Illamasqua Lava Lipstick in Vixen

Illamasqua Lava Lipstick in Vixen
A red lip is one of the first makeup looks I come up with when I think of Valentines Day.
It´s definitely something I don´t wear everyday, but for this special occassion, I´ll unpack one of my newest and favourite red lipstick.

As you can see above, it´s not a classic red, but one of the Illamasqua Lava Lipsicks.
Their lava lipsticks are colour intense, and have a very unique marble design, that I´ve never seen before on any other lipsticks and was definitely very curious about.
At first I thought, it might still have streaks of different colours when you apply it, but no, all the shades mix together to a gorgeous red shade.
I got the lipstick in the shade Vixen, in the swatch below you can see that it´s not a bright red shade, but rather has a pink/rose undertone - perfect for my pale skin.

But not only is the lipstick itself absolutely stunning, but I´m also kinda into the packaging. It´s liked really simple, just completely black, and then you get that unique looking lipstick inside. Really cool!

Illamasqua Lava Lipstick in Vixen
I love this lipstick for so many reasons, not only is the shade absolutely stunning - in case you haven´t noticed yet, I like to repeat myself - but the texture is also soo lovely.
It glides on really smoothly, and is buildable. So it´s not one of those lipsticks that you have to be extra careful about, so you don´t smudge it - we all know how hard it is to correct red lipstick, right? - but you can be exacty with it and either get the full colour intensity or just a hint of red, whatever you prefer.
The finish is a soft satin, slightly matte finish, sits very comfortable on the lips and stays also on quite well. It does fades away during some time, but it´s definitely acceptable.

I really hope they´ll be in stock really soon again, as right now they are, understandable, completely sold out...



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