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Primer is a huge topic in my eyes. At this moment there are sooo many on the market, all from different price ranges and all with a different aim. 
Some promise to hide your pores, some give you a matte or glowy finish and some are just there to make your base products stick to your face all day.

Over the last year or so, I have collected a few ones which are more or less kinda famous ones and in this post I wanted to let you all know, whether they worked for me or not and if I find they are worth trying.

Eye PrimersEyeshadow Primers

Urban Decay Primer Potion (20€)

I got this little sample when I bought my Naked 2 Palette and in this pack were 4 of the primers included, original, eden, sin and anti-aging. I tried all of them with different kind of eyeshadows and they worked the best for me! I have extremely oily and veiny eyelids so a matte high coverage primer is a must for me to get a pretty eyemakeup look. 
I blended those in with my finger and set them with loose powder and they really made my eyeshadow last for quite a long time!
Definitely worth the money :)

Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer (2,50€)

My very first eyeshadow primer that I just randomly picked up at that time is Number 2 in my ranking, haha. I would say it doesn´t make my eyeshadow last for as long as the UD ones but it still does a good job. I wasn´t really expecting a lot for the price but I would definitely pick it up again to use during the colder months were my eyelids are not as oily as during the summer where I do tend to sweat.
Also I really love the applicator as it´s really easy to get the right amount on my lids :)
Might repurchase it again, not sure yet haha!

Artdeco Eyeshadow Base (7€)

Number 3 is this eye primer. It comes in a little pot thing and I use my finger to get it out. It´s a light nude shade which has a really wet and creamy consistency but is easy to apply with my fingers. Because of it´s consistency it holds my eyeshadow not that long, in comparison to the other two I would say with this one my eyemakeup stays on for about 2 hours maybe? So it really is only a emergency plan incase I only need a simple eye look for a short time period.
I wouldn´t necessarily repurchase it.

Face PrimerFace Primers

Maybelline Baby Skin (7€)

This time I´m starting with the very first primer I got, the Maybelline Baby Skin. It´s aim is it to hide your pores and give you a smooth and poreless complexion.
However it kinda didn´t really won me over even though I used it for a long time and even now still give it a try here and there. I´m not really sure what stops me from loving it but it might be it´s really oily texture. I find it does hide pores a bit but doesn´t make my makeup last for that long so there are much better ones to get.
I wouldn´t repurchase it again.

Benefit Porefessional Primer (34€)

Coming from one that didn´t won me over to one that one my heart in an instant. I bloody looove this primer. My pores are literally gone after applying and massaging it into the areas where my pores are the largest. I couldn´t really believe that it would really work before getting it so I didn´t really know what to expect, but like I said I fell in love with it after the first use. The texture of it is a nude skin-like lightweight cream and adapts to your skin really fast without leaving it oily or weirdly feeling.
I´ll repurchase it over and over again.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (33€)

I had veery high expectations when I found this little gem in my advent calender last christmas and so far I found it´s quite okay.
It´s again really oily and kinda reminds me of the Baby Skin Primer. I would even say the Baby Skin Primer is a dupe version for this one. Same finish, hides my pores fairly well but could be better and also holds my makeup for not the most perfect amount of time.
So, not really worth for the price.

Smashbox Primer Water (33€)

This one was reeeally hyped once it got out, and even though I was curious about trying it out I didn´t want to spend almost 40€ on a water. And so I was really excited to find a quite large sample of it while strolling through the drugstore, for only 8€.
It´s hard to see in the picture above, but I´m already halfway through it. 
Unlike the other primers it doesn´t hide my pores at all but because it´s soo sticky after spraying it onto my face, it holds my foundation the best and also gives it a nice lovely glow.
I wouldn´t necessarily purchase the full size but definitely again the sample version.

Nivea Sensitive After Shave Balm (6,80€)

Who hasn´t tried this hidden primer yet? Looking at my twitter timeline it seems like everyone has and apart from that fact it seems like there are mixed opinions about it.
I was really excited after accidentaly finding it in my dad´s bathroom drawer and had to give it a try immediatly. I personally really like it, again it doesn´t really hide pores, has a cooling effect on my skin so definitely one of my go-to´s for the hot summer time. Apart from that it also gets very sticky after applying it and gives my skin a hint of glow but not a greasy shine after applying my foundation.
Definitely a winner for me! :)

What are your favourite primers?
Any that you have tried and didn´t like at all?


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