New Beauty Blog Discoveries

New Beauty Blog Discoveries

It´s unbelievable how many Beauty Blogs exist nowadays.
The community is steadily growing so I absolutely love to have a stroll through Bloglovin or even Instagram and search for new Blogs to read and find inspiration in.
I´ve discovered a whole lot recently and want to show my favourites ones to you all to droll over and hopefully you´ll love reading them as much as I do.


I have fallen in love with this blog in a heartbeat.
Her products are totally my alley and so I can rely on what she´s writing in her posts and would honestly trust her a lot before buying said makeup products.
She seems like she really knows what she´s talking about and is also in general a really lovely girl, that is willing to help if you need something, especially camera setting tips, haha :)
Please go over and have a look at her blog as I´m more than sure you´ll love what you see and read!


One word for her photos, PERFECTION!
They are soo asthetically pleasing, that I could look at her blog and instagram for the rest of the day! I´m still wondering why she doesn´t have more followers at the moment, as she has such an interesting and just overall stunning blog, that I would honestly already follower just for the pictures, haha!
Apart from that she updated her blog frequently and just seems like such a sweet girl, so pleeeease give her a follow on both her blog AND her instagram and tell me, that you love in love with them instantly aswell!


Meg is a really nice girl, I have talked to her a few times yet, and she seems so adorable!
Apart from her pleasing personality, she also has a very good blog. I love strolling through it, searching for new inspiration and also if I want to look into new products as she as a huge range of reviews, always with swatches, what I absolutely love!
She offers many different products starting from high end brands like BECCA to high street brands like Sleek or ColourPop. Just looking through her blog while creating this post made me want to order new makeup bits haha :)


Another beautiful blog, with lovely photography, really detailed and girly, just how I love it! The one thing that made her outstanding for me was, that on her blog she mostly talks about products that are unknown, like she doesn´t review products that are being talked about on 20 other blogs, and that´s what made her unique for me :)
All products are budget friendly so another plus point for her haha!
She doesn´t only talk about makeup but also about things like perfume, and technic stuff, so if you´re interested in that, definitely check her out!

My Laura Life

The photography on this blog is absolutely lovely, for everyone who adores girly, bright, pinky pictures! Not only are her photos something I constantly swoon over, but also her makeup collection, oh my godness Laura literally has every makeup/skincare product I always wanted to get, and most of them are even reviewed, so if you´re on the hunt for something to treat yourself to, check her blog first!
Apart from very helpful makeup posts, she also covers a huge Lifestyle section, with everything from Travel, to Everyday Life, to Food, literally everything!

Who are your favourite beauty bloggers at the moment?


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