Coach Fragrances - Classic & Floral

Coach Fragrance
Coach Fragrance
Who doesn´t love a heavenly smelling, unique fragrance? I definitely do and am always on the hunt for a new one I can keep sniffing, recommend to my friends and family and overall just make it my very own unique scent.
Well, I found exactly two fragrances from a brand that is quite new to the market of perfumes - Coach
You might know this brand more for their bags, or just generally their leather ware, but some time ago they launched fragrances - I can tell you one thing about them already, they are FAB!

The bottles resemble the typical design of their products, you get a really simple yet kinda classy and luxurious looking bottle - according to the motto less is more.
Formed into the glass is the Coach Logo, which I find looks really cool as you can see right away from which brand this perfume is, without it being too obvious and over the top.
Another thing that I found really cool, is that the sprayer looks exactly the same as the buckles of their bag, I really love how thoughtful and detailed even the bottles were designed.

I first got introduced to their perfumes at a Blogger event last year, and since then I haven´t used any other perfume - even though I did and still have some half used perfumes on my vanity...


"Inspired by the spontaneous energy and downtown style of New York City"
 Their first fragrance was inspired by NYC, where Coach was founded, and so is also kinda something really special for them, I believe.
With the ingredients of this scent they kinda tried to hold onto their main product range - leather.
So for the base scent they choose a suede musk, don´t think that this fragrance smells a lot like that though, it does have a really light leathery scent to it, but with the Turkish Rose and Raspberry that were also added, it has a really gorgeous scent - a bit fruity, a bit rosy and a bit of leather makes a really nice mixture. I find it really comfortable to wear, as it´s not a heavy scent that will be the only thing you smell for the whole day, but it´s more like something that fades away a bit but people around you will easily be able to smell it when you move around or pass by.
This fragrance is the first one I got compliments for, and jesus did I get a lot of compliments.
I first had the 30ml bottle, before I was kindly gifted the 90ml bottle, so I gave the smaller one to my mum and she wears it daily! Same as my sister who even already purchased this perfume already.
It´s definitely a big hit in our family!

All in one, this fragrance is a timeless scent, that you can either wear in the summer or in the winter, it just fits perfectly and gives you a really unique and lovely scent.

Coach Fragrance

Floral - their newest addition

Just recently they brought out the spring/summer edition fragrance and oh my god I love it!
I´m generally someone who likes sweet, feminine fragrances more than anything, and so this one was something I was really excited about as I already loved their classic fragrance so much.
I was absolutely not dissapointed!
This perfume is inspired by Coach´s signature Tea Rose collection (find here), starting from the packaging and the bottle tag with those cute little flowers on, which you can find on every single item of the said collection, to the absolute gorgeous flowery scent of this fragrance.
I find this is soo comfortable to wear, cause you know those perfumes, where you kinda always think it might smell too strong and just not nice to smell all day round - well this is definitely a scent that is easy to wear and actually stays on during the whole day!
Now that I´ve mentioned about a hundred times how good it smells, I´ll tell you what makes the perfume smells so good.
As a base they choose crystal musk, and on top sambac jasmine and pineapple sorbet.
I find it has a quite musky scent, yet is kinda sweet and fresh smelling and so is all in one a very chic and elegant feminine perfume.
I´ll surely wear it throughout the whole summer, as it just adds that special something to a cute summer outift and ambience.

Coach Fragrance
Most of the times when new perfumes are being released, there are also bodycare products coming with them - which I never really get around to trying, until now.
This shower gel was also gifted to me and it smells divine! Exactly like the their classic fragrance.
I don´t use it everyday, as I´d rather safe it for special occassions, haha.
It´s texture is not creamy at all but rather an actual gel, which has a very strong scent at first but once you wash it off again it becomes a lot lighter and so lovely! I actually doubt you´ll need to put on perfume after using this product in the shower.

Have you tried the Coach Fragrances before? What kind of perfume do you prefer to wear? Flowery, fruity or something more musky?

- This post contains PR samples -

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