Hits and Miss´ For Thick Damaged Hair

Hits and Miss´ for thick damaged Hair

Hair care has always been a topic in which I´ve been absolutely clueless.
Long thick hair is quite hard to work with, so my straightener is my go-to hair tool in the morning to make my hair look atleast a bit presentable. How you can imagine, straightening my hair since the last few years has done quite some damage to them and so I have recently started to try out some more hair care products, specifically for damaged hair, some have been hits and one has been an absolute miss...

Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask (8€)

Oh my godness this mask has made shooting this post so pleasing! My whole room was filled with the delicate smell of this mask and made me feel like I was in the middle of a salon, haha :)
I use this mask once a week, mostly on Sundays, to prepare my hair for a stressful week. After washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner, I massag this mask into the lengths and wait a good 5 - 10 minutes, then wash it off and welcome my soft, nourished hair.
It´s totally worth it´s price and I would honestly recommend it to everyone, no matter what hair structure you have, give your hair a bit of a wellness experience and thank me later when you touch your hair for the first time after using this product, haha :)

Ojon Damage Reverse Hair Serum (22€)

Before discovering this serum through my LookFantastic Advent Calendar, I never heard of the brand, Ojon. I´ve been positively suprised by this as only a few drops are enough to transform my hair into a light, shiny godness. I honestly can´t stop touching it afterwards, haha. It includes the "golden elixir of nature", the ojon oil, which nourishes, repairs and adds shine to your hair. It can be either used as a heat protection or finish product, however you decided, you will love it! The oil sinks in immediatly, that´s why I also love it so much, as nothing is worse than having oily hair strands!
After using it for a longer time period, you´ll notice that your hair really feels a lot better and repaired... :)

Redken One United Treatment (12€)

An all-in-one talent is this Redken Treatment.
It does everything for your hair you could ever wish for, it nourishes, softens, repairs, prevents frizz, makes it easier to comb through, etc. just to name five out of the 25(!) purposes this spray has. I simply spray this product into my wet hair and blow dry it, and I can instantly feel a difference. The effect of this treatment gets stronger when you use it together with other products, but honestly with this price you can´t go wrong with it!

Toni & Guy Casual Radiant Tropical Elixir (10€)

An absolute favourite of mine is this Toni & Guy Elixir.
One pump rubbed into the length of my wet hair is enough to leave them silky soft, shiny and a whole lot better to work with. Instead of making my hair heavier, this oil adds a bit of volume to my hair and even contains UV, so it´ll definitely go with me on holidays!
 It is made of a blend of oil, including coconut, sweet almond and sunflower seeds leaving your hair with a lovely scent, like you have just come out of the hair dresser salon.

OGX Coconut Water Weightless Hydration Spray (10€)

OGX is a brand that I stumbled more and more often over on Instagram after introducing it to my mum aswell she decided to buy this coconut water spray. I´ve tried it out myself quite a few times and the smell is an absolute dream, it smells really rich of coconut and all in one just really tropical and lovely. The actual purpose of hydrating my hair isn´t really fulfilled though, I do notice a small difference but because it´s so expensive and I need quite a lot of this product per washing I wouldn´t purchase it myself, I might try their shampoo and conditioner once but this spray will sadly not make it´s way into my shopping cart

What are your favourite hair care products?


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