgoeus shades in my whole collection. It´s like a deep pink shade, and has a kinda orange undertone which makes it look absolutely lovely on my lips! Even though it´s a matte liquid lipstick, it feels super comfortable and lightweight when it has dried down, kinda velvety - like I barely feel that I have it on, which I find really nice, haha.
I either wear it on its own or I add a sparkly lipgloss on top for a nice shine!
I don´t own a lot of lipglosses for some reason but honestly I´m perfectly fine with only using the LipLift Max from PIXI. Not only does it have a stunning honey colour but it also smells really minty.
The mint scent is also the reason why it actually gives your lips a little lift and make them look and feel plumper. It´s not sticky at all but still stays on my lips throughout the day.

What are your spring picks? Do you prefer a heavy or more natural makeup look?



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