5 Subtle Drugstore Highlighters

5 Subtle Drugstore Highlighters
Highlighter is the one product that can literally change your whole look.
It adds that extra glow to your skin to even make a heavy coverage foundation look as natural as possible. Most girls are all about those blinding highlighter that make their cheekbones stand out extremely! I like those kind of highlighters but not everyday, and so I put together a few drugstore highlighters to only add a hint of glow to your everyday look.

Starting with the goof-proof version, Powders. To achieve that beige pure glowy look I like to use the Highlighter from the Manhattan Contouring Kit. I used it for my prom and it really added that natural glow I was aiming for. It is completely glitter free and feels really light on the skin.

If you prefer more glitter in your highlighter than you should definitely give Elf Baked Highlighter in Blush Gems. I haven´t used it that much since purchasing it a long time ago, since it actually has that much glitter, but if you´re a fan of something like that
you´ll definitely like it. The interesting thing about this product is that you can use it wet for a vibrant effect, which I definitely have to try out!

Since Spring is right around the corner, I´m all about that rosy highlighter, and so one of my favourite products at the moment is the Revlon Highlighter in Rose Glow. It contains 5 beautiful shimmery blush powders, that when mixed together give you not only a really beautiful shimmer with a bit of glitter in it, but also a really natural blush. Another thing I really like is that you could use each shade individual on your eyes or the lightest shade as a brow bone highlighter with a smaller eyeshadow brush.

Highlighters that are a bit more tricky to apply but a lot more vibrant in their finish are cream highlighters. One that I´ve absolutely enjoyed using more often recently is the KIKO Radiant Touch Highlighter Stick in 100 Gold. It is quite easy to apply as you only really need to go over the place you want the highlighter to be, with the stick, but blending it out properly wasn´t really easy for me. I figured out the best way to do it was with my fingers, that way I can blend out the edges without removing the actual highlighter.

What would this post be without mentioning atleast one of the Sleek Highlighter Palettes?
Everyone has been loving them and for a good reason, you get 4 amazingly pigmented highlighters in one, gorgeous looking, little palette. Together with a mirror and a small brush (that is not in my palette anymore) it´s definitely a product you can take with you on the go and re-apply anytime! I´ve got the Precious Metals Palette, which contains a range of bronzey/golden shades with a tiny hint of shimmer. To apply them I like to use the Real Techniques Flat Foundation Brush. Those highlighters are pretty vibrant and compliment pretty much any look.

Which are your favourite drugstore highlighters? Do you prefer powders or creams?

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