Giving Your Phone A Spring Makeover With CaseApp

*this post contains PR sample
Now that I´ve updated my makeup collection to spring approved products, it´s now also time to update my "accessorizes" - aka my phone.

I´m not a girl who wears a lot of accessorizes or jewellery so I kinda have to use my phone or rather the phone cases that I put on my phone to add a little something to my every day looks.
I absolutely love buying phone cases, whether it´s really simple ones, seasonal ones - especially christmas phone cases! they can´t be cheesy enough, haha - or creating personal ones for either myself or my friends - it´s just a really cool and thoughtful gift.

If you are anything like me in this point - or simply just want to redecorate your phone - I think I have just the right shop for you....


CaseApp is an online shop that specifies on all things about smartphone, tablets and macbook cases and skins. They offer a huge selection of cases and skins for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, iPods, iPads and Macbooks, so I´m pretty sure almost all of us will find something fitting for their device - they even offer their designs for iPhone 3 which is very suprising but also very cool, haha.

Now to the designs, their offer of different predesigned cases is just amazing and it was soo hard for me to decide on three phone cases. I definitely wanted some that not only look cute but also kinda fit into the colour scheme of my pictures so that I could also use them as blog props.
Scrolling through their designs I found varities of marble, flower, fruits, art-y, animals and many other designs.

They do not only offer pre designed cases though, you can also design your very own phone cases and skins for your devices - and also even for your phone holder, how exciting is that!
Creating them is literally so easy aswell, all you need to do is select your device, upload a picture of your choice - or even more pictures as it´s also possible to create collages - and if you want you can also add a texts, cliparts or a background to the design.

Definitely a lot of space to let all your creativity out and create something very special and unique!

Now that you´re done with designing, there´s one last step you can decide on, do you want your case to be matte or shiny? Haha.

The design gets printed onto the case so it has a really good quality, and I´m pretty sure the print won´t rub off my phone cases really soon - which is something that happens quite often with cheaper options. Especially in the summer months when I get sweaty or oily hands.

CaseApp offered me to select three phone cases, as I thought not only I should have the chance to give my phone a little makeover, I made my mum and sister select one for each of them aswell.
In the end I went for the phone case with little plants on them, I already got a lot of compliments for it and it will definitely appear in loads of future blog posts as it fits just perfectly with my theme! My mum went for the marble design with the pink corner, which I think is really cool, simple and yet has a kinda girly touch to it with the pink detail.
My sister went for the gold rosé kinda marble design. Again really cool and so unique, like I´ve never seen a phone case like that!

Do you want to get a phone case or skin yourself now?

I also got the chance to give a lovely discount of 20% on your order with the code LAURA2018
Apply it during checkout and save yourself some pennies ;)

You can find the shop this way: https://caseapp.de/

Please make sure to show me the phone cases you get or create by tagging me on the pictures of them on Instagram! I´m really curious to see what you all selected in the end :)



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