A Luxurious Face Mask

 Oskia Renaissance Face Mask 
Oskia Renaissance Face Mask
Especially now during the winter months - and with my heater on 24/7 - my skin suffers quite a lot from dryness. Not only does it make the progress and finish of applying makeup not really good-looking but it also can get painful. I often had patches - mostly on my forehead - that burned when I touched them and the only saviour that helps me instantly is the 
Oskia Renaissance Face Mask.

This face mask is pure luxus, I never had a face mask that has helped me, hydrate my skin so quickly - and also smelled so incredibly.

Let´s start with the said incredible smell. It´s literally out of this world. It contains ingredients like Passion Fruit, Grape, Lemon, Grapefruit and Papaya, which gives the mask its unique and strong scent. While taking the pictures of this post, I accidentally left the pot open and my room smelled like the cream after a few minutes - not that I´m complaining, haha.
If anyone from Oskia is reading this post, I plead you to create a candle that smells exactly like this mask, I´ll give you all my money for it!
I also just read on the Oskia website that the testing panel for this mask found the scent so delicious they wanted to eat it, and I can completely agree with that. You need to smell it yourself to understand how incredible it is!

It´s definitely also a staple to have on your dressing table. I´m totally a fan of the simplicity, with the milk glass and the Oskia Logo on the lid.
Oskia Renaissance Face Mask
Now to the actual product. It´s a gel-based face mask, that has a pinky colour in the tub, but after you have massaged it into your skin, it turns white and also thicker and creamier. Depending on your skin type, and how well it reacts to the cream, you can leave it on for up to 20 minutes. It feels really fresh and cooling on my skin and after a while of wearing it I barely notice it´s there. What I also love is that it´s so easy to take off again - I find there´s nothing worse than a face mask that you have to rub off. 

I already mentioned that this product contains a lot of fruits, but also things like rose and chamomile.
So the purposes of this mask is to increase cell-turnover, boost radiance and give you a smoother and all over illuminating look. It definitely does exactly that. Immediately after washing the cream off, my skin feels a lot fresher, completely hydrated, glowy and kinda also plumper - in a good way obviously.
You really need only the tiniest amount, so I´m sure even this little pot will last me easily for another few months.

Sure with a price of 51 pounds, it´s not something you use every night and keep repurchasing, but it´s a perfect treat - either for yourself or as a present for someone else.

Have you tried Oskia Skincare before? And maybe even this mask already?


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